ContentGenie 2.0 Review – World’s FASTEST Content Creation & Social Media Management Solution Is Here

ContentGenie 2.0 Review – Introduction

Do you know what experts call the year 2024? They call it the year of ENDLESS Content!

Today, there’s more content flying around than ever before in history!

On Facebook alone, a whopping 500 million photos are posted every single day!

Meanwhile, on Instagram…350 million stories light up our screens every day.

On TikTok? It’s a never-ending chatterbox, with a jaw-dropping 50 Million Videos blasting off into the digital galaxy every day.

YouTube is THE hotspot, hosting a cool billion video views daily, with Enough content to watch for a million years straight!

LinkedIn, the professional hub, sees 29 million messages zipping back and forth every day.

Today, every business craves more visibility on Social Media, and they need it FAST!

Businesses definitely need to either have to step up their Social Media game to stay active and remain engaged with their customers, or get blown away by competition.

How do they step up?

Well – the ONLY way to do that is to create & post lots of interesting, engaging & original content, nearly every single day… ACROSS ALL Social Media Platforms at once.

Before now, there’s been 2 major options available:

  1. Do it yourself: This involves spending countless Hours creating Contents and Logging into different Social Media Platforms to post and Analyze.
  2. Outsource: This involves paying Hundreds of Dollars for Content Creation and Social Media Management – totally expensive and overhyped!

That’s why you have a better and Faster Solution that brings the power of Content Creation and Social Media Management in one Dashboard. Thanks to a software called, ContentGenie 2.0, which allows individuals, Businesses and Brands Create High Quality Contents and publish them Across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Medium, YouTube, & WordPress…From A Single Dashboard.

Hey and welcome to my ContentGenie 2.0 Review. It’s Mr Hai Nguyen here from Daily Job Killer where I give honest digital product reviews along with awesome bonuses for products I truly believe in.

My goal is to help you make an informed decision so you don’t end up wasting your money.  Want to know the details? Please explore it more in my ContentGenie 2.0 Review.

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ContentGenie 2.0 Review – Overview

CreatorKelechi Mmonu
ProductContentGenie 2.0
Sales page
Front-end price$37-$44
Launch date7th February 2024
Launch end14th February 2024
All-in-one ContentGenie 2.0 BundleYES, Massive Discount!  Included FE + All upsells + All Bonuses + Premium Support + Full Refund Policy.
ContentGenie 2.0 Bundle’s price$297 one-time payment
ContentGenie 2.0 Bundle’s sales page
BonusYes, Huge Bonus
Guarantee14-day money-back guarantee!
SupportAdd your question here:

ContentGenie 2.0 Review – What is It?

ContentGenie is the Content Creation & Social Media Management Platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to Create, Publish and Manage Contents Across Multiple Social Media Platforms & Blogs. Using this software, you can create, publish, schedule and analyze your content for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Medium, YouTube, and WordPress all from one simple dashboard.

ContentGenie works in 3 Simple steps:

#1: Choose Content Type: Choose between creating a Social Media or Blog Post Content.

Whether you’re curating a captivating Instagram Post or thought-provoking blog article, ContentGenie empowers you to tailor your content creation experience to suit your objectives.

#2: Customize & Preview: Use the Built-in Editor to Customize your Content, add  Graphics, Videos and other engaging visuals, while previewing to ensure it fits perfectly.

After Customizing, Select the Social Media or Blog Profile(s) you want to Publish to.

#3: Publish: Publish your Content instantly to your preferred social media platforms or WordPress blog accounts. You can also schedule the posts for later, ensuring your content reaches your audience precisely when it matters most.

What’s New Compared to First Version

After successful launch for the first time on Jvzoo some years ago, now, the product creator has sold the version 2 and make it a better software for you, with new updated features.

