Affilojetpack Reviews-It's Awersome-Find Out Exactly What You Get Inside

Product : AffiloJetPack

Creator : Mark Ling

Price : $997 (but you will get with just $747 via my link)

Do I Recommend : Of Course,It’s One Of My Top Pick

AffiloJetPack is the most expensive product from Affilorama and it’s well worth every single penny you are paying. However,if you are considering about this,i am going to to show you exactly inside the member area,training and software. Honestly,this is my number one pick of Affilorama because it’s much better than the rest.

What Is AffiloJetPack?

Unlike many other internet marketing products ouside,AffiloJetPack is completely different. It’s not like a training course,it’s a 80% done for bussiness in order to help you build 5 websites as fast as possible. Normally,when you do internet marketing,the most time consuming step is to do a research but it has already done for you. In addition,AffiloJetPack is still like what Mark Ling is aiming to teach his students,SEO and PPC campaign.

Believe or not,email marketing is the ultimate way to make money online and your email list is your money. That’s exactly what AffiloJetpack is aiming,he wants to help you grow your list by giving 15 ebooks and 450 email swipes. Normally,most beginners are always struggling just to choose which is the best niche of affiliate,Mark Ling knows this so that he makes a list of 18 guarantee profitable niches and you have to choose 5 of them.

Once you buy this product,you will get one year shared hosting,AffiloTheme and Fluttermail account. Actually,you don’t need to do the website setup because the staff will cover this task for you. And additionally,you will get access to Affiloblueprint for free.

Who Is AffiloJetPack For?

  • Beginner to affiliate marketing who want to start making money as fast as possible
  • Intermediate who are struggling to make money as an affiliate
  • Experienced affiliate marketer who wants to scale their bussiness up
  • You can not get accept into high paying affiliate network so that you want to fix
  • People who are not doing email marketing
  • You have never built a website in your life,therefore,you want to do it as easy as you can
  • Someone who can not create their own giveaway ebook and especially write email newsletter
  • If you find it hard in order to write article with Google friendly content
  • People who are still struggling to find an affiliate topic

Take A Deep Look Inside AffiloJetPack

1.Website Setup

The first thing you have to do once you join the AffiloJetPack is the website setup. Actually,you don’t need to do this,they cover it for you. Before you do that,make sure you have a Clickbank Account and domain names. With 5 website,you must have 5 domain name.

In this process,you can choose whether using a Fluttermail account or your own autoresponder software. Personally,i don’t choose Fluttermail because it looks like a baby autoresponder software.

It seems like you choose a niche and then just simply Hit The Button,AffiloJetpack will cover the website setup.

 See,that’s what your site header looks like,just simply customize it for your own domain name.

2.Choosing a Niche

As i mentioned above,it will make a list of 18 guarantee profitable niches and your only task is to choose 5 of them.

Once you choose a niche,AffiloJetpack will show you the trend and how profitable it is. Of course,the most important things to do next is to know how to promote.

As you can see clearly in the picture,there are some important components such as Article Research,Keywords,eBooks,Header Graphic and Affiliate Offers.

See,that’s what your wordpress site should look like when you have finished the setup and picking a niche.

This is your squeeze page and ebook. There are 3 ebooks per niche in total but you just need one of them to do create a signup form.

In the content ideas,there are 20 articles and they are all compulsory for you to post. In addition,you can add more article based on the keyword data. Of course,the most important part is email newsletters and they are all done for you. One of the most difficult task since i joined internet marketing is to choose an offer that converts. With AffiloJetPack,they even choose offers for you so as to make money within one year.

Here’s a list of 18 profitable niches,certainly, no way you go wrong with them:

  • Dog Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Diet/Nutrition/Natural health (i highly recommend you to choose this niche)
  • Pregnancy/Fertility
  • Learn to Sing
  • Dating Tips for Men
  • Wholesale Sourcing (you can even be a student yourself in this niche in order to make money)
  • Self Help
  • Internet Marketing(In general)
  • Make money online
  • Survival
  • Save Your Relationship / Get Your Ex Back
  • Dating Tips for Women
  • Golf
  • Natural Health
  • Green Energy
  • Muscle Building
  • Hawaii Travel
  • Spirituality/Alternative Beliefs

Of course,with high quality website,there is no need to worry about not getting accept into high paying CPA or affiliate network.

Video Instruction

As you can see clearly from those pictures,Mark Ling makes step-by-step tutorials so that don’t worry about setting up your landing page,squeeze page or ebook.


With the Affiloblueprint and Super Traffic Strategies as a bonus,you can easily know how to drive traffic to your website with SEO,PPC and paid traffic.

Exclusive Bonuses From Me

In order to make your life much easier,i will add some bonuses if you buy Affilojetpack through my affiliate link. To get all of them,just simply buy and then contact me with your name and your receipt,i will give you bonuses. Therefore,you have two big advantages,buying Affilojetpack at a discounted price and getting access to my own bonuses.

1.Six Figure Blogging

When buying Affilojetpack,actually,you are building 5 blogs. Why not benefit my bonus so as to maximize them for highest profit.

2.Speed Writing

As i mentioned before,there are up to 20 articles per niche at 5 niche,so you have 100 articles to write. In addition,there are some others keyword so you need to post more to make Google Love. Thanks to Speed Writing,you can post articles much faster and it certainly helps Affilojetpack a lot.

