Inbox Blueprint Review From Customer and Bonus-It's Not A Scam

Product : Inbox Blueprint 2.0
Creator : Anik Singal
Price : 3 Payments at $397 or 1 payments at $997
Do I Recommend : Certainly,it’s one of my top pick

  • 9.5/10
    Highly Recommended (One of My Top Pick) - 9.5/10


Inbox Blueprint is a training course that teaches you an overview about email marketing.Anik Singal instructs you how to make money through email list as an affiliate,your own product or e-commerce.
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As i always remind you,money in the list,therefore,sooner or later,you need to build an email list. Presently,email marketing will not only keep your audiences but also your affiliate links. For example,you have one lead,you get $1 for that list,if you have 5,000 lead,you get $5,000 ,that’s what Inbox Blueprint will go over about. This training course is a system that helps you build your list as much as possible. Now,let’s check out my honest review in order to decide whether you join Inbox Blueprint or not.

What Is Inbox Blueprint ?

At first,this training course launches in 2014 and have already sold over 10,000 copies. However,Anik closed for a while and he reopened it in 2016 with a better version.
In this version 2.0,Anik Singal has added more training,more bonuses and especially more tools. The main purpose of Inbox Blueprint is to create a lead magnet and build relationship to make money. Of course,in order to do that,you have to create an attractive optin page,landing page and tripwire page. In addition,Inbox Blueprint will help solving some worst problems many internet marketers are still making.

The Training Inside Inbox Blueprint

Firstly,this course has 8 main steps for you to take action. All of them are easy to understand and implement because Anik has already divided into small lessons and homework to keep track.
inbox blueprint 8 steps

Step 1 : Addiction Meter

inbox blueprint step 1
One of the most time consuming process of many inexperienced internet marketer so far is picking a niche. In this step,Anik will instruct you which niches will support email marketing. For instance,you can not choose some niches like flashlight,massage chair,ec to do email marketing,they’re too boring for audiences. However,it’s actually that Anik has already chosen the niche for you in the bonus and you just pick some of them.

Step 2 :The Bait

This is certainly the most important part. Easy to understand,the more attractive your bait,the better actions from your visitors. And the bait exist in your optin page,the key of collecting email addresses.
inbox blueprint step 2
As you can see in the picture,Inbox Blueprint is like the name,the blueprint when he teaches some basic steps of creating an optin page. But the good part is,instead of creating a dabbling optin page,he wants you to create a high quality.

Step 3 : The Thank You Page Method

After your visitors their email,what’s next,it’s a confirmation page and then thank you page.
inbox blueprint step 3
This will help you create your own thank you pay. But instead of just giving the link to the free gift,PDFs,he instructs you to choose an offer on that page. In other words,it’s a tripwire page when you show your audiences your first recommendation. Of course,this strategy will potentially help you build a massive of email list
The good point of Inbox Blueprint is that Anik teaches specifically the smart time to deliver your gift.
There are 2 exercises for you to implement : choose your offer and Activate your Thankyou page strategy

Step 4 : Email Machine

After creating an optin page and tripwire thank you page,the next step is to set up an email campaign with autoresponders.  When inbox blueprint first launched in 2014,he instructs about setting up with some company like Awever,Getresponse and Icontact. However,in the version 2.0,he instructs you on how to set up a campaign with his machine,Sendlane. Don’t worry,you will get the credit as a bonus (i will mention later)

Of course,you don’t have to use Sendlane as your autoresponder,it’s ok to use Getresponse,Mailchimp or Convertkit.
Super affiliate marketer always track their clicks,sales and you will do the same,pretty cool.

Step 5 : Email and List Relationship

This is certainly the main difference between Inbox Blueprint and some others email marketing training course. Unlike some other courses,Anik describes specifically about building relationship with your audiences in order to make sales Year-To-Come. Another great part of this step is that he instructs you step-by-step on how to write email newsletters,therefore,it’s no need for you to outsource outside.
inbox blueprint step 5
inbox blueprint writing email
Hey,according to the new version of Inbox Blueprint,he increases lessons about relationship emails.  He will also describe the difference between low,mid,high ticket and how to elicit subject line and write a great email content. After that,you will learn about setting at least 10 days autoresponder campaign and testing before sending (avoid spam).
Like i say,the more list you have,the higher chance of making money and he teaches about keeping your list because many people may unsubscribe from you.