  • Partnership: ContentGenie got Accepted into Microsoft for Startups Hub, which provides us Access to industry-leading AI services, expert guidance, and the essential technology needed to build a future-proofed Software Company.
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  • Customize Posts for Each Social Network: Every social network is different, so your posts should be formatted differently. Why? Instagram caption has a max of about 450 words, while LinkedIn supports longer content for example. ContentGenie allows you to customize the Content specifically for each Social Media Platform, in the same post.
  • YouTube and TikTok Direct Posting: Publish your Video Content to Youtube and TikTok Directly, with all approved settings available from the ContentGenie Editor.
  • Real-Time Post Preview: Preview Posts feature allows you to spot and correct any error before Publishing or Scheduling. Check image sizes to confirm  they fit perfectly, View how your content will look on both mobile and desktop, and Double-check the correct placement of hashtags.
  • Prompt Templates: Coming up with fresh and new post ideas can be quite challenging. That’s why the product creator has prepared 100 prompt Templates for Social Media and Blog Posts, to help users generate the Most Engaging Contents.
  • AI Image Generator
  • Deep Analytics Engine: Stay informed with detailed statistics on your blog posts and social media content, including impressions, comments, likes, shares, and more. Analyze the performance of your content effortlessly. Generate and Download Analysis Report for your clients.
  • AIDA Sales Copy Creator: Craft sales copy following the Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) model, optimizing your content for maximum impact throughout the customer journey.
  • AI Content Grammar & Punctuation Checker: Perfect your writing effortlessly with our AI content grammar checker. Analyze ebooks, articles, or any text to polish grammar and punctuation, ensuring your content is error-free.

Benefits of using ContentGenie 2.0

What you can say good bye:

  • Researching extensively about topics that you plan to write on
  • Spending weeks creating a blog or an article from scratch
  • Needing to edit what you have written & checking it for plagiarism
  • Requesting a friend or a relative or a coworker proofread your work
  • Creating content at a snail’s pace
  • Paying aying freelancers & agencies through your nose every week (because I am sure you know that you NEED content on a regular basis if you want to run & grow a successful business online today)

About The Creator?

The software is brought to you by Kelechi Mmonu. If you don’t know this man, well, he is the creator of some famous and successful Jvzoo launches such as Mail Conversio, Podkastr and many more,…

The product this man sold are mostly high quality software, and i have never seen any of his product get retired (by cancel hosting, domain subscription) as from most scam Jvzoo vendors on the internet.

Key Features

Here’s the list of key features you get access with this one time purchase.

Social Media Caption Assistant 

Craft compelling captions effortlessly for your social media profiles using simple keywords or phrases, powered by Artificial Intelligence. The software ensures engagement with relevant emojis and impeccable grammar, making your posts stand out without the hassle. 

Long Form Blog Content Assistant

Generate traffic-pulling, long-form content tailored for Medium and WordPress blogs. This AI Assistant delivers complete articles with relevant paragraphs and well-organized sections, saving you time while maintaining quality.

AI Prompt Templates

Discover the most trending articles using keywords or entering the Article URL… and then you can repurpose the Content for your  Social Media or a Blog post.

Speech to Text AI

This Engine uses Artificial Intelligence to Auto Transcribe LIVE Speech to Content, for your Social Media and Blog Posts.

Blog Post Editor

Customize your content for Blog and Medium posting using our custom Blog Post Editor. Add Images, videos, text & background color, featured images, etc.

Social Media Post Editor

Customize your content for Social Media Posts using our custom Social Media post Editor.

Add emojis, adjust text, and a lot more.

Cross-Platform Customization

Every social network is different, so your posts should be formatted differently.

Why? Instagram caption has a max of about 450 words, while LinkedIn supports longer content for example. ContentGenie allows you to customize the Content specifically for each Social Media Platform, in the same post.

Real-Time Post Preview

This allows you to spot and correct any error before Publishing or Scheduling.

Check image sizes to confirm they fit perfectly, View how your content will look on both mobile and desktop, and Double-check the correct placement of hashtags.

Social Media Publisher

Effortlessly publish content across all your social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest, streamlining your content distribution process.

Blog/Medium Publisher

Publish your content directly to WordPress blogs and Medium, ensuring your articles reach your audience on these popular platforms effortlessly.

Content Planner

Plan and schedule posting for all Social Media and Blog content for the next 3 years. View the planner calendar by day, month, and year to organize your content goals with more efficiency.