3.Email List Building Gold

Affilojetpack is not really a training,it’s an 80% done for you bussiness so it doesn’t teach you a lot knowledge. Therefore,you may miss some email markering tactics and my bonus will help you about this.

4.77 Secrets To Winning Sales Copy That Sells (ebook)

Remember,you will not only write articles but also write ads with further internet marketing campaign.

5.Youtube In Stream Ads

Inside Affilojetpack,you have training about Youtube free traffic,why not consider on paid traffic. Thanks to Done-For-You bussiness,your door to join MaxBounty,Acnutryst,etc is higher than ever. With CPA offers,you can benefit Youtube Ads for maximum profits.

6.Youtube Marketing Made Easy

This will enlarge your knowledge about the big world of Youtube as well as how to monetize from it.

7.Ten Ways To Create Perfect Online Sales Video

Before using Youtube traffic,creating a high quality video is nearly a must.

8.Facebook Ads Authority

Affilojetpack doesn’t cover a lot about Facebook,which is a goldmine. So,using my ebook in order to use Facebook Ads for your campaign.

9.Free Traffic System (Advanced Video Lessons)

Affilojetpack has video lessons about Youtube,Solo Ads and Amazon Kindle. Fortunately,my video series also has training about that but with more advanced lessons. In addition,it has training about Google Hangouts,forum and helping people to drive traffic.

So,this is all the bonuses you get if you buy Affilojetpack through my affiliate link. Certainly,they help you a lot for your online bussiness.

How Much Should You Prepare Before Buying AffiloJetPack?

When you do a bussiness,you need to have investment and AffiloJetPack is not an exception. At first,the price of Affilojetpack is $747. After that,there are some additional investments you need

  • 5 Domain Names (this investment is compulsory ,$12 for each one/year, so that it is $60)
  • Autoresponder Software (his aim to build your list of 4,000 as fast as possible ,therefore,it can be $49/month or more,i recommend you to use Get Response,Mailchimp ,Drip and Convertkit) . Hey,it can be less,depends on your mailing list,don’t choose the annual plan!
  • Outsourcing (because there are 20 article packs for each niche,hence you have 100 articles to post,all are compulsory,if you want to make it faster,you should outsource)
  • Landing Page (because Affilotheme is like a childtheme,you can invest in another Landing Page service).
  • Video Marketing Software (inside the training,he instructs you how to use Youtube free traffic to grow your list). You can choose Doodly,EasyVSL to create your own video.
  • Paid Traffic (it depends on your budget). With solo ads,on average you need +$100 for 200 click. But don’t worry,you get sales nearly immediately
  • Clicktracking (optional): if you don’t track,you are losing your money. Affilojetpack has training about PPC Ads (from Affiloblueprint) and Solo Ads,tracking will help you avoid wasting your money. In addition,it helps you know where the click,sales from. Clickperfect,BuildRedirects and CPV Labs are my choice,choose only one of them.
  • Kindle Traffic (in order to drive traffic with Kindle,you need an ebook with your brand)

Pros of AffiloJetPack

  • Don’t need to struggle on choosing a niche (because they are all guarantee profitable)
  • 20 article packs (so that you can easily write a content that Google loves)
  • Keyword Data (hence you don’t need invest in a keyword tool)
  • Done for You Website Setup (all you have to do is to register a domain name)
  • A lot of Advanced Training (those traffic source is not really easy)
  • 15 Giveaway Ebook (normally cost you $200 each just to outsource outside)
  • One year email newsletter per niche (there are 450 email swipes,so that it’s a set and forget)
  • Done for You Squeeze Page and Optin Page
  • System Failure Guarantee (Unlike other course when they make unreal risk free,Affilojetpack will guarantee to give your money back plus $100 in his pocket)
  • Hosting and Autoresponder included (despite i don’t like Fluttermail)
  • Free Access To Affilotheme and Affiloblueprint (hence a beginner won’t feel overwhelmed)

Cons of AffiloJetpack

1.After One Year,You Have To Extend With Affilorama Premium

The shared hosting you get from affilojetpack is one year. After one year,if you still want to keep your bussiness,you have to extend a contract with Affilorama and the product is Affilorama Premium. Of course,you can do some technical work to migrate to Dreamhost and Inmotionhosting if you want.


Despite saying that you can get Affilotheme for free,this theme is actually a child theme. If you want to get a more responsive website,then you should buy another theme. However,it’s not really a cons of this product,still good.

Other Resources You May Also Like

Still considering whether buying the AffiloJetPack or not,feel free to see those resources for more information. Don’t worry,they are free and no credit card required

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  2. Webinar : How To Make $10,000/month online
  3. Free Video Training : 7 Ways To Drive Floods of Online Traffic
  4. Webinar : 3 Step Strategy for Making 112k per Month

Final Verdict

In a nutshell,Affilojetpack is a good internet marketing product that each one should experience.  Unlike other courses,this product is good for beginner,intermediate and advanced. With the done for you bussiness,there is no more slow result or struggling in researching topics. And more importantly,buy it through my special link to get discounted price and exclusive bonuses.

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