Ai Local Expert Review: Lack of Ethical Concern or Most useful 24/7 AI Chatbot Software

Welcome to my AI Local Expert review

A revolutionary tool created to change just how local organizations interact with their customers online is now available: AI Local Expert. Being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer customer questions is important for getting people to visit your website. An awful lot of chatbots on the market don’t work; they can only answer certain questions based on keyword searches and can’t give personalized answers. Also, comparable products on the market came with high prices: Chatbase (dot) co is so high ($99/month or $$99/month), Widebot (dot) net (custom pricing, and it won’t be cheap), Sitegpt (dot) ai (49, $99 or $399 per month), and Orimon (dot) ai (49, $99 or $399 per month), which kept many local companies from buying them.

For many local organizations, AI Local Expert offers a service for making personalized AI avatars to act as agents. Whether you run a restaurant, spa, or plumbing service, our AI system can create an avatar that is an expert in your industry and can talk to guests on your website in a friendly and professional way.

This is precisely what AI Local Expert offers—an all-in-one solution that uses the advanced AI technology to scrape data from your website and train its AI avatars to respond to customer questions based on the writing style of your website.

In order to fit the attitude and style of your brand, you can personalize the bot, preview on how the bot answer and you can make additional training for the bot. And don’t worry if your market is not US/UK because you can reach people all over the world since it works with more than 50 languages.

The software is designed to support individuals and organizations business. You can easily find and explores business within the software too and begin selling bots to them, without AI Local Expert’s logo on the chatbot.

With the AI Local Expert, you can:

  • Make animated AI local avatars from a single photo 30+ Helpful AI Expert in Your Area
  • Find companies all over the world along with their website address
  • You can use keywords and specific locations to find businesses.
  • Find Business Contact Information (Email and Phone)
  • Create an AI expert for ANY website in the shortest amount of time.
  • Automatically get all the URLs from the website review and change the pages that were crawled.
  • Careful and accurate data scraping of ANY website. You can include or leave out any URL for scraping.
  • Train AI as many times as you want to get error-free answers.
  • Fully customize the AI expert design to match your website. Fully customize the chatbot icon.
  • Pick an animation for the chatbot icon.
  • Leave an offline message for visitors and get as many leads as you want.
  • You can add an AI expert to any website with a short embed code. There is no “Powered By AI Local Expert” branding. You can sell AI experts to businesses for a lot of money. The service works with more than 50 languages.

So, what actually sets the AI Local Expert apart as a compelling product that should be at the top of your shopping list? Explore my AI Local Expert review article to discover the answer.


AI Local Expert Review and Bonus

$47 $67


With the help of this software, you can now create an AI assistant bot that looks like an expert to answer all the questions that your visitors may ask. You can train the bot to answer what you want by simply providing the URL and it can reply to visitors based on the conversation styles from the entire website. And the best, it works 24/7 to ensure all the inquiries from visitors will get addressed.


  • Chatbot will not slow your website's performance
  • Affordable one time price compared to similar tools
  • Crawl and scrape any website on the internet
  • It's easy to explore a business to gather information, and to sell chatbots
  • No AI Local Expert logo on the chatbot, even for the front-end purchase


  • Zero domain restriction - risk of other will embed the code of your bot to their site
  • About ethical concerns - anyone can upload other's photo and act as an expert without permission
  • You cannot upload PDF to train chatbot
Get AI Local Expert with My Bonus

AI Local Expert Review: The Overview

ProductAI Local Expert app
The official pageClick here to access
Front-end price$47 (one-time payment)
CouponAdd the coupon code on the sales page to get instant discount
BonusYes, Huge Bonus
Guarantee14 days no-question-asked money back guarantee
Vendor’s supportAdd your question here: (support ticket)Or email:

What Does It Do?

AI Local Expert is a tool that changes the game for local businesses conversations with their customers. Users can easily reply to customer questions with accuracy and precisely based on their writing characteristics by creating personalized AI avatars geared to their business. By embedding the AI avatar chatbot with an expert background, these avatars will not only improve the user experience but also boost sales for any organization.

With AI Local Expert, organizations can get rid of chatbot that fails to answer custom customer’s questions (as these bots can only answer specific questions or generate the same answer over and over filtering by keyword) and replace them with real people who know about their field. This cool tool uses advanced data scraping and training algorithms to give avatars a lot of information, and with upsell, whenever you make change to the URL getting scraped, the bot will update too. This will ensure that the chat response looks so realistic and relevant. AI Local Expert helps businesses, like restaurants, spas, plumbing services and more make an effect on their customers. This builds trust and growth in a market that is getting more and more competitive.

Here’s how it works:

AI Local Expert Review: Who Created It?

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The software is brought to you by Todd Gross and Rohit Shah, some of the top vendors in the Jvzoo industry, who are best known for launching quality software products.

Todd Gross is best known as a creator and founder of Synthesys (dot) io membership, which includes software like Talking Faces, Synthesys Video Translate, AI Niche Video Bundle and other products like Smartscene, Video Robot, Animation Studio , etc.

