FB Academy of Anik Singal Review-Best Facebook Ads Training Ever?


Product : FB Academy

Creator : Anik Singal (one of the biggest name of internet marketing industry so far). He is also the founder of Inbox Blueprint, Lurn Insider, Clickonomy (solo ads network) and Sendlane.

Price : $697/one time or $277/3 times when bill montly (lifetime access after that)

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes (one of my top picks)

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On internet marketing,no matter how good your bussiness,no visitors,no money. Therefore,sooner or later,you have to drive traffic to your campaign. There are two main types of traffic : free and paid advertising traffic. However,you can not always focus on SEO because it requires a lot time,energy and budget. Moreover,with SEO,sometimes you will get bad lead and some fake information from worst subscribers. In addition,if you join some best SEO course,they will recommend you to prepare at least $200-400/month (for Semrush, Ahrefs, Alexa, outsourcing,ec). But with Facebook Ads,you just need the same or even lower (depend on your target vistiors).

Facebook is a goldmine no matter you are using paid or free traffic. I have joined some best internet marketing training courses and nearly all of them teach about Facebook. Even if you are an affiliate or selling your own product,certainly Facebook is what you should target.

Besides,thanks to Facebook Ads,you will avoid bad leads and bad subscribers. Clearly,you target the right people,not the wrong as what you are doing with SEO. However,Facebook Ads or Fanpage is not always easy to manage. If you don’t know how to use Facebook Ads the correct way,you will not only waste your budget but also be penalized and banned from Mark Zukenberg’s staffs. FB Academy is a new training from Anik Singal,one of the best internet marketers so far. Inside the training of FB Academy,you will learn from basic to professional strategies so as to monetize from Facebook. FB Academy has 9 modules and it especially includes the training about email marketing and targeting,optimization. Now, let’s checkout my honest review on FB Academy and what you should prepare before joining.

What Is FB Academy?

At first,FB Academy is a Facebook Ads training from Anik Singal. Unlike his previous training such as Inbox Blueprint, Lurn Insider, Publish Academy, this course teaches more specifically about Facebook Ads. There are 9 modules on FB Academy and you can not skip to the next module until you finish the last module. Secondly,it’s like an email marketing but you collect leads through facebook instead of other traffic. He mentions a lot about advanced strategies as well as Facebook Ads optimization. Once you become a member of FB Academy,you will get access to the niche research and his Facebook Ads swipes,tools. Forget about money back guarantee because there is no risk-free,FB Academy includes Personal Coaching to make sure (not guarantee your success) no student left behind.

Who Is FB Academy For ?

  • Complete newbie who know nothing about internet marketing
  • Intermediate and Professional Marketer who wants to scale up their income
  • People who haven’t set up any Facebook Ad before
  • If you are tired of bad lists,bad subscribers and especially bad audiences
  • You have lost a lot of money and been penalized by Facebook due to lack experience
  • People who have low vistiors so that they want to increase
  • You are too busy to do the niche research
  • You are not finding a get rick quick scheme as well as make money with low effort
  • Especially if you want a personal coaching with experts (Anik and his staffs)
  • Your email list is to small hence you want to improve
  • You are not living paycheck to paycheck (yes,it’s not for these people)
  • You want to increase ROI (Return On Investment)
  • If you want to get acceptance into high paying or CPA network faster and easier
  • You love to watch the case studies as well as real life examples
  • Amazon FBA sellers or Ecommerce marketers
  • You are selling T-Shirt on Teespring or other places
  • You are running CPA,CPL,Pay per call and Pay Per Trial Campaign

The Training Inside FB Academy

Now,i won’t waste your time to talk around,let’s see the training inside FB Academy. Unlike some training,you can not get access to the next module until you finish the previous module. Therefore,i don’t know exactly some modules and lessons of FB Academy,i’m still studying.

Module #1 : Get Started With Facebook Ads

There are seven lessons and 1 test inside this module. No advanced training here,just some basic and blueprint of Facebook Ads. In addition,he will tell you why using Facebook Ads and compare it with other traffic. If you haven’t set up a fanpage or FB ads campaign once,i suggest you spend time to learn about this. Here are lessons inside the first module of FB Academy

  • Why Facebook Ads Are Terrific
  • Comparison to Other Traffic
  • How Facebook Ads Work
  • Overview of 5 Steps
  • Choose The Right Objective
  • The Important of Compliance
  • Download Module : Action Guide
  • Module #1 : Quiz

This training is easy as much as a young guy can understand.

