Go-AI by VideoRemix Review – Turn Video into profits with Real time Personalization Looks to Audiences

Hey and welcome to my Go-AI by VideoRemix Review. It’s Mr Hai Nguyen here from Daily Job Killer where I give honest digital product reviews along with awesome bonuses for products I truly believe in.

Go-AI by VideoRemix is brought to you by Dean Gilmore (CEO of VideoRemix)

So the big question is, is Go-AI by VideoRemix really worth your money? I’ll tell you if it ticks all the boxes, and if it does, I’ll give you some awesome complimentary bonuses you can only get from me today.

My goal is to help you make an informed decision so you don’t end up wasting your money. Now let’s jump into the next section of my Go-AI by VideoRemix Review to find out what exactly Go-AI by VideoRemix is and how it can help you and your business.

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What Exactly is Go-AI by VideoRemix?

Go-AI by VideoRemix is a brand new cloud based tool that allows you to create personalized video campaigns. Now, it comes with newly AI features to take you to the next level of video creation.

At first glance, it appears to be targeted at people who are doing lead generation, social media marketer, influencers and many more.

It also appears very easy to use. The things that really stood out to me when I logged into Go-AI by VideoRemix is the newly AI features, a revolutionary AI like ChatGPT – MAGGIE – with chatgpt 4 capabilities, here’s how powerful it is:

  • MAGGIE is trained and powered by ‘Google Search’ to chat with you on current lead generation techniques and trending topics in real-time
  • ChatGPT alternative can help generate stunning digital AI artwork for your lead-generation social media posts and lead-generation digital campaigns
  • A personal assistant you can customize and use whether you are solving local business lead-generation, preparing for a meeting to lock down a new client for lead-generation, sorting through various lead-generation solutions and so much more
  • MAGGIE understands voice commands and responds just like Siri / Google Assistant.

The key difference being Go-AI by VideoRemix is loaded with personalization, which allows each viewers will have their personlized views when watching your video (like their name or email), and, you can collect leads from these viewers (through Facebook, Linkedin login or email campaigns)

And, you have free hosting for all video personlization campaigns, with low one time price, so, i suggest you to take action fast today because i’m not sure the lifetime price will remain valid soon. Actually, the product creator has charged many products to monthly after launch period, of course, people like you get scared for this.

Does Go-AI by VideoRemix Actually Work?

Problems you may have and how the product solves, this Go-AI by VideoRemix review will explain you:

  • Struggling to create content for video => Solved => With new AI engine, you can generate AI Art to import to video editor and to create script for video
  • The price for similar tool in the industry like Vidyard and other video hosting services like Wistia are soo expensive => Solved => you have one time price for the main offer.

Now, i will show you exactly how the tool works. This is the member’s area once you login.

Go - AI by VideoRemix Review

To start, you can either create from scratch or you can start from template or from your existing video file.

There’s a lot of templates to use, including social media templates and agency providing templates.


Here’s the drag & drop video editor as you can see.


With personalization, you can tick the option Facebook & Linkedin, so, they must login into their account before actually watching your video.

You can also add the Lead gate, so, people must enter their email addresses into the form before they watch your video, which can be a perfect way for list generation.

The name AI included in the software because it can generate script, rewrite script and generate AI Art Image.


So, instead of buying Midjourney at $40/month, you use this tool instead to create Art for your video.


Here’s the sample results from the prompt i enter into.


It can also generate short script for your video campaigns.


In case you run an agency service, you can use their pre-defined niche scripts.


And you can rewrite whatever you want.


There are also some presets for video you can insert into the editor.


And some Call to action templates, which wil appear at the end of the video create.


Go-AI by VideoRemix Review – Pricing & Upsells

Front End Offer is the main software Go-AI by VideoRemix which will cost you $67.

For the front end offer the price you see now is available only during the launch period.

After the launch, which ends on the , price will increase to $97/year, as they say. Also, the frontend access doesn’t depend on any of the upgrades to work, it works fine just on its own BUT it is also limited.

Now, there are currently three upsells. You don’t really need all of them to use Go-AI by VideoRemix, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.

OTO 1: GO-AI Design Club

Are you ready to supercharge your lead generation and see your conversions soar? Well, the future has arrived and it’s called the GO-AI Design Club. This groundbreaking platform, part of the revolutionary GO-AI suite, is here to transform your social media marketing game and skyrocket your business success.

Their GO-AI Design Club comes fully packed with the bestselling Animated Lead Generation Templates, all designed by the experts at VideoRemix. Add these fantastic templates instantly to your GO-AI account and watch in awe as your sales and conversions rise by up to an impressive 200%! They’ve got templates for every major social media platform: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

OTO 2: GO-AI Template Creator

They’re Making You Recurring Profits With An Evolution Of Our Bestselling Upgraded Personalized Template Creator From Giving You Constantly Refreshing TOP QUALITY 1-Click Video Lead Generation Templates On Tap – Making Sure you Always Have A Template To Fit Every Need And Every Client.

OTO 3: GO-AI Personalized Content Creator

Unleash the power of artificial intelligence with GO-AI, your personal AI sales content creator. Introducing a revolutionary Chrome extension that is infused with the cutting-edge capabilities of Chat-GPT, offering an unparalleled level of personalization for all your content needs.

Now, your digital marketing efforts are about to get a turbo boost. Streamline your content creation across all platforms, from Facebook Ads, Google Ad Descriptions V2, LinkedIn Ads V2, to your personalized AI, ‘Maggie’ that functions like ChatGPT. Upgrade your email game with V2 and easily create compelling Amazon Product Descriptions, Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads Headlines, TikTok Video Scripts, and YouTube Ideas. The tool also comes equipped with a conclusion writer and a paragraph writer for all your copywriting needs. It didn’t stop there! Your LinkedIn Ad Headlines are about to get a lot more engaging.

Go-AI by VideoRemix Review: Bonuses

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The Final Verdict: Is Go-AI by VideoRemix Worth It?

If you’re looking for the easiest to use and most powerful video personalization software without paying huge monthly fee, then, you have come into the right place

If you’re a busy person, on a budget and need to create video personalization campaigns to attract leads and get leads, as well to turn leads, prospects into customers, you’ve chosen the right product.

Thanks to the advanced video personalization that comes with Social integration, email integration, plus the ability to create video with AI engine and without taking much time to brainstorm, the app will make you win for that.

I highly recommend it.

I hope you find my Go-AI by VideoRemix Review helpful. If this is a product that you’re interested in picking up then click the buttons on this page and get Go-AI by VideoRemix with my free bonuses.