Commission Gorilla V3 Review – New Technique that Will Double and Triple your Affiliate Commissions within the next 7 days Even if you are Novice

Hey and welcome to my Commission Gorilla V3 Review. It’s Mr Hai Nguyen here from Daily Job Killer where I give honest digital product reviews along with awesome bonuses for products I truly believe in.

Commission Gorilla V3 is brought to you by Promote Labs, who is also the creator of PageDyno and ProductDyno and many other high quality software products.

So the big question is, is Commission Gorilla V3 really worth your money? I’ll tell you if it ticks all the boxes, and if it does, I’ll give you some awesome complimentary bonuses you can only get from me today.

My goal is to help you make an informed decision so you don’t end up wasting your money. Now let’s jump into the next section of my Commission Gorilla V3 Review to find out what exactly Commission Gorilla V3 is and how it can help you and your business.

What Exactly is Commission Gorilla V3?

Commission Gorilla V3 is a brand new cloud based tool that allows you to create a bonus presell page and a bonus delivery page to boost your affiliate promotion. So, you can save bonus and import bonus into their drag & drop builder to generate higher revenue as an affiliate, the technique works best for internet marketing, make money online niche.

At first glance, it appears to be targeted at people who are running affiliate marketing promo. But, it can also be used effectively for product creator and advertiser.

It also appears very easy to use.

Commission Gorilla V3 Review

The things that really stood out to me when I logged into Commission Gorilla V3 is the fast & free hosting for all your bonus page, and this is completely free of charge. Not just that, you can also run on your own domain by using its in-built WordPress plugin.

The key difference being Commission Gorilla V3 is loaded with an ability to save bonuses and then automatically generate a bonus delivery page, which saves you tons of time from manual work (chatting, emailing with every customers)

Does Commission Gorilla V3 Actually Work?

Problems you may have and how the product solves, this Commission Gorilla V3 review will explain you:

  • Manually deliver bonus to buyers can be time-consuming
  • Design a landing page from scratch is not efficient (because most landing page builders don’t allow you to save bonus blocks)
  • Low affiliate conversion due to slow loading promotion pages

=> Solved: With CommissionGorilla, you can create a fast loading bonus page and you can save bonus blocks for future usage. And, all the bonuses you insert into a bonus page you create will also be automatically inserted into its bonus delivery page version. Remember, some networks like Jvzoo, Warrior Plus & Paykickstart, Thrivecart allows you to automatically deliver bonuses to buyers by simply providing bonus URL.

1.Create Bonus

To start, first of all, you need to create bonus. There are 4 ways for you to do so.


After creating a bonus, then, you can preview it. I suggest you to get unique name for each bonus, this is in order to assign to proper bonus on your bonus landing page.


When you create bonus, of course, you also create bonus delivery at the same time (Commission Gorilla will not host your bonus, you need to use external link outside)

2.Create Page

To start, you need to enter your affiliate link. As a result, all links in the page will be applied with the same URL (except you choose to override the link)

The software has SEO feature, you can provide Meta Keyword and Meta Description. Remember, Commission Gorilla V3 provides a very fast free page hosting for you, which is really good for SEO.


So, the next part is to customize page. The software has a drag & drop builder and it’s a block-based editor. Therefore, you can guarantee the mobile responsiveness for your landing page.

For instance, i insert the text block and the spacer block.


You can see i insert button here. Link by defaul will be your chosen affiliate link on the initial setup. But, you can choose to override that link.


As a bonus page builder, the most important part is to insert the Bonus block. At here, choose the bonuses you have created.


When you finish, you have the link for bonus page and link for bonus delivery page.


To advertise bonus page under your own domain, you can download their WordPress plugin.


Commission Gorilla V3 Review – DEMO

I have recorded this Commission Gorilla V3 review and demonstration to provide you a correct understanding about it.

Commission Gorilla V3 Review – Pricing & Upsells

Front End Offer is the main software Commission Gorilla V3 which will cost you $67-$97/one time price.  

For the front end offer the price you see now is available only during the launch period, which starts from 31st January of 2023.

After the launch, which ends on the 10th February of 2023, price will increase to $97/year, as they say. Also, the frontend access doesn’t depend on any of the upgrades to work, it works fine just on its own BUT it is also limited.

Now, there are currently three upsells. You don’t really need all of them to use Commission Gorilla V3, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.


You can create 20 bonus pages.


You can create as many bonus pages as you want.

UPSELL #2$37 pay immediately + $27 per month


These bonuses are created by their in-house team, not cheap Private Label Right bonuses.


25 DONE FOR YOU BONUSES ONLY – for those who don’t want to pay monthly fee.


You can bypass vendor’s salespage and set affiliate link go directly to vendor’s cart page (less step = more conversions)

Commission Gorilla V3 Review: Bonuses

If you decide to buy Commission Gorilla V3 through my link, click on any of the buttons on this page and you will get all the bonuses listed for free.

All the bonuses listed down below for my Commission Gorilla V3 Review are available only if you buy it through any of my links/buttons on this page and are available even if you purchase only the front end offer.

For custom high quality bonus delivery you will need to email me at and I will send you the instructions to get your free Commission Gorilla V3 Review Bonuses. Other bonuses are automatically delivered on your Purchase Portal thanks to Jvzoo’s features.

So check out my Commission Gorilla V3 Review Bonuses. This bonuses will save you time, money and help you make the most out of Commission Gorilla V3.

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10.Premium Bonus: Account with SnatchIT


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12.Other Bonuses

Please visit the below bonus page for full details.

The Final Verdict: Is Commission Gorilla V3 Worth It?

If you’re looking for the easiest to use and most powerful affiliate bonus page builder especially for Jvzoo & Clickbank & Paykickstart products, you have come into the right place.

If you’re a busy person, on a budget and need to create a huge amount of bonus pages for many promotional campaigns, you have chosen the right product.

Thanks to the easy drag & drop page builder that you can edit whatever you want, plus the fast & free hosting included in the purchase package, you are set to become a super affiliate by simply adding value to hungry buyers. 

I highly recommend it.

I hope you find my Commission Gorilla V3 Review helpful. If this is a product that you’re interested in picking up then click the buttons on this page and get Commission Gorilla V3 with my free bonuses.

Main Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Bonus Pages Can I Create?

There are two options for you: if you purchase tier 1, which is $67/lifetime, you can create 20 bonus pages. If you purchase tier 2, which is $97/lifetime, you can create and host as many bonus pages as you want. Of course, what the product creator wants is to persuade you to buy tier 2 case you just purchase tier 1, the upsell would be Pro version.

How Long Does Lifetime Deal Lasts?

In the past, when PromoteLab teams launched version 2, they keep lifetime price for around 2 months, then, they change price into yearly for the main offer. And they keep the yearly price for up to 5 years before this V3 version.

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