Step 6 : Payday Secrets

The next thing to do after setting up your campaign is to monetize.
inbox blueprint step 6
In this step,there are many addtionally advanced training like Event Based Marketing,Selling Products By Webinar,Adding Bonuses and Create Your Own Products.

Step 7 : Easy Traffic

After understanding about monetization strategies,the next thing to do is to get traffic so as to get more subscribers. There are two kinds of traffic inside this training,Free and Paid traffic and of course,it depends on your own budget.
inbox blueprint step 7
There is no doubt when the more list you have,the chance of making more money you make especially CPA or CPL marketing. At first,you will understand Time and Money that affects on your own traffic. There are 6 lessons about free traffic and 3 lessons about Paid Traffic.
Inside the Free Traffic lessons,you will learn about Guest Blogging,Forums,Blog Commenting,Twitter,Yahoo Answer and Solo Ads Swaps. After that,you will learn about paid traffic with Solo Ads,Facebook Ads and Google Training.

Step 8 : Unlimited Success

The last step of Inbox Blueprint is all about success and scaling up your income.
inbox blueprint step 8 inbox blueprint step 8.1
In this step,you will learn about open rates,conversions and copywriting techniques so as to get more sales.
And That’s Not All You Get Inside Inbox Blueprint 2.0 ,before seeing the bonuses of this training,let’s take a look at what you get besides the training.
100% Assignment Based Practical Learning System
This is a butt kicking system in order to help you stay focused and keep track with your bussiness.
Live Example
A great training course will have real life case studies so that you know how to perform the right way. Seeing other’s campaign will always be useful for beginner and intermediate.

The  $300,000 Launch Pad

It’s actually a software to make a landing page,tracking campaign and integrate with autoresponder to create a high converting optin bait. In addition,there are nearly 50 fully automated profitable niches. You will also get +4,000 optin page options through professional designers. That’s not all you get,you will take over 17,500 rebrandable Pieces of content for PDFs and email (it’s not PLR contents). And lastly,you have fully integration with Sendlane. Because Anik Singal is the CMO and Co-founder of Sendlane,you will get access to it without scaring about this investment.

Now,let’s take a look at Inbox Blueprint’s bonuses


Inbox Blueprint Bonus 123
inbox blueprint bonus 45 inbox blueprint bonus 67 inbox blueprint bonus 89
And that’s not all the bonus you get,they are from 2014,therefore,you will get additional bonuses for 2016 version

Additional Bonus of Inbox Blueprint

Bonus #1 : The 7 Figures Niche

It’s actually a done for you bussiness when they covered all the research for you. Of course,you can benefit to create a good report and valuable articles.

Bonus 2 : Traffic Academy

This is a previous product from Anik that has sold over million dollars on profits. Traffic Academy mainly focuses on both free and investment traffic which are effective and popular at present.

Bonus 3 : 6 Weeks Fast Start Program

Forget about money back guarantee because there is no risk free available now. Don’t fall for shiny object syndrome as well as keep catching online course. This fast-track helps you create your own online bussiness from scratch and how to get your first 1000 subscribers.

Who is Inbox Blueprint For ?

  • Beginner who knows nothing about Internet Marketing
  • Intermediate who are struggling to get sales
  • Advanced who wants to scale their bussiness up
  • You can not get accepted into high paying affiliate network so that you want to fix
  • People who have never created an email marketing campaign
  • You want to save a lot of investment
  • If you are not finding a get rick quick scheme,you are finding a long-term bussiness

Additional Investment Before Joining

As i mentioned above,Inbox Blueprint has already prepared done for you email swipes,landing pages and giveaway reports. In addition,you get access to the launchpad software,therefore,you can forget about landing page creator investment. This will save you a lot money because most training recommends Leadpages,Clickfunnels or Thrive Architect.
Of course,any bussiness will not compulsory investments,make sure you have

  • Hosting and Domains (Dreamhost and Inmotion Hosting are my pick)
  • Solo Ads (it depends)
  • Autoresponder (he recommends Sendlane,whose founder is Anik).
  • Tracking (he recommends CLickperfect,which is created by his team)
  • Facebook Ads and Google Ads (it depends on your own budget)

With investment traffic,i highly recommends you to use Facebook Ads and Google Adwords rather than Solo Ads. Clickbank products’s keywords are not expensive so that don’t worry.

