Affilorama Premium Review-Good and Bad Points-Daily Job Killer

Product : Affilorama Premium
Creator : Mark Ling
Price : $1 for the first month and then $67/month
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

Affilorama Premium is the premium membership of Affilorama and most of the best services from this company is from here. There’s a lot of way to join Affilorama Premium,get it directly or as an upsell of Affilorama, Affiloblueprint, Affilotheme and Traffic Travis.  Overall, this is a great membership of Affilorama with an affordable price. Now let’s check out my honest review to see its pros as well as cons to consider joining or not.

What Is Affilorama Premium ?

At first,it’s an advance training course when he teaches more specifically about SEO,PPC. In addition,you will know all in depth about PR links,backlink and his blog bootcamp of money website. Actually,the most important thing you get once you join the premium is to get access to the AffiloTools. Affilotools has a lot of important integration such as Google Analytics,Bing,Clickbank,Facebook,Twitter,..
In the Affilorama Premium,you will also access to the shared hosting of affilorama’s server. With the premium membership,there’s no need to invest in a keyword tool,website checker because it’s available.

Who Is Affilorama Premium For?

  • Beginner who want more advanced training
  • Intermediate who want to save a lot of time,money to invest in a SEO tools,hosting and training
  • Experienced internet marketer who wants to go all in depth about PPC techniques

The Traing Of Affilorama Premium

As i always mention before,most of the best service of Affilorama is coming from here. If you are already a member of Affiloblueprint,certainly you realized that you need the Premium membership.

Firstly,what you learn inside this membership is a blog bootcamp. In other words,it’s like he instructs you on how to make money blogging about writing articles and some tips. As you know,writing articles is always the most time-consuming part of internet marketing because you always have to added value to your audiences. Secondly,you will get into the premium vault and you learn about Product Creation.

After that,he mentions about a brand new affiliate,mobile marketing. And the most important part is,traffic and sales with email marketing.

The Tools Of Affilorama Premium

As i have told you,once becoming a member of this monthly subscription,you will get access to this premium SEO and keyword tool. Actually,there are two ways to get Affilotools,the first one is a bonus of Premium or a sepatate bussiness. Of course,by a bonus of premium membership is much more benefits for you.


No matter what kind of membership of Affilorama, the hosting are actually coming from the Premium membership. If you buy Affiloblueprint or AffiloJetPack (he give a 1 year webhosting), then after one year, you have to extend the contract.

At first, he claims that this shared hosting can host up to 15 domains. However,it doesn’t have unlimited disk space or databases. Therefore, in my opinion,you can host from 10 or less websites.

A good point of this hosting server is that you can finish the setup very fast.

2.Connecting Your Website

This is a very basic process,just simply follow the step-by-step video inside and you will get access almost immediately. A good point of this tool is that it has integration with Google Analytics. Super affiliate will always track their website in order to know where are they from.

3.Website Health Checker

I really love this feature because it checks how good your On-page and index SEO. In addition,it even can reveal the problem we make to make it better. As you can see from the picture,my website’s score is very high.

4.Backlink Analyzer

This is a highly advanced SEO factor but it works very well. Using a backlink analyzer will help you check your competitors to increase your ranking.

5.Domain Research Tool

If you are still struggling on how to register the right domain name,it’s ok because Affilotools has. But hey, forget about domain match,it doesn’t work for SEO anymore.

6.Social Management

This feature will allow you to post directly on Facebook and Twitter without accessing to them


What i really like about Affilorama Premium is the integration. This tool has integration with some big name such as Google Analytics,Bing,Facebook,Twitter,Namecheap,Moz and Clickbank.
Additionally,this tool has a search engine ranking monitor with Google and Bings,33% of your process.
Being a partner of Clickbank,so that Affilotools allows you to integrate with Clickbank with a couple of minutes. With this tool,you can save a lot of money for tracking software (+$99/month). This integration will allow you to see the click,sales and where are they from.

8.Keyword Research Tool

This is the most important feature of Affilorama Premium because you can research a long-tail keyword,the right PPC keywords for ad and the volume,competition of these keywords. In addition,this tool even have local keyword volume

This picture is zodiac casino offer from Netherlands.

Despite being a high quality offer,garcinia cambogia has a huge of competition. Clearly,choosing the garcinia cambogia diet plan is certainly smarter than the rest. Affilorama Premium also allows you to add keyword lists to add them into Bing,Google or Yahoo.

Extra : Monthly PLR articles for numerous niches

Being a monthly membership,each month Mark Ling will also give a PLR articles in numerous niches. However,that’s what i don’t like about Affilorama Premium. PLR is private label right,which means you can reuse and change the content without asking the author. Actually,it’s like you are copying other’s content. According to Google’s rule,doing like that you are at risk of being penalized.
It’s not really bad,you can use the content from those PLR articles to create your own giveaway ebook but it’s a bad idea if you abuse it to post articles.

Alternative to Affilorama Premium

Despite being a good training course,in my opinion,there’s one product that’s more helpful and useful from Affilorama. And this product is AffiloJetPack,a done for you bussiness and campaign. Let’s do a math,with Affilopremium,it costs you $1 for the first month and then $67/month. So that after one year,it costs you $1+$67×11 = $738. Normally,the price of AffiloJetPack is $997 but via my special link,,it’s just $747.  You know,just $9 and you will get access to a done for you bussiness year to come. What you get inside the AffiloJetPack are

  • Done For You Website Setup with 5 niches of 18 guarantee profitable niches
  • 3 Free Ebook Bait Per Niche,So that you get up to 15 ebooks
  • 1 Year Email Newsletter with the 5 niches you chose (of course,he chooses the products for you)
  • A Shared Hosting and Fluttermail account for 1 years
  • Header Graphic and Sign Up Form,Optin Bait
  • 20 article researchs for you to write valueable content to build relationship (therefore,you get 100 article packs)
  • A list of useful keywords to run PPC ads or write contents for SEO
  • Traffic Training how to use Youtube video marketing,driving traffic with Amazon Kindle and Solo Ads
  • Affiloblueprint 3.0 as a bonus for beginner

Pros of Affilorama Premium

  • A lot of integration (especially Clickbank,Google Analytics and Bing)
  • Free Shared Hosting
  • Advanced Training Lesson about blogging,traffic and email marketing
  • Try with just $1 for the first month
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Access to AffiloTools as a Bonus
  • SEO audit checker
  • Keyword Research Tool

Cons of Affilorama Premium

1.Extra PLR Articles: As i explained you above,it’s a bad idea if you abuse the PLR contents to post articles
2.Just 10 or less Domains ,Not 15 Domains Like He Claims

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Affilorama Premium is a good service from Affilorama. It’s great for beginners,intermediates and even advanced affiliate marketer. With an affordable price,you will get access to the great training,great support and neccessary tool for your online bussiness. And hey,if this product doesn’t satisfy you,claim for your money back immediately because they offer 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

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