DoodleMaker Review

Disclaimer: This is the real DoodleMaker review from a real customer who has Doodle Maker review access from the product creator. After using the software, we are happy to share live demo and your real user’s experience.

Product: DoodleMaker

Creator: Paul Ponna (also the creator of Video Robot, Video Dashboard,, Artistly AI, HumanBot, HumanPal, HumanTalk, Wholesale Robot)

Price: $67 during launch and price will grow to $97 after launch (expected)

Do I Recommend: Certainly Yes

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What is DoodleMaker?

Before you want to proceed further details about this Doodle Maker review, you should take time to understand the definition what is Doodle Maker at first.

DoodleMaker Review

Who is Doodle Maker For?

Doodle Maker Review

If you are any in the list above, then, congratulation, because Doodle Maker is definitely for you. In case you are not listed above, then, you should take time reading this DoodleMaker review so details.

Main Features and Demo of Doodle Maker

Now, we are jumping into the most important parts of this DoodleMaker review. This is the member’s area once you login.


There are three ways to make new video as you can see.


1.Start from Template


At here, you have 104 video templates. And the amount of template for Whiteboard, Blackboard & Glassboard is the same.


Here’s your video editor in reality. Basically, it’s a video slide maker, each slide can be one scene, background, object and any animation.


There are wide range of options like to edit SoundTracks, Make your Own Speech, Turn Text to Speech and Add some Objects.


At here, there are some Hand Drawing Style you can choose.


As a type of the product, it can bring you some image, object for Doodle/Sketch Style.


Besides, you can edit your Video Timeline & the Sketch Animation.


2.Video Translation AI

To start, you need to import a Youtube Video URL.


After that, the software will automatically import video caption into a Speech Audio File.


And you can edit at whatever you want, like to split the voice into other slide, etc.


Doodle Maker Review (The Example)

To prove with you i’m making a real demonstration about this application, i will provide a list of example video.

DoodleMaker vs Competitor

We all know that this is not the first of its kind application, there’s a lot video creator that focuses on Doodle/Sketch/Whiteboard Video on the internet. That’s why i will list content about this product comparison:

  • Doodle Maker vs Vyond

My DoodleMaker Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you a correct understanding about the product, i have recorded a DoodleMaker review and walk through demo video about it. So before you buy, turn on your volume and watch these Doodle Maker review videos first.

Doodle Maker Review-The Price and Funnel

All product have upsells and so does this one. But buying or not, the choice is ultimately yours.


Whitelabel here means you can create accounts for other users and sell it as your own product. I recommend you to change domain, logo to make it yours.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier after reading this DoodleMaker review, i will add some extra bonuses if you buy it through my link. This product is sold on Jvzoo so that after you buy, you’ll get immediate download link.


DoodleMaker Review-The Pros

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Tons of Video Templates inside the Front End
  • Fast Rendering Speed
  • Include Text to Speech Features
  • 1 Click Publishing Video to Youtube & Vimeo

DoodleMaker Review-The Cons

  • Full Benefits are locked behind the upsell

Final Verdict

In summary, after reading this DoodleMaker review post, i hope that you have understand the features and the value of using the product. And in our opinion, Doodle Maker is absolutely an amazing app for internet marketer. If you have not utilized Doodle and Sketch Video before, then, you should.

Mini FAQs

How Many Video Can I Create with DoodleMaker?

With this software application, you have freedom to create as many video as you want. Basically, your imagination, creativity should not be limited.

Will I Get Monthly Template with Deluxe Version?

I’m a long time user of Paul Ponna’s video apps and i can assure with you that you will get template at least in the next 24 months in monthly basis.

Why i say that, because i have used Video Robot and Animation Studio from Paul, i see every month, template will be added to Software (only for Deluxe Version)

With that being said, i expect the same with DoodleMaker.

Do I need to Buy FE Before Buying Upgrades?

Yes, you must buy the Front end account to create an account with Doodle Maker at first, then, you can upgrade an existing account by buying upsells. Many people don’t understand, they buy upsells and bypass the FE purchase, as a result, they get nothing.

Are There Any Restrictions for Doodle Maker Whitelabel?

To preserve the value of the app and make sure everyone benefits from it. All whitelabel customers and resellers must follow these rules:

* You must sell the app for a higher or same price as listed on
* You cannot give away the app as a bonus
* You cannot give away the app for free.
* You cannot offer it  as a part of another product or upgrade.
* You cannot use “DoodleMaker” or “Paul Ponna” branding (Use your own branding)
* You cannot sell DoodleMaker on platforms like WarriorForum, ClickBank, JVZOO, or Deal Sites to avoid directly competing with DoodleMaker.
* You CAN sell to your customers and clients as an agency/freelancer and charge hefty fees.
* You CAN sell it to your existing customers or new customers to maximize revenues.
* You Can resell it to new customers via ads.
* You CAN add your own upgrades when you resell.

Note: Fair Use Policy: If you reach 500 customers (unlimited plan) please contact our friendly support team so we can understand your business and activate high volumes.

To ensure all whitelabel customers get value, the product creators reserve the right to remove any problematic / abusive accounts from the platform at their own discretion. 

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