Rohit Shah is best known as the software owner of many successful launches,, such as Recastly, Mugjam, Commerce Mojo, AdScouter, and 360 Video Maker. And for the products that he sold in the past, i see they still work really well today.

The Features And Benefits Of This Software

AI Local Expert provides tons of features to assist you. Let’s take a sneak on what you will get

Create AI Avatar From a Single Photo

local 05 prompt for

To do that, it’s very simple, you only need to upload an individual photo, and choose the prompts you want to generate individual photo in the niche you want That individual acts as an expert.

local 04 turn image into

There are up to 30 expert templates you can choose from, covering a wide range of local niches. If you buy upsells or bundle deals, then, it’s up to 60 of experts.

local 07 choose

To create a chatbot, you will need to determine the expert bot you want to run.

local 08 choose

Find Out Business to Seek Chatbot Solutions

local 10 choose website url

You have two options: provide a website url, or search for a business based on their niche and their location.

local 11 find business url

There will be some limitation on the main offer related to how many businesses you can explore per month. And you can expand the limit with upsell or bundle deal.

local 12 choose business

Scrape and Crawl any website

local 14 crawl website

For the front end purchase, you can crawl up to 100 webpages of any chosen website, and you can enlarge the amount if you buy upsells or Bundle deals. And with upsell, you have the software to re-crawl your website whenever you make change to its content.

The software can automatically scrape and crawl website urls; just like Ahrefs and Semrush are crawling your website, this tool can do that too. As a result, you can train your chatbot to answer based on the content in the website you input into the system.

You can Retrain AI at any time.

local 16 add data to train your chatbot

Sometimes, the chatbot will not reply your customers as you expect, so, you can retrain the ai bot anytime to ensure that the bot will answer what you want with AI.

local 17 try chatbot

And there’s also a chat preview inside the membership, which helps you control what the bot will actually answer when your customers ask on your website.

local 18 test chatbot answer

If you see some answers can not satisfy you, then, you can make the change in the bot data.

local 21 sample chat

Review Chat Sessions

local 22 chat sessions

It’s very important to keep in touch with what the bot says. Except for specific questions you determine, other questions may not get the replies you want, That’s why you need to review the bot to see what your visitors actually ask and how your bot replies to these questions

local 20 tune data

So, for some specific question, you can setup data for the automatic answer based on that question.

local 20 tune data

Once you finish the entire process, just embed the chatbot.

local 26 embed chat to website

Who Should Purchase This Product?

Local Businesses: Small and medium-sized local businesses in various industries can benefit from AI Local Expert. Whether it’s a restaurant, salon, fitness center, or repair solution, these organizations commonly have a hard time to keep day-and-night customer support. AI Local Expert offers them with a cost-efficient remedy to provide personalized assistance to website visitors, driving engagement and conversions.

Digital agencies specialised in advertisement, web development, or customer service options can make use of AI Local Expert to boost the solutions they offer. By incorporating AI Local Expert into their customers’ websites, these agencies can supply benefits and stand apart in a tough market. Furthermore, via with agency licensing options, they can establish and market infinite AI avatars, developing brand-new incomes.

Entrepreneurs and Startups: Those aiming to transform the conversational AI market or release a fresh organization venture may considerably benefit from making use of AI Local Expert. The system’s versatility and various licensing selections give entrepreneurs the liberty and potential for development, enabling them to personalize the system to fit their special service methods and audience.

Large multinational firms can make the most of AI Local Expert to boost branding and customer experience at their numerous local branches or franchise businesses. By using AI avatars tailored for every area or business unit, these companies can preserve a natural brand picture and boost customer fulfillment and loyalty throughout their diverse network.

E-commerce sellers have the chance to enhance client service and item recommendations by utilizing AI Local Expert. By incorporating AI avatars on their websites, online sellers can improve the shopping journey, lower abandoned carts, and improve sales by involving customers in a customized manner.

AI Local Expert is a beneficial tool for any kind of company looking to boost their online customer communication and supply tailored assistance that not only boosts conversions but additionally builds strong, long-lasting connections with clients.

AI Local Expert Review: The Upsell Details/How Much Does it Cost?

The price for the software is going to be $47/one-time price, and there will be a coupon on the sales page, which will decrease to $42. And there are four upsells for the product.

The End of My AI Local Expert Review

To sum up , AI Local Expert is very good software for chatbots that have artificial intelligence. Non-stop working hours are among its advantages, as is chat preview for more control with the chat rooms. Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks: there is no kind of domain restriction, so competitors can Ctrl + U and get the code from your bot to embed on their website, there is an ethical concern because anyone can upload a photo of others without permission, this is totally unfair; and PDF files can’t be used when training the chatbot. Anyway, AI Local Expert’s benefits, are more important than its disadvantages.

Also remember that the price for AI Local Expert is still lower a that of competitors, such as Chatbase, Groove AI, etc.

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