EZDeals Advanced Review – Easily Create Ultra High Converting Deal Pages that Customers Love to Buy

EZDeals Advanced Review – Introduction

Deals are always hot-selling but local businesses do not have access to any technology that creates deal pages at affordable prices. There is  a service like Groupon that publishes Deals of Local Businesses on their website/platform. But it hurts the profitability of  the local business as they have to share their profits as commission to these types of platforms. So local businesses are keen to have their own system at an affordable price.

Hey and welcome to my EZDeals Advanced Review. It’s Mr Hai Nguyen here from Daily Job Killer where I give honest digital product reviews along with awesome bonuses for products I truly believe in.

My goal is to help you make an informed decision so you don’t end up wasting your money.  Want to know the details? Please explore it more in my EZDeals Advanced Review.

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EZDeals Advanced Review – Overview

CreatorPrady N and Chris Jenskin
ProductEZDeals Advanced
Sales pagehttps://engageleads.lpages.co/
Front-end price$37 or $47
Launch date8th February 2024
Launch end13th February 2024
All-in-one EZDeals Advanced BundleYES, Massive Discount!  Included FE + All upsells + All Bonuses + Premium Support + Full Refund Policy.
EZDeals Advanced Bundle’s price$347 one-time payment (coupon will be available with $50 OFF)
EZDeals Advanced Bundle’s sales page
BonusYes, Huge Bonus
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee!
SupportAdd your question here:


EZDeals Advanced Review – What is It?

EZDeals Advanced is a Premium Deals Page Creator which has a number of different layouts of deal pages for various niches, mostly in local niche but some online niches as well. It can be used by new or existing businesses to boost the online sales of their product or service. It is easy to use and creates high converting scarcity driven deal pages in just a few clicks.

EZDealz Advanced Allows You To Create “Push Button” Deals Pages And Make The Cash Register RING For Local Biz Owners Every Day!

With EZDealz You Can Create “Groupon Style” Deals Pages In 60 Seconds – No Skill Required!

… allowing local biz owners to run their own deals pages that generate colossal sales…

and can easily charge $200 per month for a deals page
… and biz owners would be crazy if they didn’t SNAP IT UP in seconds!

Benefits of using EZDeals Advanced

  • Helps businesses boost online sales and grow.
  • Easy to use and manage without technical knowledge.
  • Creates scarcity-driven deals pages for higher conversions.
  • Provides additional tools and resources for success.

What you can say good bye:

About The Creator?

The software is brought to you by Prady N and Chris Jenkin. If you don’t know these men, well, they are the creator behind some softwares such as VidCraft AI, Pitch Perfect AI, VidAmaze

If you have a notice, you can see that the majority of their software product launches are in the agency category, price is not too cheap as some CRAPPY tools on Warrior Plus and these men actually deliver their products.

Key Features

High Conversions: Video Embedding, Countdown timers, Limited Quantities, and more to help your clients send their sales into overdrive!

Mobile Optimized: The deals pages look awesome and work perfectly on any screen size or device.

Push-Button Simple: No coding, plugins, or design tools. Create killer deals pages in a few simple clicks!

Fully Flexible: Customize everything or just use the templates out of the box. Perfect for beginners or pros!

No Monthly Fees: Unlike most page builder tools, there’s zero monthly fees or hidden costs. And no hosting fees either!

Fully Hosted Pages: No Monthly Fees Or Hosting Costs! Publish deal pages to our super fast dedicated servers with no additional hosting fees or domain names needed!

PRO Templates: loaded with scarcity timers, video and stacks more features that turn clicks into cash!

Add Engaging Videos: Insert any video into your deals page in a single click or tap including YouTube videos!

15 New Proven To Convert Templates: Pixel-perfect layouts and high-converting designs in the highest-paying niches, ready to go in 60 seconds or less!

Scarcity Page: Generate Scarcity and make your buyers take the call to action. Once the timer is Off the deals page visitors will be redirected to an Optin Page.