ContentGenie 2.0 Review – How does it work?

Here’s the member’s area once you login.

ContentGenie 2.0 Review

Before using, you can connect your account with social media profile and Blogging plattforms.


For social media, these are Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Tiktok and Pinterest. While with blog, they are WordPress and Medium.


To start, you need to determine the content type you want. After that, you will visit the post editor. And at here, you just need to provide the Prompt that you want the AI Assistant to generate.

Within seconds, it can generate a completed article for you.


After choosing the Sub-heading, now, you can see your article.


You can edit, customize the content right inside the dashboard. Once you are happy with your created content, you can pubish article, or schedule it before post goes live on blogging plattforms.

ContentGenie 2.0 Review – My experience in using ContentGenie 2.0

I was a beta tester for this software and will now demonstrate how to utilize ContentGenie 2.0

If you were to buy individual tools that allow you to do what ContentGenie 2.0 does it would cost you thousands per month… Here’s how much you save:

AI content generator:

  • at $99/month
  • or at $99/month too
  • ChatGPT Plus at $20/month

AI and Graphic Tools

  • Midjourney at $30 or $60 or $90/month
  • Stable Diffusion at $49 or $149/month

Audio Software

  • Muft (dot) ai at $19 or $26/month

But with ContentGenie 2.0 you don’t pay any monthly fees at all… And you don’t need any of those tools…

ContentGenie 2.0 Review – Comparable Products to Consider

Here are some other AI writing tools you might consider alongside ContentGenie 2.0, each with its own strengths and weaknesses:

Similar features:

  • Writesonic: Offers similar features like multi-platform content creation, scheduling, and social media post optimization. It boasts a user-friendly interface and supports over 25 languages. However, its pricing might be higher for some users.
  • Jarvis: Focuses on long-form content creation like blog posts, articles, and scripts. It uses advanced AI to ensure factual accuracy and coherence. Pricing is subscription-based and can be expensive for casual users.
  • Rytr: Provides a free tier with limited features and affordable paid plans. It’s known for its fast content generation and diverse template library, but may lack the in-depth customization options of other tools.
  • Pepper Content: Caters to businesses and agencies with features like team collaboration, workflow management, and content governance. It offers high scalability but might be overkill for individual users.

Specific use cases:

  • For social media management: Buffer, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social offer social media scheduling and analytics alongside basic content creation tools.
  • For SEO-optimized content: Surfer SEO and MarketMuse help create content tailored for search engine ranking, but lack the creative spark of AI writing assistants.
  • For email marketing: Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign offer email marketing automation with built-in content creation tools, but their focus is on email campaigns rather than diverse content formats.

Choosing the right tool:

The best tool for you depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider these factors:

  • Content type: Do you need help with short-form social media posts, long-form articles, or something else?
  • Features: What specific features are most important to you (e.g., scheduling, multi-platform support, content optimization)?
  • Budget: Are you looking for a free option, a one-time purchase, or a subscription plan?
  • Ease of use: How comfortable are you with technology and learning new tools?

Remember: No AI writing tool is perfect. You’ll still need to edit and fine-tune the generated content to ensure it aligns with your brand voice and message.

I hope this helps you narrow down your choices and find the right AI writing tool for your needs!

What Are the Pricing Options?

Front End Offer is the main product ContentGenie 2.0 which will cost you $37 for Personal and $44 for Commercial. For the front end offer the price you see now is available only during the launch period.

After the launch, which ends on the next 7 days since the launch day, price will increase to $67 for Personal and $77 for Commercial, as they say. Also, the frontend access doesn’t depend on any of the upgrades to work, it works fine just on its own BUT it is also limited.

Now, there are currently four upsells. You don’t really need all of them to use ContentGenie 2.0, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.

There is also a bundle deal, where you can buy all upsells at a discounted price. 

 The Pricing And Coupon Schedule:

  • FE – Use Coupon Code CG5OFF For $5 Off on Commercial Access
  • Bundle: Use Coupon Code CGV2BUNDLE FOR $50 OFF

Upsell 1: Unlimited ($147/year)

Take out all the Limits, and Create Unlimited AI Words!

