Chit Chat Chimp Review,Demo and Bonuses-Essential Tool For Online Bussiness

Product : Chit Chat Chimp
Creator : Promote Lab (also the creator of Landing Page Monkey)
Price : $67 (for 1 site license) , $97 (for 3 site license) or $197 (for unlimited sites license) when bill yearly.
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

  • Highly Recommended

Presently,Facebook is really a growing trend on internet bussiness. Believe or not,internet marketers are using Facebook free and paid traffic more and more frequently. Facebook Ads and fanpage are really a goldmine that you should exploit. You can benefit Facebook so as to build a fanpage,build an email list or even directly promote a product. Sooner or later,you should consider to add a Facebook free and paid traffic to your campaigns.
Besides setting up an advertising,editing pixel,posting article to fanpage,take care of customers is also important. However,you can not chat with all of them to consult them or recommend them to buy any product. Because you don’t have enough time,energy to support them. Therefore,you should consider to automate a chatbot marketing but it requires a lot complex code. Fortunately,Chit Chat Chimp is a great software that especially helps you create chabot campaigns without complex coding. Moreover,Chit Chat Chimp is super easy to use and it has affordable price. Let’s check out my Chit Chat Chimp so that you understand how it works.

What Is Chit Chat Chimp?

Chit Chat Chimp Smart Chart Bot
Firstly,Chit Chat Chimp is a software from Promote Labs that helps you create a Chatbot campaigns easily. Actually,it’s a tool that helps you support and take care of your customers,audiences on Facebook. Actually,Chit Chat Chimp works by filling in the form and then copy paste the code. There are 4 main features such as Support Bots,Sale Bots,Research Bots and Traininng Bots. Once you buy Chit Chat Chimp,they will give you access to Smart Bot Training Suite.  Best of all,this product doesn’t have any upsell,hence there is no limitation or cheating here.

Who Is Chit Chat Chimp For?

  • Complete newbie to internet marketing who want to find a good place to invest
  • Intermediate and even Professional Marketers who wan to scale up their income
  • You haven’t created any Facebook fanpage or campaigns before
  • If you haven’t built any chatbot campagin once
  • Amazon or Ecommerce sellers
  •  If you are selling T-Shirt on Teespring (yes,it reallys work)
  • Especially for those who want to build a massive list
  • You hate upsell as well as some limitation

Main Features of Chit Chat Chimp

Now,i won’t waste your time anymore,let’s see how i create a chatbot campaign with Chit Chat Chimp. At first,Chit Chat Chimp is a membership so you have to log in. This is the member’s dashboard once you log in.

1.Create New Bot

Chit Chat Chimp Member Dashboard
You can create unlimited bot in one site but unlimited website is only available for the most expensive service.  Firstly,click on New Bot and this will display.
Chit Chat Chimp create campaigns
Now,choose a gravatar,you can choose an animation or your own picture.
Chit Chat Chimp Avatar
I suggest you to enable Exit Intend when using Chit Chat Chimp. Remember to add a polite gretting text towards your audiences.
Chit Chat Chimp Create Bot
Normally,exit intent will appear once your audiences seem to go out,from 3 to 10 seconds. Therefore,keep them and don’t let them move.
Chit Chat Chimp Exit Intent
The best idea you can think of if they answer no are offering them a free-gift (link to your landing page) and offering a discount (works with ecommerce and FBA). After that,simply Save and get the embed code.
Chit Chat Chimp Embed Code
You can embed on 3 types,however,the ChatJack is only available if you buy the unlimited plan. Then,we will create question bot,which is the most important part of chatbot marketing.

2.Create Question Bot

When you create question with Chit Chat Chimp,you can create with multiple bots.
Chit Chat Chimp Create Bot Question
Let’s see the unanswered question that i have,one of the most frequently questions so far.
Chit Chat Chimp unanswered questions
I suggest you to come here once a week or even day to give them the real answer. Certainly,Chit Chat Chimp can not manage all the questions for you. After you create a bot and question for a campaigns,then will have to add the code to your website,some landing page  services that can host.
Chit Chat Chimp Integration
Amazing right,Chit Chat Chimp has direct integration with some big names such as WordPress,Landing Page Mọney,Clickfunnels,Leadpages,Profit Builder,Shopify,ec. After that,they will chat automatically with your customers,audiences in those places. This is an example of a campaign using Chit Chat Chimp.
Chit Chat Chimp Example Chit Chat Chimp Example Chit Chat Chimp Example Chit Chat Chimp Example Chit Chat Chimp Example
As i mentioned before,Chit Chat Chimp features Support Bot,Sales Bot,Research Bot and Training Bot. They will also create E-Commerce Bot in the future,don’t worry,you have to pay nothing if you have bought this product.

