AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp Review and Bonus-Best Amazon Authority Course

Product : AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp

Creator : Tung Tran

Price : $497 for Basic, $597 For Advanced and $1297 For Advanced And Coaching

Do I Recommend : Yes (but not for everyone)

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Presently,believe or not,ecommerce is always one of the biggest and highest paying out online niche. Despite low commission rate and hard for email marketing,promoting ecommerce product is always lucrative. Every single day,people are buying physical products on Amazon more and more frequently. Therefore,you should consider promoting Amazon and other types of ecommerce,physical products. Currently,there are some affiliate network that mostly sell physical products besides Amazon are Viglink, Flexoffer, Avantlink,etc.

With this types of offers,certainly building an autority site is a must. It does not only remain your bussiness stable but also scale up your income for a long-term. Search Engine Optimization is a must-have traffic for this type of offers. However,SEO is never easy and it requires a lot of works,time,energy and budget. You will not only focus on content but also keyword,backlink and some Onpage factor.

AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp is a great training that teaches overally about building an authority site. In addition,it goes detail about SEO link building and 100% white-hat SEO that Google loves. Now,let’s checkout my AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp review so that you know exactly the training.

What Is AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp?

At first, AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp is a SEO training that teaches you about how to build an authority site on Amazon. This training mainly focuses on professional link building strategies together with Onpage,Offpage SEO factors. There are 8 modules inside the training that helps you build a website that you can monetize and sell at an expensive price. In addition,Amz Affiliate Bootcamp includes White-Hat SEO training and teach you about how to use your budget probably.

Who Is AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp For?

  • Any Marketer (from newbie to expert) who want to scale up their income
  • People who haven’t run an authority site before
  • You are not living paycheck (yes,despite you are focusing on SEO)
  • You are patient as well as an action taker
  • If you want to remain your bussiness stable for a long-term
  • You can’t get approval to some high paying network so that you want to fix
  • People who don’t join some expensive affiliate training such as Inbox Blueprint,FB Academy,Email Domination, Fanpage Domination and Affilojetpack
  • If you come up with an idea of selling websites
  • You want to do the niche research,bussiness setup and link building the right way
  • You want to create a website like TheWireCutter, MoneySavingExpert, ConsumerReport,etc 🙂

The Training Inside AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp

Now,let’s see exactly the training of AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp. Once you log in,this is the member’s area.

1.Module 1 : Online Marketing 101

This is a beginner course when he teaches mostly about finding affiliate program,explanation about affiliate marketing. There is nothing too special about this training,if you have a little bit experience,you can skip. No technical work here,just some basic before you start.

2.Module 2 : Niche Selection System

As you know,Amazon has nearly thoudsands of niches to target. This module of AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp instructs you on how to find a profitable niche so as to start the right way. In addition,he mentions about 4 types of keyword you need to know. Besides,he explains why you can’t find a profitable niche and what to do if you accidentally choose unprofitable one. Then you will learn about market research (in general). And more importantly,his 9 citeria in order to find low-competition keywords. Additionally,you will Access to their Keyword Research document to automatically prioritize a big list of keywords. Best of all,the teams of AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp will review so as to make sure you pick the right niche.

In my opinion,don’t take too much time just to pick a niche because you are using shared hosting service. Sooner or later,you will pick another one. To make sure you pick the right niche,i highly recommend you to have at least 1 website promoting nutra niches. For example,it has relation to weightloss,diet,skincare,muscle building,male enhancement,blood presspure or brain supplement,etc.

3.Module 3 : The Content Machine

Content is always a king and this module of AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp will discover about this. Of course,being a SEO course,you will build your own unique content without copying and duplicating. In the third module,Tung gives you 3 critical reasons explaining why you need high quality content more than ever as well as his tips to build high quality content. Especially he gives you a real life examples of how high quality content should look like and what you shouldn’t mistake.

Next,you will learn about his 7 Content Templates so as to create high quality content. He also explains mistake to avoid when outsourcing your content writing. After that,you get access to his checklist to implement fast.

Notes: You may need to invest in Thrive Content Builder,a content templates that he is currently using. Personally,i don’t use this so that i will not talk about this.

4.Module 4 : Perfect Website Setup

After 3 modules walking around,now you will focus on your machine in the fourth module of Amz Affiliate Bootcamp. Actually,it’s a website setup training that all courses are teaching you. Before you learn this module,make sure you have some budget.

At first,you will need to buy a domain name. In this module of AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp,he instructs you ơn how to find a good domain name. He recommends Namecheap as a domain name because the hosting he advises doesn’t offer free domain.

The web hosting service he recommends is Siteground,however,there’s no free domain.

After that,you will install WordPress Theme, he recommends Thrive Themes. With this investment, you have to pay $49 for 1 site license or $67 for unlimited license with just 1 theme. Or you may need to pay $19/month when bill yearly for Thrive membership.

In addition,he gives you a list of 14 essential plugins that you will need. Then, you will integrate your site with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool. And lastly,you will learn how to post and optimizes your articles for SEO.

