Convertkit Review 2017-Ultimate Email Marketing Service for All Bloggers

Convertkit is a very brand new product and despite not being popular like other feature services,it still allow small enterprises and bloggers everything they need to manage their email campaign. In addition,with automation,tags and courses will increase its possibility of use. With Convertkit,you can set up some vital things such as landing page and autoresponder.

As you know,email marketing is always a hot topic in the Internet Marketing industry. You perform at a right way,it’s certainly the most important tool to your online bussiness from creating relationships.
According to Capterra, average profit of each $1 for email marketing is $44,25. You have ever heard “the money is in  your list” ,right. That’s why you should spend your time,energy and budget so as to invest in the best email service. If you are reading a review of Convertkit,you may have a question,is it a good solution for your email marketing bussiness?

Good question,so that let’s find the advantages,disadvantages to make the right decision.
Basically,a good email service provider will help you increase the chance of taking your audiences’ email. In other words,it’s like a lead and you will get that through Form,Optin Form in order to create an autoresponder campaign. It will also help you follow your capability of conversion and sending email flexibly.

If you are a blogger and affiliate marketer, you have heard about notable providers such as Mailchimp,Get Response,right?

Yes,i know certainly you have already heard or even registered with them. However,i do not talk about the price now,i will talk about the trend of automation in email marketing. For instance,Infusion is a service for larger bloggers,enterprises in the world thanks to its awersome automatic features. However,the huge problem is that it is complex just to find out and manage. Besides,the initial price is very large plus the monthly price too so it’s nearly impossible for small blogger to afford.

Convertkit is a provider for small blogger,podcaster and small,medium enterprise to help them grow their audiences.  Nathan Barry creates as well as develops this software. What makes it interesting is how he creates and develops the revenue from $30,000 yearly in 2015 to especially $466,000 monthly in 2016. Of course,Convertkit has something great and exciting. What is Convertkit and its advantages,disadvantages.

What is Convertkit?

If you have already used email marketing service such as Get Response or Mailchimp,you may know their features. Convertkit is not an exception,also include the same features. But there is one thing different,it is Sequences,autoresponder of Convertkit.

Once you register for an account at Convertkit,the first thing you see a template and how they manage. It looks simple,visual,easy to use but doesn’t lack attractive.

You can implement collecting potential customers by create a form and upload on your blog or landing in the editor. There are 3 forms and 4 Landing Page templates for you to start.

You can customize for your own by doing something such as changing tittle,color,image and content. However,there is no Drag and Drop feature here. This is a big disadvantage of Convertkit and i hope they will improve it later.

Especially if you have never created an autoresponder campaign,Convertkit will solve this problem. As you can see in the picture,the company prepares a draft email autoresponder and you just need to customize.
Please don’t underestimate those draft,Nathan sold books,courses and services throughout those draft.

Sending Email In Convertkit

Maybe,people who have already signed up into your list are receiving autoresponder email but you still want to send others outside that autoresponder. Maybe you want to promote a product,share a quick story,latest new,…

That’s what Convertkit has with some useful features that i personally like. In order to send an email,first of all you need to choose who want to receive.

The main diffrence between this service and other is that it can save all subcribers into a large email lists. Or in other word,Convertkit can filter your subcribers. You can filter your subcribers according to Sequences,Forms or Tags. Especilly,you can even filter by day.

However,as i mentioned above,there’s no drag and drop feature inside convertkit. But if you just want to send simple email text (or html),it still finish this step excellently.

Personlize Your Email By Tags

Convertkit has a very nice feature called personalize text : If Then

Some people are scaring because it can be hard. But,once you get acquentance with this feature,it’s really great.

As you can see in the picture,this feature works the best when you have a VIP customer. Your subcribers whose have a VIP tags will receive 75% discount while simple will receive 10 spots left.

Automatic Resend UnOpen Email

The bad audiences are people who just want to take your ebook and do nothing. Whenever you send email,definitely there are some people do not open. Together with the bad audiences above,there are some people feel your tittle is not interesting or they are busy. 

Once you hit that button,you will comeback to the preview but this time the target is people who haven’t opened yet. After you change the email text,just simply hit the Next button,choose the time and schedule broadcast is OK. 

This is a very useful feature so as to maximize every single email you send.

Lead Magnet Double Optin

If you are currently using Lead magnet (such as free ebook or something to download) to grow your list,it’s much easier with Convertkit. Instead of double optin email (email marketing standard),your subcriber wil see like this

Once they hit that button so as to take the report,Convertkit will automatically confirm them. Therefore,they will not see ugly link confirmation. Of course,this will help you to have a higher optin rate.

Automation In Convertkit

What makes this email marketing service become outstanding is its automation,because there is no complexity.
You can segment your subcribers who have the same hobby,action or demand. Instead of sending email with a huge list,you can targer some specific type of subcribers. 

There are 8 triggers and 7 actions according to the picture. For example,you are promoting a new product,you can easily tag or do something else with people who hit the link. This feature will especially work if you are doing a dropshipping bussiness,an 8 figures potential income.

With this simple,you can see a more interactive and conversion from your subcribers.

If you are working with Shopify,you can also tag who have already purchased your product. If someone hasn’t purchased your product yet,keep adding value to them so that they will buy.

Price of Convertkit

Despite having a higher price when comparing with the opponents,i think the price is still ok. Unlike the opponents,the price of Convertkit is not as complex as them.

But hey,the main diffrence between Convertkit and the rest is how to calculate the fee,which is based on single distinct subcriber.

For instance : Mr T,whose email is Mr T signs up to get 3 free gift from you (in 3 different landing page or form).

If it is Convertkit,it just calculate your fee as one subcriber while Mr T is in 3 categories (different lists). In contrast,it will calculate as 3 subcribers with other services.
Now i am going explain very details for you. In fact,most of the money you make are from the subniche,not a large-niche. Let take an example,your website’s topic are about CPA marketing such as Nutra,Weightloss,Diet,Male Enhancement and Skin Care.

If you want to make money with 4 categories,you need to have 4 different niche. You can not send email to people who want to lose weight about Male Enhancement product. Or if your topic is about Relationship,let ‘s think how can you send Women target an email that is for Men,right?

That’s why i highly recommend you to use Convertkit,it saves a lot of money. Please take notes that your website is valuable,people trust you as well as credit you,they think you know the answer. Of course,they will subcribe more lists from you.

What i don’t like about Convertkit is that you can not try for free. While Get Response give you 30 days trial and even Mailchimp doesn’t require a credit card for life with limitation.

Pros of Convertkit

  • Simple and Easy To Use
  • Even have a training course (so that no way you feel overwhelmed)
  • Doesn’t Calculate Fee for One Subcriber who subcribes more than one list
  • Automatic Confirm together with Download Lead Magnet within 1 email
  • Use Tag to personalize email
  • Integration (best landing page services have integration with Convertkit)
  • Even provide customizable email for you
  • Great Support
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Cons of Convertkit

  • No A/B Split Testing (while opponents have)
  • Can Not Try For Free
  • More Expensive than others (therefore,don’t be a dabbler if you register Convertkit)

Final Verdict

In a nutshell,Convertkit is definitely an interesting email marketing and automation service. As you can see,it has already attracted some notable bloggers to use this as their main autoresponder service. What makes this software become outstanding are the designs, easy to use functions and great features. Automation is the future of internet marketing and Convertkit is a good selection. It may not as popular as Get Response or Mailchimp but i think it will soon catch up with them. 

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