Module 2 : The Funnel

The next module of FB Academy is about creating a funnel but Facebook Ads is the main traffic source. In other words,you are building a list whose subscribers are from Facebook Ads. Clearly,thanks to Facebook,you target the right people in order to avoid suck subscribers. There are 3 types of Facebook traffic he teaches : hot,cold and warn. Like the first module,the second module of FB Academy is also an easy to understand module. Here are lessons from the second module of FB Academy:

  • Introduction To Funnel
  • 3 Types of Traffic
  • Offers For Cold Traffic
  • Offers For Warm Traffic
  • Also Offers but for hot traffic 🙂
  • Build A Funnel
  • Downloadable Module : #Action 2
  • Module #2 Quiz

Module 3 : Landing Page

The third module of FB Academy is landing page,which is highly important step once you are on internet marketing. In this module,Anik teaches step-by-step and explain you types of landing page and then create it. Here are lessons of the third module of FB Academy:

  • Introduction to Landing Page
  • Types of Landing Page
  • How To Make Your Landing Pages Compliance
  • How To Strike To Right Balance Between Effective Marketing and Compliance
  • Stay Congruent
  • Downloadable Action Guide and Module #3 Quiz

Module 4 : The Ad

The next module of FB Academy mainly teaches about setting up an actual ads. There’s a lot of advertising on Facebook and he especially teaches all of them. But hey,don’t forget that he has some done for you Facebook Ad Swipes. Here are the exact lessons of module fourth of FB Academy:

  • Types of Facebook Ads (it’s just an explanation)
  • Ad Copy
  • Ad Design
  • Posts Ads vs Link Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Picture Story Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Facebook Video Ads
  • Download Module #5 Action Guide and Module #5 Quiz

Amazing,right,FB Academy teaches about some ads that you may not know before. Because not many teachers teach you about that.

Module 5 : Targeting

After understanding about various types of Facebook Ads,then your next part is to target the right audiences. Like some modules above,the fifth module of FB Academy is taught very details. Certainly,some of them are highly professional,be fun. Here are the exact lesson of module fifth of FB Academy:

  • Introduction to targeting (so as to target the correct audiences)
  • Finding Your Customers On Facebook
  • Basic Targeting
  • Interest-Based Targeting
  • Facebook Pixels (some highly advanced coding)
  • Custom Audiences
  • Look-A-Like Audiences
  • Retargeting
  • Segmentation by Visitor Activity
  • Download Module #5 Action Guide and Module #5 Quiz

Module 6 : Optimization

The next module of FB Academy is optimization,when you optimize for higher ROI. In addition,he teaches about tracking and selling. If you lack experience,please spend time to understand the lesson and implement after that. Here are the exact training of module #6 of FB Academy:

  • Introduction to Optimization
  • Essentials Metrics to Track
  • Frequency and Relevance
  • Making Adjustments to Your Campaigns
  • Scaling Your Campaigns
  • Download Module #6 Action Guide and Module #6 Quiz

Module 7 : Advanced Strategies

The seventh module of FB Academy is highly professional as much as experienced marketers feel overwhelmed. In order to learn this module,please take time to understand before implementing. And hey,this strategies do not only works for affiliate but also ecommerce,Amazon FBA,ec. Here are the exact lessons of the module #7 of FB Academy:

  • Introduction To Funnels
  • Popular Funnels
  • Retargeting Funnels
  • Content Marketing
  • Low-Ticket Funnels
  • High Ticket Funnels
  • Ecommerce Funnels
  • Super Ticket Funnels
  • Hidden Rules of Facebook Advertising
  • Download Module #7 Action Guide and Quiz

Be fun to learn the seventh module of FB Academy 🙂

Module 8 : Certificate

This is not the module,this is a certification of FB Academy and you have to pass the exam to move. If you pass this module,i think you are a super affiliate and certainly you make a lot of money.

Module 9 : Nuts and Bots

The last module of FB Academy is a brief overview about Facebook you must know. In order to get here,you don’t have to unlock. Here are the exact lessons of the last module of FB Academy,it can be a Q&A:

  • Getting A Facebook Bussiness Account
  • How To Set Up Campaign and Your Ads
  • How To Install The Facebook Pixels
  • Using the Facebook Power Editor
  • Create A Page Post Ads
  • How To Create A Look-A-Like Audiences
  • How To Create A Custom Audiences
  • Creating a Retargeting Ads

And that’s all the training inside FB Academy that only cost you $697 life time access. Now,let’s see the bonuses from Anik Singal inside the member’s area of FB Academy.

Bonuses From FB Academy

Just like his previous courses,this training also offer a lot of bonuses to make your life much easier.