5.Module 5 : Build Powerful Backlinks That Skyrocket Your Organic Traffic

After learning about On-Page SEO,then will learn about Off-Page SEO. Actually,it’s like you are building backlink to gain more traffic into your website. Of course,you will implement White-Hat SEO (not black-hat).
The fifth module of AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp includes :

  • The best way to build links today. And why the strategies of yesterday will ALWAYS result in failure
  • Ignore these 5 link building fundamentals and you’ll ruin your chances of success, no matter how good your content it
  • The one type of link building that trumps all (and why without this you’ll find it next to impossible to grow your site)
  • The exact 5-month link building plan that anyone, from a complete newbie to a seasoned professional can use to get awesome results, every time
  • The 5 white hat link building strategies I personally use to help me rank #1 for high-traffic profitable keywords
  • Access to the exact templates and worksheets you need to execute your link building strategies

6.Module 6 : Website Monetization Methods

The next module of Amz Affiliate Bootcamp will focus on how to monetize your website. On the other hands,it’s like you are promoting affiliate offers the correct way. Amazon Associate’s rule is too complex and annoying and he helps you avoid being banned and penalized. Here are the exact lessons of Module Six :

  • The best monetization methods available in 2017 (and the ones you need to avoid)
  • The exact level of traffic you need to achieve before you can monetize your website successfully
  • Why unless you do this one thing you’ll never be able to profit from your website
  • Advanced monetization strategies and tactics you can use to scale fast

7.Module 7 : Website Scaling Methods

The seventh module of Amz Affiliate Bootcamp will focus on scaling your website for higher visitor rates. In this module,he mentions about Pumkin Hacking Method,which is a strange SEO method that many people don’t know. Besides,he instructs on how to increase visitors value to profit for a long-term. After that,he teaches about how to build a team (outsourcing) the correct way to avoid losing money. Here are the exact lessons :

  • Discover the â€śPumpkin Hacking Method” and how you can use it to grow and scale your website fast
  • Why unless you follow this exact process for growth and scale, you’ll never increase site traffic
  • Do you want to increase your visitor value? You only have to master these 3 things (hint: most people have no idea about these 3 things and that’s why they’ll continue to struggle)
  • The exact level you need to reach before you even think about hiring
  • The 5 step process anyone can follow to create a world class team (and the unconventional things you can do to make sure your team kicks ass, every day)

8.Module 8 : Selling Your Website

The last module of Amz Affiliate Bootcamp talks about how to sell your website for thoudsands of dollars. In this module,he explains you on what types of people will buy your website and reasons why you should do that. Then,he gives some must-have requirements you meet and formula,places to do this. And lastly,strategies on how to sell it for the most expensive price.

9.For Advanced Members And Above Only : WordPress For Beginner Course

This course is only for people who pay $597 or above and it’s only for beginner. There’s nothing too advanced about this module of Amz Affiliate Bootcamp and you can finish fast. Here are the exact lessons:

  • How to get your website setup with WordPress the right way (not a techie? No problem… this method just involves you clicking ONE thing)
  • The exact themes that work super well for online websites
  • 7 things you need to implement on your website
  • The specific plugins that will give your website an immediate boost
  • complete walk-through of WordPress (never again will you have to worry about screwing something up)

And that’s all the training inside Amz Affiliate Bootcamp with a single time purchase of $497,$597 or $1,297 (include coaching).

Budget To Prepare Before Joining Amz Affiliate Bootcamp

Any bussiness requires expenses and so does Amz Affiliate Bootcamp. Before buying this course,make sure you have some investments :

  • Hosting and Domains (compulsory) : he recommends Namecheap and Siteground. But you can consider using Dreamhost and Inmotion Hosting,it’s up to you,no need to follow absolutely 🙂
  • A keyword research tools (certainly compulsory) : He recommends Kwfinder. However,the affordable price is only for those who pay annually for this tool.
  • Ahrefs (starting from $99/month) : This is a backlink checker,keyword research,rank tracking and content explorer
  • WordPress Theme : he recommends Thrive Themes,which costs you $49-$67 (single theme) or $19/month when bill yearly for the whole service
  • Content Builder : it’s also a Thrive membership,you can pay $67 for 1 site or $228/year for all service for all site.
  • Outsourcing : it depends

Additional Investments (Not Required,Don’t Have To Buy)

  • Email Marketing : he recommends Active Campaign
  • Video Creator : I think EasyVSL is the best selection because you will mostly create presentations
  • On-Site Checker : you can try SEO Snapshot ,a software that is created one of the biggest name,Mark Thompson

And that’s all the investment you need before signing up with Amz Affiliate Bootcamp. Basically,he has divided into three types of buget inside the member’s area: from $500-$3,500. Therefore,you need to pay $200-$400 a month and hosting to maximize the training.

How Much Time You Need

Amz Affiliate Bootcamp is a SEO training so that it requires a lot of time and energy. In order to succeed,how much time is highly depended on your budget. If you outsource content frequently,you only need 1 month but if you do all the work yourself,you will need 6 months.

So,you need to have at least 2 hours a day in 1,3 or 6 months to succeed with this type of bussiness. And more importantly,you are an action taker and you are patient enough.

Tips : To make it work the best,you should promote nutraceulogicals product from CPA networks. This will not only help you build an email list but also get paid per lead.

Pros of Amz Affiliate Bootcamp

  • Step-By-Step together with over the shoulder training lessons
  • Remains Your Website Stable
  • White-Hat Link Building Strategies
  • Professional Training on How To Build Content
  • Include Selling Your Website Course
  • Advanced Backlink Strategies
  • Explaination on Mistake to Avoid and his Tips,Tricks

Cons of Amz Affiliate Bootcamp

  • Just Google SEO (no other free or paid traffic source)
  • A lot of additional costs he recommends
  • Very Slow To Succeed With Your Bussiness

Final Verdict

In summary,Amz Affiliate Bootcamp is a great SEO course for people who are serious about this type of traffic. It’s so far one of the best training about building an Authority site on Amazon. The bussiness you are going to build with Amz Affiliate Bootcamp is very stable and it helps you monetize for a long-term. All of the modules,lessons are easy to understand,actionable and they all deliver great value. Of course,i recommned Amz Affiliate Bootcamp if you want to build an authority site that lasts forever.

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