Amazon Bootcamp v3.0 Review from Customer-It's A Great FBA Training


Product : Amazon Bootcamp v3.0

Creator : The Selling Family

Price : $197/one time or $347/one time (or $99 for 4 months when bill monthly)

Do I Recommend : Yes But Make Sure You Prepare Great Effort and Not Finding Get Rich Quick Scheme

Presently,there’s a lot of working from home bussinesses that can generate a huge passive income. Besides Forex Trading,Youtube Adsense or Affiliate Marketing, FBA is a very lucrative bussiness for all people. It’s especially friendly for complete newbies to internet marketing and experience. However,newbie friendly doesn’t mean you can do yourself without a training. There are many things to do with FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) such as Sourcing,Tax,Accounting,Importing,ec.

Therefore,you really need a training to start with this lucrative bussiness. Amazon Bootcamp v3.0 is a great FBA training since its first version and it’s a step-by-step guide. Now,let’s check out my Amazon Bootcamp v3.0 review in order to see the members’s area and training,materials.

What is Amazon Bootcamp v3.0

At first, it’s a training course that teaches you an overview about making money with FBA. The creator of this course is The selling family,who are not only success with FBA but also Amazon Authority Affiliate. In addition,they teaches about some rules,information and how to manage complex situation with this highly lucrative bussiness. Being a seller of Amazon, certainly you need a budget and inventory,Amazon Bootcamp will also cover as well. And once again,it’s not a get rick quick scheme,it requires a lot of effort and time to succeed. Wait, every countries is OK but Jesssica Larrew (the main teacher) will focus mainly on the US market.

Who Is Amazon Bootcamp V3.0 For?

  • Complete newbies to internet marketing
  • People who have spent their money wastelessly and uselessly for scammers
  • If you are especially looking for a long-term passive income
  • You are not living paycheck to paycheck (because FBA requires investment)
  • Experience internet marketer who want to scale their bussiness up
  • You fail many times so that you want to fix (Amazon Bootcamp v3 doesn’t guarantee your success)
  • And of course,people who want to make money with Fulfillment by Amazon

The Training and Materials Inside Amazon Bootcamp v3.0

At first,this is what your membership should look like after buying the course. Personally,i chose the $347 package so as to get all the features inside.

1.7 Training Modules of Amazon Bootcamp v3.0

a.Laying The Foundation

In this module,Jessica Larrew mainly teach about basic steps for an FBA bussiness. In addition,she mentioned what you need to know about Amazon Seller,inventory and expenses.

b.Before You Buy

In FBA marketing,there are two compulsory investments,the first one is supplies while the second is inventory. Inside this module,they mention what you have to know such as what you can/can’t sell,ranking,expiration and scanning. Remember,every bussiness has a rule and so does FBA.

c.Tools of The Trade

The third module of Amazon Bootcamp v3 covers about tools you need for FBA. Besides must have supply like Scanning,Label and inventory,there are many tools you need to have.

d.Sourcing For Products In Person

There are 5 main FBA stores such as Big Box Retail,Drug,Liquidation,Discount and Thrift. Of course,you have to category specific audiences and buyers to get the highest ROI.

e.Sourcing For Product Online

This is longest module of Amazon Bootcamp v3 when there’s a lot of lessons to learn. If you are looking for an advanced training inside,here it is. This is your main bussiness to do in order to make money. There are 5 big parts in this module and each part will have small lessons.

f.Amazon Inventory Prep and Shipping

Problems and Situations always happens in any marketing and FBA,too. There’s a lot of risks,problems that may happen unexpectedly and you have to manage that situation. But firstly,you need to make everything OK to avoid those situation.

g.Amazon Seller Central Workflow

The last module of Amazon Bootcamp v3 will cover about Amazon Seller Central. Actually,lessons in this module is all about pricing,inventory and sales. Normally,your price will go around $5-$50 but you have to choose the good price for both conversion and profit.

And that’s not all you get inside Amazon Bootcamp v3. In order to make your life much easier, Jessica Larrew has added extra bonuses.


