Forex Trend Evolution Review – New Era of Trading Technology or Just Another Scam FX products

Disclaimer: This is the real Forex Trend Evolution review from a real customer who has Forex Trend Evolution premium access from the product creator. After using this indicator, we are happy to share live demo and your real user’s experience.

Product: Forex Trend Evolution

Creator: Karl Dittmann (also the creator of Forex Equilibrium & Min Max Scalper)

Price: $147 for lifetime as an evergreen offer

Do I Recommend: Yes, but mostly for serious traders.

  • Support
  • Accuracy
  • Price
  • User Instruction


Choose BUY or SELL when the signals appear and the color on the oscillator changes. Simply Exit the trades as soon as the Smart Exit alert pops up, the signal on our oscillator becomes thinner. So, to achieve lower risk level, please, use the exact Take Profit Values shown in all types of signal alerts. “FX Trend Evolution” works great on M15-D1 timeframes and all major currency pairs, giving you the opportunity to get the most out of your trading swiftly and lightly. Even if you have a small deposit, you can conveniently make a few regular trades that will boost profit up to $100 or more daily. High-quality tools and well-advised strategies will help you to achieve financial stability and independence. Stop hesitating and start believing in yourself and your own development!


Before you want to proceed further details about this Forex Trend Evolution review, you should take time to understand the definition what is Forex Trend Evolution at first.

Forex Trend Evolution Review

It’s a trend indicator for MT4 (Not auto EA/Robot) that works on ALL pairs and M15-D1 timeframes. Once there is a new trading opportunity, “FX Trend Evolution” generates accurate signals. Choose BUY or SELL when the signals appear and the color on the oscillator changes.

Simply Exit the trades as soon as the Smart Exit alert pops up, the signal on our oscillator becomes thinner. Whenever a new signal is generated “FX Trend Evolution” will inform you via a pop-up sound alert, an email alert or a push notification sent to your phone.

“FX Trend Evolution” goes with an illustrated step-by- step User Guide, including special tips and trading rules. It will help you get the most out of this new indicator.

Since “FX Trend Evolution” doesn’t repaint, you will always get reliable information on time! Once you receive a signal, it will remain the same. It contains 3 Exit Options and 3 types of signal alerts and built-in multiple trading styles.


  • Of course, a forex trader
  • Any trader at any experience
  • Those who don’t like using Robot, they want to conduct Technical Analysis Research Instead.

If you are any in the list above, then, congratulation, because Forex Trend Evolution is definitely for you. In case you are not listed above, then, you should take time reading this Forex Trend Evolution review so details.


Now, we are jumping into the most important parts of this Forex Trend Evolution review.


Forex Trend Evolution is an Fx indicator and it does work with Meta Trader 4. So, you need to have a Broker Account. You need 2 Broker Id, one is a trial account while the other is a real account. In order to access Forex Trend Evolution, you need to enter your valid Broker ID to access license.

Remember, license is required when using. And in case you proceed refund, your access will be revoked. And also keep in mind, only one real account so that you can not share to your friend. One account for one real broker id, working in multiple devices but only one broker id works with Forex Trend Evolution.

In case you want more Broker ID (like using mutiple programs such as Fx Pro, Avatrade, Plus 500, etc), you need to buy additional license key.


First of all, choose your preferred Trading styles: Conservative, Medium, Aggressive, or Custom (it allows you to manually alter the frequency and range parameters). Beginners mostly choose Medium.

When FX Trend Evolution detects a trading opportunity, you can see the BUY/SELL signals.

  • BUY as soon as you get a BUY signal alert that has Green Arrow and Green Signal on the oscillator

Open SELL immediately you get a SELL signal alert with Red Arrow and Red Signal on the oscillator.

In the picture above, do you see the Yellow Line. If so, it’s actually an Exit trade. This means after you get some profits with Buy signal, as soon as you see the Yellow lines, it’s time for you to close and exit that transaction.


All product have upsells and so does this one. But buying or not, the choice is ultimately yours. Basically, there’s only one upgrade, the Fx Trend Evolution KIT, which is your EA Assistance, priced at $97.


In summary, after reading this Forex Trend Evolution review post, i hope that you have understand the features and the value of using the product. And in our opinion, Forex Trend Evolution is definitely not a scam. For sure, it’s a nice indicator that is worth having a try.