Affiliate Marketing Quick Start For Beginner-Everything You Have To Do

Presently, affiliate marketing is the most popular model of internet marketing. With this online bussiness,you don’t have to sell anything to make money and it does require less budget than others. In addition, affiliate marketing contains less risk than Ecommerce, Amazon FBA, Kindle Publishing, etc. Besides, you can start now and build your online empire that actually monetize.

However, it’s not an easy game as many people think. It’s not a get rick quick scheme and many people are falling for the shiny object syndrome. Moreover ,affiliate marketing is not a free game that people can make money without any investment. But as you know, there’s a not of scammers as well as fake gurus out there. They claim to help you get rick overnight and of course,you just bleed your budget with that thought.

In this article, i will show you the affiliate marketing quick start together with my advises, recommendations that helps you start legitimately. Don’t worry, there’s no advanced training and theories here so that you can not feel overwhelmed. Now, let’s see the right affiliate marketing road map so as to know what to do, where to start.

The Process of Affiliate Marketing

1.Step 1 : Choosing A Niche

  • Is It An Evergreen Niche (in order to make money for a long-term)
  • What Types of Audiences Should Look Like?
  • Do People Have Buyer-Intent In This Niche?
  •  Is There Any Sub-Niche?
  • What Types of Products You Will Promote?

Once again,i remind,don’t waste your time just to find the best niche. Remember,you can make money on this niche or not,it’s up to your efforts and how you market. If you ask me what is the great market to start,my answer is:

  • Health
  • Make Money
  • Relationship
  • Beauty
  • Gambling
  • Survival
  • Travel
  • Ecommerce
  • And More,…

They are not the niche,they are the market. For example,if you choose a beauty market,you can choose skincare as your niche.

2.Steps 2 : Sign Up Into Affiliate Network

When coming to affiliate marketing, creating an affiliate link is a must. If you don’t have a valid affiliate link, your affiliate marketing’s revenue will be zero. Therefore, you must sign up to affiliate network to get your link. There are two types of affiliate network : normal affiliate network or CPA (cost per action) network. If you lack experience,you should choose normal affiliate network rather than CPA network.
Clickbank is an affiliate network that is great for newbie to expert. Besides,there are multiple affiliate network that is great for beginner like CJ, Amazon, Health Trader,etc.

If you have experience,you can sign up into CPA network like MaxWeb. Remember,high paying affiliate marketing networks mostly have review process while some beginner networks don’t. When choosing a network,please answer a question,does this network have relation to your niche.

3.Step 3 : Choosing A Product To Promote

After choosing a network,then your next step is to choose a product to promote. As i mentioned before,there are multiple sub-niche and your task is to choose a product to promote. Before choosing a product,make sure that you check its quality,competition and affiliate tool of that product. If you are in a CPA network,you need to see promo materials,landing page and Geo Targeting,etc. After choosing a product,don’t forget to get your affliate link.

4.Step 4 : Build A Website

No matter what type of affiliate marketing you are in,building a website is a must. Your website is your bussiness and you need to setup the correct way. At first,you need to register a domain. After that,finding a hosting service that will host your domain. Dreamhost and Inmotion Hosting are the best hosting service at present.

When purchasing hosting, you should choose the shared hosting instead of the single hosting. Powerhouse Affiliate is an affordable training that teaches you step-by-step on how to build a blog that monetizes. Besides,Affilojetpack is a training that covered all the website setup process for you.

5.Step 5 : Posting Relevance and Valuable Content

Your next step on affiliate marketing is to post articles into your website. According to some professional mareketers,the more value you add,the more money you make. Therefore,you need to post valuable content frequently to build relationship with customers and to monetize your blog.
In addition,if people click on your affiliate link and they buy a product,you make money. And hey,if you are running CPA campaign,you can even make money without needing a sale.