1.Facebook Ads Swipes

They are not email swipes as Inbox Blueprint’s bonus,they are images,videos and ads. Actually,it’s like how to write Facebook Ads together with his Dark Post Ads (not blackhat). This bonus worth gold because it helps you increase ROI (return on investmend) a lot.

2.Ad Creation Mastery

This is his ad creation’s toolkit that he used to get a lot of clicks from Facebook Ads (of course,good leads). Besides,he will give you his tool that helps you create images and teach you on how to create Video Ads.

3.Campaign Checklist

It’s a checklist to help you keep track with your bussiness without jumping around. I would choose this rather than money back guarantee. Additionally,he gives you his 5 Minutes Ritual to help you start faster.

4.Kickstart Targeting

Like his previous products and some expensive training,FB Academy has the done for you niche research. He has chosen 20 profitable niches together with having covering to niche research for you. In addition,he gives you many keywords and lists of interests to build your campaign. Therefore,you can start your bussiness fast without jumping around,that’s an unfair advantage

5.Decision Makers

Forget about money back guarantee because they are all fake risk-free. When you join FB Academy, you also get ONE-YEAR of coaching calls. Especially you will get the personal training with Anik,hence no student left behind. Don’t pay thoudsand of dollars for a mentor,coaching program,FB Academy includes. And remember,coaches and successful students are always ready to help you.

What To Prepare Before Joining FB Academy

Every bussiness and training requires additional expenses and so does FB Academy. As i mentioned before,FB Academy is not for those who are living paycheck. Therefore,prepare your budget before joining this course. And here are some investments you should prepare before buying FB Academy:

  • Hosting and Domain (compulsory) : Bluehost is the most affordable one and it’s super simple to manage.
  • Landing Page Creator (nearly compulsory) : before building a list,a high converting landing page creator should be included. But if you want a more professional one,you should consider Instapage,which can host your page. Unlike Inbox Blueprint, which has Launch Pad software, a landing page creator,FB Academy doesn’t offer.
  • Autoresponder Software (certainly compulsory) : clearly,you are building a list through Facebook Ads. When joining Anik’s course,he will recommend you to buy Sendlane. Sendlane is good but it doesn’t have various integration like Convertkit. With Facebook Ads,you will create multiple landing page,sign up form to split-test so that Convertkit is the best option.
  • Budget For Advertising (it depends on how much visitors you target) : this can be a daily budget or fixed day budget.

Optional Investment For FB Academy (not compulsory)

  • Clicktracking : if you don’t track your campaign,you will not know where the clicks,sales from. Clickperfect is a software that Anik and Jimmy Kim created and of course,they will recommend it. You can also use HeatMap Tracker,BuildRedirect and CPV Lab (my first recommendation)
  • Doodly (a video marketing software from Jimmy Kim) : Despite saying that he gives you bonuses video,you should do it yourself. EasyVSL is a great video marketing software but it’s not ideal for a video ads. Doodly is a better option because it’s an animation and doodle video creator,better for advertising.
  • Exit Intent Products : to build a massive list,sometimes Exit Intent will help you keep your audiences. Don’t waste money from Facebook Ads without collecting any list. Optimonk is the best popup lead capture form.

Therefore,make sure you have at least $300 before joining FB Academy. Certainly,the more the better,these additional (not required) investments and softwares will save your time a lot.

Pros of FB Academy

  • Step-by-Step training
  • Can Only Access to the new lesson once the finish the previous
  • Include Checklist In Order to keep track of your bussiness
  • Highly Actionable because of his test
  • Help You Avoid Bad List,Bad Subscribers As Well As Bad Audiences
  • Especially Include Personal Coaching With Anik and his staffs
  • Help You Increase ROI
  • 20 Done For You Niche Research (so that you will save time,energy and budget)
  • Include His Facebook Ads Swipes,Images and Video
  • Still Include his software and toolkit
  • Lifetime Access Without Any Recurring Fee

Cons of FB Academy

  • Some lessons are overwhelming (that’s why i haven’t finished yet)
  • Not Include Landing Page Creator As Inbox Blueprint Does (despite they have the same price)
  • Not Ideal For People who are living paycheck

Final Verdict

In conclusion,FB Academy is one of the best Facebook Ads training that i have ever seen. It has step-by-step training and includes a lot advanced training lessons. Additionally,Fb Academy includes a lot action plan,campaign checklist and studying system to help you keep track with your bussiness. Moreover,it has the done for you Facebook Ads swipes (images,videos) and niche research of 20 profitable niches. Facebook is the goldmine of internet marketing so that sooner or later,you should consider joining FB Academy. Certainly,i highly recommend this course to any marketer who want to increase ROI and scale up online income.

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