Dreamhost Honest Review From Customer-Is It The Best Hosting Provider?

Investing in a good hosting service will not only means your site has reliable uptimes but also handle large influxes of traffic, and loads quickly. And especially,it affects to your Search Engine Optimization. If you are finding a high quality hosting service providers,Dreamhost should be in mind. This hosting service is famous for speed uptime,reliability,security and support. In order to know more about Dreamhost,please read my honest review to see exactly the service inside.

What is Dreamhost?

Firstly,Dreamhost is one of the longest standing hosting provider and was in bussiness since 1997. For more than 15 years in bussiness,Dreamhost is always appreciated by users. In addition,this company is also one of the most popular hosting with over 400,000 active customers. Of course,it’s one of the most reliable hosting service together with Inmotion,Bluehost. And especially,according to wordpress,Dreamhost is one of their top recommendation.

Review Dreamhost’s Quality

At first,once you sign up an account,you will get a Free Domain Name is .com,.net or .org.
Host Packages Include

  • 1 Click WordPress Installation
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space
  • Especially Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt
  • $100 Credit for Google Adwords (so as to run PPC campaign at Bing,Adwords)
  • Add-on Domain Name will have its own IP (in order to improve SEO)
  • Live Chat 24/7 (so that don’t worry if you are a complete beginner)
  • 97 Days Money Back Guarantee (while most others just offer 30 days )

Besides,thanks to PHP5 support,it makes your website run faster. Additionally, SSL Secure Server will improve security to avoid spam,junk or malware. Basically,that’s what you really need for a high quality hosting service and espically for SEO.

Really Unlimited

A good shared hosting service will have unlimited disk spage,bandwidth and storage and so does Dreamhost. You will also get unlimited Full Shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP Users and MySQL 5 Databases. While some providers will set unlimited rules like file data, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Entry Processes and you will be in suspension if using more than the rules. Worst becomes worse,they will require you to upgrade to Dedicated or VPS but not in dreamhost.

100% Uptime

Maybe Dreamhost is the only one to guarantee 100% uptime while the average in the industry is 99,79%.

Very Fast Load Time

Together with the 100% uptime is a very fast page load time,which is up to 695ms on average. Please take notes that the faster of your website,the better SEO you get.

Friendly Support

Support is always important towards bloggers and fortunately,this company does this very well. You never need to wait too long because Dreamhost has a lot of staffs and it’s available 24/7.

97 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are looking for a truly risk-free hosting provider,so that Dream Host is a perfect choice. Unlike many other providers just offer 30 days money back,Dream Host offers up to 97 days,so far the most in the industry. Besides,the average time for internet marketer to make money is going around from 60-90 days.

Free SSL Hosting

Security is always important because it helps you to avoid spam and malware. That’s why Dreamhost is the most reliable web hosting service

Pros of DreamHost

  • Free SSL
  • Really an Unlimited Shared Hosting
  • Just 1 Shared Hosting Package (so that everyone’s service is the same)
  • 97 days money back guarantee (so far the most)
  • High Quality Support
  • Very Fast Load
  • 100% Uptime
  • $100 Credit For Google Adwords
  • Great Security
  • 1 Click Installation

Cons of DreamHost

1.One of The Most Expensive Price Hosting Service

The lowest monthly cost is $7,95 and it’s a 3 years plan. As i mention above,just 1 hosting package,so that if you just have 1 or 2 website,that’s a lot.

2.No Cpanel

If you have already used other hosting providers,most of them will allow Cpanel but Dreamhost has its own panel. Actually,it’s hard to say it’s a cons once you get used to it.

3.Setup Need Time

After you have finished the billing,you need to submit a ticket just to review your activation. While other providers allow you to access your website immediately,you must wait at Dream Host (watch movie or drink a cup of coffee).

4.No Phone Support

Personally,i don’t like phone support but who know,it’s a cons towards you.

Pricing Plan At DreamHost

Shared Hosting has 3 pricing plans :Monthly,1 Year and 3 Years. As you can see,it is more pricey when comparing with other in the industry.

Final Verdict

In conclusion,i highly recommend Dreamhost to those who are looking for a high quality hosting service provider. They are super reliable and truly a risk free. And hey,if you want to drive traffic via SEO,this company is a good choice thanks to its speed and IP.

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