6.Step 6 : Getting Traffic

Traffic is a life blood of any affiliate marketing campaign. No matter how good your website is,no traffic,certainly no money you make. There are two types of traffic: free traffic and paid traffic. With free traffic,you don’t have to pay for advertising and it requires hard work to get views.

If you are driving paid traffic,this will cost you money for advertising but will definitely help you get view faster. If you are using free traffic,you can use Google SEO,Youtube and Facebook Fanpage. Internet Jetset is a training that teaches you about how to get free traffic from Google,Facebook and Youtube.

Some people think you must prepare a lot money to use paid traffic but that’s complete wrong. How much you use for paid traffic is always depends on how much you reach,target,etc. Powerhouse Affiliate and Super Affiliate System are the best training about paid traffic at present. The best training about Facebook Ads,a goldmine currently are Fanpage Domination and FB Academy.

Optional Steps (Not Required But Highly Recommeded)

a.Create A Landing Page

There are three two main purpose of creating a landing page : to promote a product or to build an email list. Almost all legitimate training recommends you to create a landing page so as to build a list. With CPA marketing,you will normally use to display on paid traffic sources and to promote lead generation offers.
Before you creare an affiliate marketing landing page,make sure you have a free gift to giveaway.

b.Build An Email List


Inexperienced think tracking is not necessary on affiliate marketing but they are really wrong. With tracking,you know where the clicks,sale from together with how many conversion you have. If you are running paid traffic,not tracking my lead to losing your money.

Currently,not many training teach about training because they want to advertise as lower their students’s additional budget as much as possible. Of course,you can skip this investment if you can’t afford. It’s just a way to avoid losing your money.

What To Do Next On Your Affiliate Marketing Bussiness?

  • Keep track of your bussiness
  • Take action and do not jump around
  • Setup A Plan and Gold
  • Follow Step-By-Step what your teacher teaches (of course,in a legitimate training)
  • Be patient because affiliate marketing is not an overnight bussiness

What Not To Do Next?

  • Fall For Shiny Object Syndrome (there is no magic trick or tip)
  • Keep purchasing training without any action plan
  • Get Information Overload

Affiliate Marketing Training I Recommend

So,let’s see some legitimate that helps you create an online bussiness from scratch. But hey,they are not get rick quick scheme or a course that claims to guarantee your success. Result always vary and it depends on your own effort. And hey,inside this post,i will not mention high-ticket training because they can be expensive and overwhelmed for inexperienced.

1.Internet Jetset

This is a training from John Crestani that helps you create an online bussiness from scratch. Inside the training,he has lessons on free traffic sources (Google SEO,Facebook and Youtube) and paid traffic (facebook ads). The price of Internet Jetset is only $47 for lifetime but its value is much higher than that.

2.Chris Farrell Membership

This is a training that aims mostly at beginners and intermediate. Chris Farrell Membership had 4 years in a row being the best affiliate marketing training course. Inside this course,you will get access to their hosting service together with done for you website. The main traffic sources he teaches are video marketing,webinar,email marketing,SEO and Facebook Ads.

3.Affilorama Premium Membership

Besides Chris Farrell,Affilorama is also the training that includes hosting server. Inside this course,you will access to lessons about SEO,PPC Ads,Email marketing and make money blogging. Best of all,you have access to Affilotools,a keyword research,SEO checker tool.


This is another product from Affilorama. It’s not really a training,it’s an 80% done for you bussiness that helps you build 5 websites as fast as possible. Inside Affilojetpack,you have ebook to giveaway,1 year email newsletter,articles with done for you niche research,graphics,lead magnet and Affiloblueprint as a bonus training. And hey,get my exclusive bonuses if you buy Affilojetpack,check it out.


In summary,after this post,i hope you understand the real world of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not an easy game as many people think and it costs you time,energy,budget. Everything i can advise you is to keep track of your bussiness and don’t fall for the shiny object syndrome. In addition,join one of the training i recommends above. My first recommendation is Powerhouse Affiliate while the second one is Super Affiliate System (because they are all affordable and deliver great value)

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