Getresponse Review-The World Easiest Email Marketing In The World

If you are owning a website,email marketing is certainly a good way to navigate and take care of your customers. Today,i’m gonna show you a good email marketing solution for small and especially large enterprises. Despite being a simple solution,it’s very effective. It also has some vital features for email marketing such as managing email campaign,send Newsletter,create webform to get audiences’s information,Autoresponders and Landing Page. Additionally,it has various landing page,newsletter templates and mobile friendly. And, It is Getresponse,one of the best email marketing so far in the world.

What Is Getresponse?

Getresponse is the most popular email marketing solution in the world today. It allows you to build a list of potential customers,partners and audiences. Therefore,you can develop relationship with your subcribers and make money from them.
Thanks to useful features such as automatic filter,anti-spam and good relationship with large Internet and Email service providers,GetResponse is an email marketing service that has the highest deliverability rate (99.5%). Besides,they provide for more than 8 billion emails yearly from 200 182 countries.

Great Features From GetResponse

    • Email Analytics (in order to help you manage your open rate,click rate and conversion)
    • Drag and Drop Form Builder (hence you can easily customize as what you want)
    • Anti-Spam (one of the worst problem in email marketing so far)
    • Various Stock Image Library
    • Inbox Preview (so that you can easily follow your email before sending)
    • Social Sharing
    • Create Autoresponder without limitation about campaign,list and newsletter
    • Free Trial From 30 days with full feature (don’t worry because no credit card billed and required)
    • Landing Page Creator (various templates for you just to drag and drop)
    • Responsive Email Design and Mobile Friendly (one of the best way to develop your list so far)
    • Design Email Newsletter Easily (while many opponents don’t have)

Now,let’s take a more specific overview about those great features of Getresponse.

Email Analytics

Being an internet marketer,this feature is very important in order to see how effective your campaign is. Getresponse even make it easier to follow the statistic,rating and conversion so that we know what we should do next.
get response email analytics With Email Analytics,you can easily follow open rate,click rate,unsubcribe and bounce rate. As you can see in the picture,you can easily see which offer is better. Of course,with this analytics,it’s much easier to determine what we should do next.

Autoresponder 2.0

This is so far the most advanced features Getresponse added recently. With this brand new autoresponder features,you can create a cycle message properly. There is no doubt when order time is the key for conversion in email marketing and Getresponse will cover that. As a result,it’s much easier to build relationship with your audiences to get more click rate and conversion.
get response autoresponder With this feature,you can send email with your audiences’s expectation while it takes action based on your audiences’s action when they open the email. Therefore,you can say this is the smartest feature of Getresponse.

Form Builder

With form builder,you can create a simple opt-in form easily and quickly. Overall,you can drag and drop the template to create a form and you can embed directly to your website. There are over 160 templates for you to choose or you can create your own with template WYSIWYG. Of course,if you want a higher converting landing page,you can use Instabuilder,Landingpage Monkey or Instapage.
 You have all the right to customize for your own interest style of form such as size,fields,graphics,check box. Don’t worry,no skill require because a beginner can still optimize easily.

Inbox Preview

This feature allows you to preview what your subcribers see in Mobile,Laptop,..,great way to know how your email look like. Please notice that Mobile Marketing is growing and most CPA affiliate network provides the offers.

Email Creator

Getresponse provides automatic drag and drop features in order to create a good-looking email. Just simply drag and drop picture,image or text. It also provides customizable tool to edit image like crop,scale,change the size and pixel.
 If you don’t want to create email newsletter for your own,it’s ok to use available templates from library. After creating newsletter,then send an email test and check spam score.

Responsive Email Design

More and more people are using mobile so as to check email,it becomes important to create a responsive email design for mobile devices. According to some statistics,

  • 88 % people read email on mobile devices
  • 41% open email are on mobile devices
  • 34% users buy a product on smartphone at least 1 time in their life

Therefore,you should have a responsive email design to make it friendly to mobile devices.

Landing Page Creator

You can also create and publish a professional landingpage Page on your website easily. There are a range of available templates for you to choose and customize. In addition,it’s pretty easy for you to connect your landing page and autoresponder campaign. And what i love the most about it is the statistic on the number of audiences.

Social Sharing

You can place those social sharing button in your newsletter so that your audiences can share them.


Getresponse RSS To Email is one of the feature that i love the most and i personally used in some blogs. You can use this feature to automatically send email to your subcribers whenever you post an article.
The best thing about RSS To Email is that it doesn’t affect Autoresponder,because they work together. Of course,which day it sends,it depends on you on how you customize. So that it can be immediately,weekly or monthly or not appearing.
Note: it should be a useful and valuable blog post in order to build relationship.

Mobile Apps

Presently,Getresponse makes an app you can download on IOS or Android to follow the campaign. So,you can easily know what’s happening while you are busy or not using laptop.

Support and Training

Support is always necessary once you have a problem to ask for help and Getresponse does it very well. There are 5 ways to get help from Getresponse such as free phone call,Webinar Training,Video Support,Live Chat,Email and Forum.

Marketing Automation

If you are a running a bussiness with dropshipping,then this feature is great for you.

As you can clearly from the picture,Getresponse has enough what you need to run an ecommerce bussiness. There are 4 main features Email Marketing,Tagging&Scoring,Web Traffic Tracking and Cart Abandoned.

Free Email Marketing Training

Fortunately,getresponse has a free training to help you grow your online bussiness from scratch and how to build your list.
Free Ebook : How To Increase Open Rates and Boost Conversions
Free Training : Grow Your List By Up To 10,000 Subcriber in 90 days


Comparing with some opponents like Mailchimp and Convertkit,Getresponse has a more affordable price.
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With Mailchimp,if you want to get the best service,you even need to get the Pro Addon,$199 initial price.

Pros of Getresponse

  • Try For Free With Full Features (so that it’s a risk free)
  • Istock Library has over 1,000 available pictures for you
  • Social Sharing Button (in order to get more visitors,absolutely important)
  • Great Support and Training
  • Over 350 templates for you to grow your email campaign
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Analytics (also important to follow your campaigns)
  • Easily Create A Survey and Webform so as to understand your subcribers about what they want
  • Embed Image,Video and Landing Page Easily
  • Integration (because nearly all landing page or webinar service providers integrate with Getresponse)
  • Easy To Use (therefore,no way you feel overwhelmed)
  • Autoresponder (make you understand to order time)
  • Marketing Automation
  • High Converting Landing Page,Email Newsletter and they are available

Cons of Getresponse

  • Complex Price (because there are 4 services Email,Pro and Max and Enterprise)
  • Some Templates is really baby and some of them are outdated (not really high converting)
  • Landing Page Creator is only on the Pro

Final Verdict

In summary,Getresponse is a good email marketing solutions for all bloggers and enterprises. Best of all,this software is really easy to use and definitely no way for beginner feel overwhelmed.
Let me remind you,no matter what kind of online bussiness you are in,sooner or later,you have to build an email list to make money. Getresponse does this bussiness very well and that’s why it’s one of the most popular email marketing providers in the world

Click Here To Get The Free Trial For 30 Days

(Don’t worry,no credit card billed and required,it’s 100% risk free)


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