You also get UNLIMITED Article & Video Discovery, Fully Automated Content Planner Tool, with Unlimited Social Media & Blog Publishing!

  • UNLIMITED Social Media Content Creation
  • UNLIMITED Blog & Medium Content Creation
  • Connect & Publish to Unlimited Social Media Profiles
  • Connect & Publish to Unlimited WordPress & Medium Profiles
  • UNLIMITED Content Planner/Scheduler
  • UNLIMITED Job Search & Clients Finder
  • UNLIMITED Profile Analysis & Full Reporting
  • AI Image Generator UNLIMITED Usage
  • UNLOCK the Premium Content Designer Tool

Upsell 2: Pro at $97/year

Get Access to 6 Additional AI Powered Tools that will help you create and manage High Quality Content.

  • P.A.S Sales Copy Creator: Whether you’re selling a product or service, Use Simple Keywords to Create Long form Sales Copy using the proven Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) framework.
  • A.I.D.A Sales Copy Creator: In the dynamic landscape of marketing, capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention is a constant challenge. The AIDA Sales Copy Creator in ContentGenie is your solution, helping you craft a sales copy that follows the Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) model.
  • Content Paraphraser & Plagiarism Checker: This is your go-to tool for transforming existing content into a unique masterpiece, blending originality with enhanced language and style.
  • Email Swipe Writer: This Tool uses Artificial Intelligence to write quality Email swipes and Email Subject Titles for all your marketing Needs.
  • Content Grammar & Punctuation Checker: Whether you’re crafting an important business document, academic paper, or engaging blog post, this tool serves as your virtual proofreader, guaranteeing that your writing reflects professionalism and competence.

AI-Powered Content Summarizer: This Tool instantly condenses lengthy content to its core key points, providing users with a time-efficient solution for information consumption and comprehension.

Upsell 3: Consultancy Kit at $47

100% Done-For-You” Client Attraction Marketing Kit Included

  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Client/Team Members’ Access
  • Professional Content Creation Agency Website
  • High Converting Powerpoint & Keynote Presentation
  • Commercial Graphics Pack (Brochures, Web Banners, Facebook Ad Images, Business Cards, Letterhead, Receipt etc)
  • Done For You Facebook Ads Creative
  • Attorney Drawn Contract Agreement
  • Pimped To Sell Telemarketing Script

Upsell 4: Reseller at $197

This upsell enables users to RESELL ContentGenie and KEEP 100% of the profit.

Very Easy way to profit, selling the World’s Fastest Content Creation & Social Media Management App.

  • 50 Reseller Account Creation
  • Custom Reseller Dashboard
  • Instant Account Creation
  • Done for you marketing assets (sales page, ads, email swipes, etc)
  • Commercial Graphics Pack (Brochures, Web Banners, Facebook Ad Images, Business Cards, Letterhead, Receipt etc)
  • Done For You Facebook Ads Creative
  • Customer Support for Life via Live chat and Email

… and many more!

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ContentGenie 2.0 Review – Who should buy it?


  • Marketers/Business Owners: Sell your product remotely by creating your social media customer base. Post effortless creative content & grow with the insights.
  • Agencies/Enterprise-Level Businesses: Say goodbye to expensive rents & heavy maintenance Sell your products on social media, post updates of discounts and product details with great ease!
  • Social Media Marketers: Create effective content by customizing hot selling content. Save on your manual work by using our schedule & publish feature across platforms with one simple click.
  • Start-ups: Create brand awareness and make your new business idea VIRAL.