Multiple Choices To Buy From: Give your customers multiple choices to buy from your deal page so they don’t leave your page without buying.

EZDeals Advanced Review – How does it work?

Here’s the member’s area once you login.

EZDeals Advanced Review

The core aiming of the app is simple, it’s all about to create a deal page.

Now, there are some wide range of templates, which will work for various niches/markets, so, this allows you to cater many types of clients.


After choosing a template, now, you will visit the page editor.


At here, you can customize the deal pages as whatever you want. However, this is not a drag & drop page editor. Once you finish, you can now publish your deals page.


By default, you can publish your page in their sub-directory. But, you can export the pages into WordPress or HTML version (based on your choice)


You can see my list of sample deals page created by the app




To explore leads, you can use the lead finder tool. However, You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud Project to actually find prospect/businesses with locations.


Besides, you also have some marketing tools to boost conversion for an existing deal page. It’s like you can provide an opt-in form that attracts people to sign up and you create a banner to show people something, which they definitely view when they browse the deal page.


And you can do other things: like to create blog post to attract people.

EZDeals Advanced Review – My experience in using EZDeals Advanced

I was a beta tester for this software and will now demonstrate how to utilize EZDeals Advanced

If you were to buy individual tools that allow you to do what EZDeals Advanced does it would cost you thousands per month… Here’s how much you save:

Landing page builder

  • Unbounce starting from $99/month
  • Leadpages starting from $37/month
  • Instapage starting from $129/month
  • Clickfunnels starting from $147/month

But with EZDeals Advanced you don’t pay any monthly fees at all… And you don’t need any of those tools…

EZDeals Advanced Review – Comparable Products to Consider

The software is not the best of its kind software in its category, when we are talking about creating a deal pages or lead pages. It can be good to use for newbie and intermediate marketer. But, once your business has reached to the next and higher level, then, it’s highly needed to upgrade into bigger and better services, which require you to pay monthly fee to use them

Page builder

  • Leadpages: mainly created to build a conversion – optimized landing page.
  • Instapage: best used for those who run Pay per click ads instantly, with the heat map feature, you can understand the client activity, so, it’s mostly about to optimized the pages for highest conversion.
  • Clickfunnels: it’s all about funnel hacking, you help clients/yourself to upsell customers and improve revenue when money is still in people’s pocket.
  • Unbounce: a robust landing page builder that’s designed to help you convert more visitors into leads, sales, and customers. It provides a drag-and-drop builder, making it easy to create and test custom landing pages without needing technical skills.

Lead Finder


Saleshandy is a leading B2B lead generation software that helps B2B SaaS, IT, and Digital Marketing Agencies set up automated email sequences to turn their prospects into qualified leads at scale.


Woodpecker is another lead prospecting and nurturing tool that helps businesses automate their email outreach process. It’s especially useful for sales teams, recruiters, and marketers, allowing them to send personalized, automated email campaigns while still maintaining a human touch.


HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing, sales, and service platform that helps businesses attract, engage, and delight customers. It offers a suite of tools, including a CRM, content management system (CMS), email marketing, social media management, and analytics.


AeroLeads is a powerful web-based sales lead generation software that helps businesses find relevant leads with email addresses and phone numbers.

In simple words, it allows you to find information about your potential leads and their organizations, such as their job title, location, and industry.

Sources: https://www.saleshandy.com/blog/lead-generation-software/

What Are the Pricing Options?

Front End Offer is the main product EZDeals Advanced which will cost you $37-$47

For the front end offer the price you see now is available only during the launch period.

After the launch, which ends on the next 7 days since the launch day, price will increase to $67, as they say. Also, the frontend access doesn’t depend on any of the upgrades to work, it works fine just on its own BUT it is also limited.

Now, there are currently five upsells. You don’t really need all of them to use EZDeals Advanced, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.

There is also a bundle deal, where you can buy all upsells at a discounted price. 

