9 Best eBook Cover Creator Software (Including Free and Paid)

In the world of digital publishing, i have heard the sentence “don’t judge a book by its cover” so so many times, eBook cover design has become an art form in its own right. In this digital age, the visual appeal of an eBook cover can be the difference between grabbing a potential reader’s attention or fading into obscurity. That’s where the best eBook cover creator software comes into play. So, in this article, i show you a list of 9 Best eBoook Cover Creator Software you can buy and trust.

But first, i have to tell you this, creating an eBook cover that stands out, conveys the essence of your literary masterpiece, and attract readers to go & read in-depth into your book content. That’s why i will definitely need a software – which is designed specifically to cater to the unique demands of eBook cover design. In this article, we’re going to reveal the 9 Best eBook Cover Creator Software options available today, each offering a tons of features and design capabilities to help you craft compelling, eye-catching covers for your digital works.

Whether you’re a self-published author seeking to make a memorable first impression or a seasoned designer looking to streamline your cover creation process, these software solutions are your needs. Join us on a journey through the world of eBook cover design as i have explored the top-rated tools that will transform your literary vision into a visual masterpiece. So, let’s dive into the realm of the best eBook cover creator software, where publishers and technology combine to captivate readers from the first glance.

What are the Best eBook Cover Creator?


This software is the first one in my list. Because the software is so unique when combining with other eCover building software application.

Key Features

  • Create Animated eCover using 3D Templates: this allows you to insert animation elements into
  • Export file into Gif or Mp4:
  • Support various eCover 3D Models: Including Books, Boxes, Membership Cards, CDs & DVDs, Flyers & Magazines, Big Screens, iMacs, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets
  • Watermark Engine: No one can steal your work thanks to the help of watermark

How to create an eBook Cover in eCoverly?

To create a cover, go to https://ecoverly.net, eCoverly has a built-in editor to create your eBook cover either from scratch or customize a template available in this platform.

Follow the below mentioned steps to create a cover for your eBook in eCoverly.


Key Features

How to create an eBook Cover in Canva?


Key Features

How to create an eBook Cover in Snappa?


Key Features

How to create an eBook Cover in Visme?

5.Adobe Express

Key Features

How to create an eBook Cover in Adobe Express?

6.Media Modifier

Key Features

How to create an eBook Cover in Media Modifier?


Key Features

How to create an eBook Cover in FlipSnack?


Key Features

How to create an eBook Cover in Glorify?


Key Features

How to create an eBook Cover in MyEcoverMaker?

To Sum up

Before people read your book content, or, they purchase any software, product from you, eCover is the first thing they will see. So, having a good eBook cover, product eCover will attract people to purchase your products for sure.

There are tons of factors to create a good eBook Cover, product eCover, but to my personal opinion, having something unique, attractive and animated can provide a strong interest and interaction towards your audiences.

That’s why eCoverly is the first choice in my list. But, you can still try some free tools available, which are all worth using.

Thanks a lot for taking your time to read my 9 Best eBook Cover Creator Software article, if you feel the content is helpful for you, please share it so that people will learn about the softwares, products they need to use (both free and paid version).