ContentGenie 2.0 Review – Good And Bad Points

  • Multi-platform management: Manage content creation and scheduling across major social media platforms and blogs from a single dashboard, streamlining workflow.
  • AI-powered content generation: Generate content ideas and drafts quickly, saving time and effort, especially for basic formats like social media posts.
  • Beginner-friendly: Intuitive interface and easy setup make it accessible even for those new to content creation tools.
  • Auto-posting and scheduling: Automate content publishing to various platforms, ensuring consistent content flow and saving time.
  • Commercial license potential: Earn extra income by selling generated content to other businesses or clients (depending on specific plan details).
  • Limited content control: While customization options exist, AI-generated content might not always match your specific brand voice or highly nuanced needs, requiring significant editing.
  • Need upsells to create unlimited content: if you only buy main offer, you have limited words, blogs, social media posts per month. You can only get unlimited if you buy upsell one or bundle deal
  • Potential quality concerns: As with any AI writing tool, the quality of generated content can vary, and human editing is often necessary to ensure accuracy and polish.


ContentGenie 2.0 emerges as a tool that is truly a game changer, providing numerous benefits and making it the perfect choice for anyone seeking efficient content creation and social media management. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it simplifies the process of generating high-quality content. The platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate with various social media platforms allows for effortless scheduling and posting, saving valuable time and effort.

Additionally, ContentGenie 2.0’s comprehensive analytics and reporting functionality empower users to track the performance of their content and make data-driven decisions. Overall, ContentGenie 2.0 is a must-have tool for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their content creation and social media management strategies.

Thank you for reading the ContentGenie 2.0 Review! I sincerely hope it has assisted you in your purchase decision. This offer includes many bonuses for early birds, so act quickly to get the best deal.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section of this blog post. Thank you for your time. Best of luck to you!

NOTE: THIS IS THE SPECIAL DEAL FROM ME: I Will Support You Whenever You Want. (Just Add My Skype: live:trandeptrai6mui). If You Buy This Product From My Site, You Can Ask Me Anything You Want.

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:


  • Step 2: You Will Get ALL my CLOUD-BASED SOFTWARE Bonuses BELOW and REMEMBER to hit me through to confirm that you had done this step 2. You will get my Bonuses within 12 hours.

Please notes: The bonuses as advertised in this article are the bonuses for front end purchase/main offer. In case you buy upgrades from me, you can request access for custom premium bonuses, as well as an upgrade offers for an existing softwares you currently have from me.

For example: if you purchase main offer and you get a specific cloud-based software bonuses, in case you buy upgrade offer or bundle offer, then, I can give you access to the upgrade 1, upgrade 2 of that specific software (in a highest license i’m possible to give away for you.

*** IMPORTANT *** : I just have Agency/Reseller version of these apps, however, i’m not the admin, so, if some bonuses don’t work, I can replace with others.

Why I do that, well, because I have a wide range of customers who buy from me over and over. Your happiness and satisfactory is the key to my success so far .

kTYo42zK9YLGPfeILiqM5xvD8qlY8xp4wWQGhpvA8gq8qY04o6jhLLGxRjQ8fwn9T3fAloGu13Qbr3uCaDOrcBVg3pnwvwDUV LrEKF8 Ae1jUoKWenWJPN Wi


Is there a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely. If you don’t get along with ContentGenie 2.0 for any reason during the first 14 days after purchase, just contact them for a full refund.

However, in the unlikely event that you have any problems, i encourage you to contact them first and give us a chance to help you resolve any issues. So, this is not a no-question asked refund.

How does the Support work?

Two way: use the chat button on the membership on the bottom right corner or you can reach the Support Team via Email (

Do i need any API Key?

No need to provide your ChatGPT’s API Key into this software.

What is a Profile?

A Profile is an actual Facebook page or group, LinkedIn Page or Profile, Instagram Account, WordPress Blog Account etc. profile,

Currently, ContentGenie 2.0 supports: Facebook pages and groups, Instagram business profiles, LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn company pages, Reddit accounts, YouTube channels, Medium Account and WordPress Blog Accounts. And you don’t need to manually create any kind of Developer app to work with this tool.

ContentGenie 2.0 Review 2024: Full OTO Details + Bonuses
ContentGenie 2.0 Review

Hey and welcome to my ContentGenie 2.0 Review. It’s Mr Hai Nguyen here from Daily Job Killer where I give honest digital product reviews

Price: 44

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Cloud

Application Category: Content Creation

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