Upgrade 1: EZDeals Advanced Hub > EZLeadz

Price $67 – $77/Onetime

Description: Deals are always hot-selling but local businesses do not have access to any technology that creates deal pages at affordable prices. There is a service like Groupon that publishes Deals of Local Businesses on their website/platform. But it hurts the profitability of the local business as they have to share their profits as commission to these types of platforms. So local businesses are keen to have their own Directory Listing System at an affordable price.

With EZDeals Hub – EZLeadz you can create your own Hub/Directory Listing Sites and offer Local businesses to add their business listings and send a rhodes of traffic to their website and charge them for your own directory listing service.

Features Include:

  • They will be able to have their own city directory where they can Host all your EZDeals Pages.
  • Comes with all options to Upload Logo, customize Colors and make their own for maximum results!
  • Bonuses will include having a CNAME Option so they can host on their own server and
  • Many more options including prospecting and sales tools.
  • Advanced Features:
  • Yelp Deals Tab Import
  • PayPal, Stripe, Crypto Payment Options
  • Edit Listing Capacity
  • Research Module —> Choose Template —> Thank You Page
  • Import Using XLS & CSV Files

Upgrade 2: EZDeals Advanced Revenue Booster

Price $97/Onetime

Description: This will give you the ability to boost your results FAST with options such as…

Features Include:

  • Featured Company (Top of Search Results)
  • Business Profile Page (Can be imported or add manually)
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Pull in from Yelp and Other sites
  • EZDeals Pages
  • Banner Ads
  • and many more…

Upgrade 3: EZDeals Advanced Client Finder

Price $47/Quarterly & $197/Onetime

Description: Here’s a crazy piece of software that allows you to… Instantly find “Hidden” Clients who desperately need your services…

A client-getting tool that allows you to find thousands of local business owners who desperately need deal pages, directory services, directory listings, SEO, Social media, video marketing, and WordPress support in seconds…

… and get them to pay you in a few simple clicks!

Features Include:

  • Find Clients for EZDeals Pages and Hub Directory
  • Bonus: EZ Deals HubConnect
  • Populates directory with local businesses
  • Sends out prospecting letters to have businesses claim and verify their listing
  • Import & Export Listing
  • Virtual Assistant Access
  • and many more…


Price $7 – 7 Day Trial For 7 Days

⭐ Low Onetime Price
⭐ No Monthly Fees

Upgrade 4: EZDeals Advanced Masterclass Training

Price $97/Onetime

Description: Get up and running in 24 Hrs…

Features Include:

  • How to get started with EZ Deals
  • Where to find clients for EZ Deals
  • What to say to clients
  • How to price services
  • How close big deals & turn sales into Lifetime Clients

⭐ Low Onetime Price
⭐ No Monthly Fees

Upgrade 5: EZDeals Advanced Agency

Price $297 – 5 Hub Sites & $497 – 25 Hub Sites

Description: Get EZDeals Advanced Agency License for Creating 5 Hub Sites or 25 Hub Sites.

Features Include:

  • Create 5 Hub Sites – $297
  • Create 25 Hub Sites – $497

 The Pricing And Coupon Schedule:

There will be an early bird discount for $37.00 & price will slowly increase every 3 hours.

The price will continue to increase every few hours throughout the launch until the end of the launch. Price will over double and all bonuses and coupons will go away.

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EZDeals Advanced Review – Who should buy it?

Newbies & Affiliate Marketers:

Struggle with: Complex design tools, coding knowledge, or marketing expertise.

EZDeals Advanced provides: A drag-and-drop interface, pre-designed templates, and no coding required. This removes technical barriers and empowers you to create high-converting deals pages even without prior experience.

Experienced Marketers:

Want to: Save time and resources currently spent on building deals pages from scratch.

EZDeals Advanced offers: Ready-made templates, automation features, and mobile-friendly hosting. This streamlines your workflow, freeing up your time and energy for strategic marketing efforts.