3.Support Bot

The first feature of Chit Chat Chimp is support bot,which provide an instant,response-driven service to customers.
Chit Chat Chimp Support Bot
In order to create a support bots,it’s easy,just simply do as many thing i instruct above. At first,you will need to brainstorm some question and answer. For example,this is a Support Bot i create,it’s simple.
Chit Chat Chimp Support Bots
Make sure you prepare some fallback replies because something you may not know.
Chit Chat Chimp Support Bot
After that,simply get code to embed into your website,your landing page,ec. Notes,Chit Chat Chimp can segment some types of question,which is great.
Chit Chat Chimp Support Bots Create Question
Once they answer this type of question,it will automatically answer your question.
Chit Chat Chimp Support Bots Chit Chat Chimp Support Bots

4.Sales Bot

The next type of chatbot is Sales Bot,when you are consulting them to boost conversion. Clearly,if you are running an ecommerce or FBA bussiness,you will benefit a lot.
Chit Chat Chimp Sales Bot
Creating a Sales Bot is as easy as creating a support Bots,make sure you prepare a question at first. What surprises me is that how smart and polite Chit Chat Chimp is. Let’s see how it deal with various question from customers. But hey,sometimes they will ask about money back guarantee,make sure if you are selling something good enough. For example,i will create question answer like this.
Chit Chat Chimp Sales Bot Chit Chat Chimp Sales Bots
And then,look what Chit Chat Chimp do in action.
Chit Chat Chimp Sales Bots Chit Chat Chimp Sales Bots Chit Chat Chimp Sales Bots
Chit Chat Chimp will answer questions instantly based on what types of question your audiences has. But make sure you check vary question and answer as your own at least one per week.

5.Feedback and Research Bots

It’s like you are doing a survey towards your audiences in order to understand them. In addition,you should know their real feedback to improve your own campaigns. And more importantly,you will direct them to the landing page.
Chit Chat Chimp Feedback and Research Bots
To create a feedback and research is also easy as you are creating with Support and Sales Bots.
Chit Chat Chimp Feedback and Research Bots
After that,simply embed on your campaigns.
Chit Chat Chimp Feedback and Research Bots Embed Code
This is what Chit Chat Chimp does once you create a feedback and research bot. And hey,don’t forget to use exit intent to retarget,it’s a kind of onsite retargeting. Therefore,you should prepare multiple sign up form or multiple landing page to get the highest result. That’s why Convertkit is always my first recommendation despite its integration is not too various like Mailchimp and  Get Response.
Chit Chat Chimp Feedback and Research Bots Chit Chat Chimp Feedback and Research Bots Chit Chat Chimp Feedback and Research Bots
Besides,make sure you brainstorm questions about other categories but in the same topics.
Chit Chat Chimp Feedback and Research Bots
And this is what happens after you brainstorm with Chit Chat Chimp,it’s amazing,right.
Chit Chat Chimp Feedback and Research Bots Chit Chat Chimp Feedback and Research Bots

6.Training Bots

The last feature of Chit Chat Chimp is to create a text/training bots. In my opinion,this method works the best if you are running digital products campaigns. It also works if you are running Nutra offers (like Skincare,Diet,Muscle Building,Male Enhancement,ec). This will help you build and extend a lot relationship towards your audiences.
Chit Chat Chimp Training Bots
To create a training Bot with Chit Chat Chimp,it’s also like what you are doing with the previous functions. However,make sure you research your markets and niches properly with enough
knowledge about your topics.
Chit Chat Chimp Training Bots
If you have enough knowledge together with high quality training text with your audiences,you will ruthlessly remove your competitors.
Chit Chat Chimp Training Bots Chit Chat Chimp Training Bots

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Pricing of Chit Chat Chimp

As i told you before,there are three main pricing plans and best of all,no upsell here. The main difference between three plans of Chit Chat Chimp is how much sites license. However,they are all annual plans,Chit Chat Chimp doesn’t adopt Montly or Lifetime Access pricing.
Chit Chat Chimp pricing plans
Choose a package that is good for your budget and how much website will you plan for Chatbot Marketing. I think you should choose the Smarter and Unlimited rather than Starter.

Bonuses From Me

To make your life much easier,i will add some bonuses if you purchase Chit Chat Chimp through my affiliate link. This product is powered by Jvzoo so that after you buy,you will get an immediate access to my bonuses. These are bonus products created by PromoteLabs that allows me to share,they are not cheap bonuses some scammers are offering to you. Just simply click here to view my 12 bonuses for Chit Chat Chimp.
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Benefits of Using Chit Chat Chimp

  • Affordable Price and No Upsell
  • Super Simple to use and to manage
  • Create Unlimited Bots in One Campaigns
  • Can Manage Various Question From Audiences
  • 4 Main Functions such as Support Bots,Sales Bot,Research Bots and Training Bots
  • Can Remove Branding
  • Easy to customize and to design
  • Various Integration
  • Include Exit Intend and Useful for Onsite Retargeting
  • Can Add your own answer to many people simultaneously

Disadvantages of Chit Chat Chimp

  • Doesn’t Have Lifetime Access (just yearly recurring)
  • ChatJack is only in Unlimited Plans

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Chit Chat Chimp is a highly useful tool that any marketer should buy and benefit. Agree or not,chatbot is a growing marketing strategies and it works effectively. In addition,it helps you a lot on building trust,gaining relationship and boosting conversions. It’s affordable and it’s super simple to use. Of course,i recommend Chit Chat Chimp if you are serious about this new type of marketing. I personally was strongly convinced to buy some products by this marketing so that i know.
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