Digital Cash Academy Review-Is It A Good Ecommerce Training


Product : Digital Cash Academy

Creator : JR Fisher

Price : $997/one time or $247/6 times when bill montly

Do I Recommend : Yes But Make Sure You Have Some Investment

What Is Digital Cash Academy?

At first,it’s an ecommerce training taught by JR Fisher that teaches you how to launch your Shopify store from scratch. Secondly,Digital Cash Academy appears based on Fisher’s experience and income since he join Ecommerce bussiness. Inside the training,he teaches you how to drive traffic into your store by Facebook,Amazon and Google PPC ads. Like Ecom Success Academy,Digital Cash Academy is also a lifetime access. There are 7 main steps to help you build as well as monetize your online store. What makes Digital Cash Academy different is that JR Fisher seems trying to save you a lot of budget without needing a large of advertising cost.

Who Is Digital Cash Academy For?

  • Complete Newbie to internet marketing (because dropshipping is friendly)
  • Intermediate and Experience who wants to scale their bussiness up
  • If you haven’t run PPC ads or Facebook Ads before
  • You want to launch an ecommerce store on Shopify
  • If you want to watch real life case studies from experts in order to do the same (not duplicate)
  • You have a low conversion rates so that you want to fix
  • You target the wrong buyers and you want to target the right one
  • If you haven’t created any email marketing or marketing automation once
  • You are not finding a get rick quick scheme or make money with low effort (No)
  • And you want to save a lot of costs with dropshipping bussiness (but still require costs and expenses)

Main Training At Digital Cash Academy

Firstly,there are 5 basic steps that you need to finish.

Hand Pick A Product

The first thing to do once you start an ecommerce is to choose a profitable niche. As you know,unlike digital products,ecommerce marketing has various niches to choose. There’s a lot of product types and the price normally go around from $3-$100,depends on your budget. Of course,it must be a profitable niches that are completely cash-cow. In addition,he will make example products to sell and to avoid.

Install Your Store

After choosing a niche,then your next part is to set up your ecommerce store. Actually,it’s like you are choosing your brand as well as your website’s name. In this step,he reveals how to set up the perfect name. Additionally,you will learn about how to test products and to check your traffic and campaign

Identify Your Buyers

In any bussiness,you always need to target the right audiences in order to get higher conversion and ROI. After that,you will know how to set up the right ads that target the good buyers. The program also introduces you to the ‘Audience Matrix,’ a tactic for identifying who is most likely to buy your product.

Initiate Traffic Machine

The fourth steps of Digital Cash Academy will cover about driving traffic to your store. If there is no visitor,certainly no email collecting and no money. There are three main traffic sources in the training such as Facebook Ads,Google PPC Ads and Amazon Ads. Of course,you can not always focus on free traffic (normally low-quality leads and require time,energy).  It depends on your budget,the more the better. Besides,he introduces his secret, number-crunching advertising super-computer,Vulcan.

Optimize Conversion

In order to generate passive income for a long-term,you need to optimize your campaign. There are many important things in this steps such as selling tactics, including using different pricing/shipping models, trying different ad types and retargeting, refining the target audience, testing different website designs. And lastly,build an email list with your customers.

Launch Your Super Funnel

The next part of Digital Cash Academy will cover about how to setup your own funnel. Actually,it’s like you have front-end offers,upsells,downsells,ec or a bunch of optin form. In this step,he mainly instructs on how to launch a high converting sale page (highly important).

Rinse and Repeat

The last step of Digital Cash Academy will talk about scaling up your income. Especially he will show you exactly how he made $101,813.05 In His First 86 Days With Brand New Ecommerce Store.

Live Case Studies

A high-quality training always have a real-life case studies example and so doeas Digital Cash Academy.

  • How He Starts Testing A Product With $5/day And Ended Up Selling Over $41,000 Worth Of Inventory

In addition,he gives you 5 Simple Steps and live training workshop in his process. Besides,you will also get “how to” instructional videos, numerous PDF manuals, and a comprehensive business planning kit showing People How To Build An Ecommerce Business In 5 Simple Steps & make more money online.

Pros of Digital Cash Academy

  • Step-by-step and easy to understand training
  • It seems like he wants to save your budget as much as possible
  • Include Facebook Ads training (the must-have traffic for ecommerce)
  • Also teach about Email Marketing
  • Create Your Own Funnel
  • The first ecommerce training that teaches about Google and Amazon PPC ads
  • Include Real Life Case Studies and especially teaching on how to do the same (not duplicating)
  • Affordable Price ($997/lifetime is OK for an ecommerce course)

Cons of Digital Cash Academy

  • Support has a little bit slow
  • The training is not as high level as Ecom Success Academy (yes,clearly,especially the email marketing)
  • Doesn’t Teach about Instagram traffic and Solo Ads traffic
  • No Weekly Webinar Training and Coaching

What To Prepare Before Buying Digital Cash Academy

Well,any bussiness does require additional expenses and costs ,ecommerce too. Before joining this course,please make sure that you have some budget.

  • Shopify Apps (compulsory) : as an ecommerce bussiness,you need Shopify in order to import your products and launch your store
  • Inventory (it depends on your niche and how much inventories you buy) : However,you only need to pay if you make sale.
  • Paid Traffic (compulsory) : with dropshipping,i’m confident to say Facebook Ads is the best traffic source. In addition,you should also use Google PPC ads and Amazon ads.
  • Clickfunnels (not required but highly recommended) : he instructs you on how to set up a funnel and to build a list. Therefore,having a landing page tools is necessary.
  • Autoresponder software (compulsory)

Final Verdict

In summary,Digital Cash Academy is a great training course for those who wants to start a dropshipping bussiness with less-cost. The training is really easy to understand and friendly for all users. I really like Digital Cash Academy because the ways he wants to save our budget. It doesn’t lack advanced training so that you can expect to generate a lot of money through this lucrative bussiness. And of course,i recommend this course to anyone who want to actually start an ecommerce store and to monetize from it

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