Bloggers & Website Owners:

Seek: Additional income streams without requiring significant content creation.

EZDeals Advanced enables: Embedding deals pages directly into your existing website, generating passive income through affiliate marketing or selling individual deals pages to businesses.

Social Media Marketers:

Target: Local businesses within your niche or community.

EZDeals Advanced empowers: Creating and promoting deals specifically tailored to attract local audiences, leveraging your social media reach and influence.

Content Marketers:

Aim to: repurpose content into a new format for lead generation or engagement.

EZDeals Advanced allows: Transforming existing content like blog posts or videos into compelling deals pages, attracting new leads and boosting engagement.

Local Businesses:

Desire: To boost sales and attract new customers through targeted deals and promotions.

EZDeals Advanced offers: Easy-to-use tools for creating scarcity-driven deals pages, promoting them online and attracting local customers, ultimately growing your business.

EZDeals Advanced Review – MY OPINION:

For me, this app is definitely a game changer thanks to all the benefits it provides. And as a matter of fact… These are the key decision making factors for a product in this category and how EzDeals Advanced performs in those area:

1. Ease of Use:

  • Importance: Crucial, especially for non-technical users.
  • EZDeals Advanced: Scores well with its drag-and-drop interface and requires no coding.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization:

  • Importance: Paramount for boosting sales through deals pages.
  • EZDeals Advanced: Includes countdown timers, scarcity elements, and pre-designed templates proven to convert. Performance data readily available?

3. Template Variety and Niche Suitability:

  • Importance: Catering to diverse needs across niches is essential.
  • EZDeals Advanced: Offers multiple templates, but primarily focuses on local businesses. Consider online niche suitability for your needs.

4. Value for Money:

  • Importance: Balancing affordability with features and benefits.
  • EZDeals Advanced: One-time fee is attractive, but consider potential upsells for additional features.

5. Mobile Optimization and Responsiveness:

  • Importance: Critical for reaching customers on various devices.
  • EZDeals Advanced: Mobile-friendly and fully hosted, ensuring smooth experience across devices.

6. Additional Features and Bonuses:

  • Importance: Enhancing the core offering with valuable extras.
  • EZDeals Advanced: Includes prospecting tools, social media templates, and training workshops. Evaluate their usefulness for your specific needs.

7. Customer Support and Reputation:

  • Importance: Ensuring user satisfaction and addressing concerns.
  • EZDeals Advanced: New software, so user reviews and track record are limited. Check available support options and response times.

8. Future Development and Roadmap:

  • Importance: Potential for continuous improvement and new features.
  • EZDeals Advanced: Information on future development roadmap might influence buying decision.

EZDeals Advanced Review – Good And Bad Points

  • Free and fast hosting for your deal pages (you can even connect subdomain if you want)
  • Having a wide range of templates to deliver/fulfill deal pages services to local businesses
  • Highly affordable one time price
  • Can export webpages into WordPress or HTML version (perfect for selling pages)
  • Pages customized to be mobile responsiveness and fast loading
  • Not a drag & drop page editor
  • Highly depended on the templates, which means lack of control and creativity
  • You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud Project to actually find prospect/businesses with locations


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EZDeals Advanced emerges as a tool with the potential to simplify deals page creation and boost sales, particularly for local businesses. Its user-friendly interface, conversion-focused features, and mobile-friendliness make it an attractive option for those seeking an easy-to-use solution. However, before diving in, carefully consider your specific needs and weigh the product’s strengths against its limitations, which has been shown above.

Thank you for reading the EZDeals Advanced Review! I sincerely hope it has assisted you in your purchase decision. This offer includes many bonuses for early birds, so act quickly to get the best deal.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section of this blog post. Thank you for your time. Best of luck to you!

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Why I do that, well, because I have a wide range of customers who buy from me over and over. Your happiness and satisfactory is the key to my success so far .


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