Azon Authority Review,Demo and Bonus-Tool For Amazon Marketing

Product : Azon Authority

Creator: Sean Donahoe ,also the creator of WP Profit Builder

Price: starting from $67

Do I Recommend : Yes,especially if you are running an Amazon bussiness. However,it has some downfall and a little bit old.

Presently,Amazon is a goldmine when people are buying Amazon’s products more and more frequently. Therefore,sooner or later,you should consider launching an Amazon marketing bussiness. There are two types of bussiness you can think of such as affiliate marketing and Amazon FBA. Before driving traffic,you should also make your website looks friendly with Amazon.

Azon Authority is a great software that especially helps you enhance your Amazon marketing website. It’s friendly for all users and it’s also great for affiliate marketing together with Amazon FBA. Now,checkout my Azon Authority review so as to know how it works.

What Is Azon Authority?

Firstly,it’s a wordpress plugin that supports your Amazon Marketing website. Secondly,Azon Authority was created to show your customers how to build highly-profitable real businesses selling physical products leveraging the raw power of Amazon in a REAL e-commerce environment. This is the next generation of passive Amazon profits, bridging the gap between old-school and defunct affiliate stores and the Amazon FBA program. The “SmartCart” system integrates seamlessly with Amazon and with Amazon dropping a full 90 Day cookie and retargeting your customers automatically, you can explode your Amazon Associate commissions.

Who Is Azon Authority For?

  • Any marketer (from novice to expert) who want to scale up their revenue with Amazon
  • People who are doubting and not ever launching Amazon bussiness before
  • Especially great for those who are running an Amazon Authority Site (checkout AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp)
  • Also great if you run an Amazon FBA Bussiness (checkout Amazon Bootcamp,Amazon FBA Ninja)
  • If you want to create a site like The Wire Cutter,The Sweethome 🙂

Main Features and Demo of Azon Authority

Now,i won’t waste your time anymore,let’s checkout the main features as well as benefit of using Azon Authority. At first,it’s a WordPress plugin,this is what you see in the member’s dashboard.

If your audiences care about a product,they will click on that page.

A big advantage you have is that it has a review,which encourage your audiences to buy a product. In Amazon,no positive review,no money and in contrast,the more positive review a product has,the more money they make.

Pricing and Upsells of Azon Authority

Now,let’s see the front-end price of this wordpress plugin,basically,the feature of 3 plans are the same,the main different between them is site licnese. This is the front-end price of Azon Authority.

Like his other products,Azon Authority also has upsells and downsells.

1.OTO 1 : Done For You Power Builder ($97)

The first upsell is actually a library of pre-done builders, graphics,images and templates to import on your Amazon store. In addition,this package includes Facebook header,graphics to improve your fanpage. If you don’t buy this upsell,Sean will offer a downsell. This downsell will remove graphics and only includes the same builder. In my opinion,you can skip this upsell and downsell if you don’t need.

2.OTO 2 : Profit Bundle ($197)

Unlike the first upsell,i highly recommend you to buy the second upsell of Azon Authority. At first,he offers 4 modules training such as Facebook Azon Fusion,Power Deals for Faster Profits,Media Buy Maverick and Build An Empire. This helps you a lot on improving your Fanpage and traffic source so as to maximize profits.

In addition,there are up to 5 plugins for you to use and they deliver great value. The first plugin is WP Profit Builder,which is his best-selling products. The second,third and fourth plugin is not sold directly and they are all software that especially use Exit-Intent technology. They are List Rocket,IMSC Attactra and IMSC Magnet.

List Rocket is a popup lead capture form while IMSC Attactra is a notification bar and Magnet is a bottom lead capture notification.

The last one is IMSC Rapid Mailer,which is a lifetime access autoresponder software that charge unlimited subscribers and send unlimited email.

If you cancel this upsell,he will offer a downsell that includes all plugins but not include his training and you only buy at $97. In my opinion,you should only buy this downsell of Azon Authority instead of the first,second upsell.

And that’s the whole funnel of Azon Authority. Once again,i remind,you should only buy the last downsell with the front-end price.

So,What’s Next

Don’t forget the reason why you buy Azon Authority,you buy this plugin to build an Amazon marketing bussiness. Therefore,you should consider joining some training course that teaches about Amazon marketing. Here are some courses i recommend because they deliver great value and they are all legit.

1.Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp

This is a training that helps you build an Amazon authority bussiness. In addition,this course is so far the best SEO course that i have ever seen. He teaches you step-by-step and over the shoulder on how to do niche research,competition analysis,build backlink,keyword research and create white-label content that Google loves. Certainly,this training will benefit Azon Authority’s users a lot about affiliate marketing.

2.Amazon Bootcamp

This is a great Amazon FBA training but it mostly focuses on the US. Inside the training,they teach you overally on how to manage Amazon Selling Central and what to do as well. Moreover,they teach you about Amazon rules,shipping law and even accounting.

Pros of Azon Authority

  • Easy to use and to manage
  • Automated Everything
  • Display Review (in order to stop your audiences from procrastinating
  • SEO-friendly
  • Advanced Geo Targeting
  • Multiple Ways to find product on Amazon
  • Add Every single detail of a product
  • High Converting Templates together with fast speed
  • Facebook Integration

Cons of Azon Authority

  • This technique has a little bit old-fashioned
  • If you don’t have an Amazon Associate account,this plugin is useless

Final Verdict

In summary,buying Azon Authority or not,the decision is ultimately yours. It’s great for Amazon marketing and it also helps increase SEO’s factor. However,some of the techniques is old-fashioned and it is useless if you don’t have an Amazon Associate or Selling Central account. Therefore,make sure you can create one and build your bussiness in the correct way and huge effort.


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