1.Discount Coupon Code For Revseller

Revseller is a tracking software with FBA bussiness and it’s one of the must-have tool for FBA. Normally,it’s price if $99.99/year but thanks to Amazon Bootcamp V3,you get it with a more affordable price.

2.Online Sourcing Example With Cleer Platinum

Jordan Malik,one of the best sellers of Amazon will show he exactly how he sources 5 Products in less than 10 minutes. In addition,he is the founder of Cleer Platimum,an arbitrage and sourcing products for Amazon.

3.Sales Tax 101 Guide

Tax is always one of the most complex terms from Amazon and the US so far. Of course,you can’t evade tax with FBA. Jessica Larrew will teach you about tax while shipping and tax report through TaxJar,a software. Remember,you always have to collect and submit tax when running FBA/e-commerce bussiness.

4.Buy Sales Tax Free Guide

Debra Conrad from Thrifting For Profit will instruct you about Tax-Free on Amazon. Actually,it’s an inventory tax free,this will save you a lot because you have a lot of inventory.

5.Getting Free Labels For Your Inbound Shipping Boxe

It’s all about shipment and delivery.

6.Account 101

This is a very important part inside Amazon Bootcamp v3 because you need to calculate your profits,expenses and revenues. Personally,i was a student of this speciality,it’s not really hard but it requires accuracy and carefullness.

7.Some Bonus Modules and Frequently Ask Question

Investment Before Buying Amazon Bootcamp v3

As i mentioned before,you need a budget for FBA marketing. Inside the training, they recommend you to buy supplies and inventories.

With inventory,it depends on your own budget and your niche. For example,if your niche is about clothing,low-cost equipment,it’s much lower expense than sport shoes or watches,right. In addition,you need investment for their recommended software.

In my opinion, besides the $347 package,you will need $500-$1,000 is OK. Stop coming up with an idea that you must have a huge investment,that’s not correct.

Bonus From Me

In order to make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Amazon Bootcamp v3 through my special link. Just simply buy and then contact me with your name and receipt. I will check and give you access after that. Unlike some people,i just add bonuses that Amazon Bootcamp v3 ‘s members need after they purchase this course.

Other Courses From The Selling Family

As you know,FBA is not the only way to make money from Amazon because you can also make money blogging,affiliate or authority. Please take notes that they are not upsells so that it’s not required.

1.The Blogger Guide To Amazon Affiliate Program ($65)

This training is for you if you want to run an e-commerce or Amazon Authority site. Of course,being an authority site,the main traffic source is SEO.

2.The 30 Days Website Building Challenge ($97)
If you buy the Amazon Bootcamp v3, i highly recommend you to buy this course because it’s affordable and offers great values. In addition,an FBA bussiness needs a brand and building a website is good for that. It’s not about getting traffic,it’s about setting up a website,adding value and building email campaign.

Pros of Amazon Bootcamp v3

  • Step-by-step and easy to understand training lesson (so that no way you feel overwhelmed)
  • Lifetime access and updates (no recurring cost)
  • Discount for Revseller
  • Cover Specifically About Inventory
  • A lot of Bonus
  • Finding and Sourcing Products is properly taught
  • No upsell (hence there’s no hidden feature)
  • The Other Course is not too pricey (they are all lifetime access)
  • Focus on increasing ROI (as well as conversion)

Cons of Amazon Bootcamp v3.0

1.Target Only The US

Despite being the largest market for FBA,it seems like they focus too much about this country. Additionally,the main source is Walmart instead of Alibaba.

2.Doesn’t Teach About Email List and Building Inside The Course

As i told you before,the only course that teaches about building a website and setting up email campaign is 30 Day Challenge. In this bussiness,your brand is the key so that sooner or later,you have to consider about this. Of course,it’s not required but you really need to buy this course.

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Amazon Bootcamp v3 is a great training course about FBA that any people should join. They are all and they really want to help you. This course has advanced training and they teaches step-by-step and easy to understand. However,this course doesn’t mention about building a website or taking care of your customers through email marketing,you need to join the 30 Days Website Building Challenge. Certainly,i recommend this course to any people who are seriously about this bussiness and if they actually invest.

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