Bonus From Me

In order to make your life much easier,i add some extra bonuses if you buy Inbox Blueprint through my special link. Just simply buy and then contact me with your name and your receipt. I will check and give you access after that. Basically,they are what you need once you become a member of Inbox Blueprint.

1.Bing Ads Training (Value At $127)

Inbox Blueprint Bing To Win Bonus
Inbox Blueprint doesn’t teach about Bing Ads,which is one of the best traffic so far. Bing Ads is friendly and it converts a lot because you target the correct audiences. Moreover,it’s a great combination with the Launchpad software inside Inbox Blueprint.

2.Bing Ads Made Easy (Value At $97)

Inbox Blueprint Bing Ads made Easy Bonus
If you lack experience with Bing,this ebook is a must-have for you. Inside this ebook,you will get step-by-step guide and advice on what to do with your Bing campaign.

3.Conversion Samurai (Value At $47)

Inbox Blueprint Conversion Samurai Bonus
When driving traffic and building a list,you need to track your conversion. Before you do that,you need to make your campaign good first. This ebook guide instructs you fast-action on how to boost conversion while promoting affiliate offers.

4.Facebook Ads Blueprint (Value At $67)

Facebook ADs is a goldmine but it’s not easy to manage as some people think. Remember,Mark Zukenberg is hiring and hiring staffs in order to review your ads. Therefore,you may be penalized if you write garbage ads or write ads the wrong ways. Inbox Blueprint has good training about Facebook Ads but it’s not overall as FB Academy,his another product.

5.Facebook Authority Secrets (Value At $67)

Inbox Blueprint Facebook Authority Secrets Bonus
Besides basic and essential knowledge of Facebook Advertising,you also need to become an authority about Facebook Marketing. Today, there are over 1.65 Billion monthly active Facebook users, and this number will increase in due course of time. And, to grab your share from the vast pool of Facebook users, this package will help you to build your Facebook authority, page, profile, followers, scheduling, and important tips to build your online presence and skyrocket your income. Combine these strategies along with the techniques depicted in Inbox Blueprint, and see results like never before.

6.Facebook Marketing Mistakes To Avoid (value at $47)

In order to become successful, you must be very careful at every step of using Facebook marketing for attaining success. One mistake can make or break your dream of becoming a leader.
With this helpful guide, you will know most critical mistakes that you must not overlook to reap best results from social media marketing and always stay on the right track.

7.Facebook Monetization Strategies (Value At $127)

Inside this amazing package, I am providing an amazingly easy-to-understand video series that will teach you valuable Facebook monetization strategies and their effective usage for increasing your profits manifold.
Use this with Inbox Blueprint, and let your profits galore.

8.Image Sharing Profits (Value At $47)

This is an ebook guide on how to use images effective that helps you monetize. You can apply this technique into your blog,social media and especially facebook ads.

9.Twitter Ad Pirate (Value At $47)

Inbox Blueprint has training about Twitter free traffic and this ebook has instructions on Twitter Ad. Twitter is a great traffic but not many people use. Therefore,let this ebook instructs you about that.

10.Youtube Marketing Made Easy (Value At $97)

Youtube is a great traffic but it seems like Anik forgets this traffic inside Inbox Blueprint. You have already had niche research,landing paeg creator together with ebook to giveaway,use Youtube to get even more subscribers.

11.Market On Youtube (Value At $67)

YouTube Marketing enables you to market your business effectively and educate your customers about latest services and offerings.
Keeping this in mind, here’s an exciting package that includes a series of video tutorials to attract and gather hordes of targeted traffic for your business website. It also helps you rank your videos on various search engines to get more sales, more customers and ultimately, more profits.

12.Top 10 List Building Mistakes (Value At $47)

Inbox Blueprint Top 10 List Building Mistakes Bonus
The money is only in the list when you use it the correct way. Therefore,you need to avoid some mistakes that is killing your budget. And hey,you still have to pay for the autoresponder fee,so that manage your list effectively. You are using email marketing so as to increase ROI.

13.Dominate Youtube (Value At $67)

If you ever wanted to grow your business with the best use of YouTube, then this package will prove to be a complete stress buster to ease off your worries.
Inside this package, you will get an amazing guide that will teach you how to start making money directly through YouTube videos and make your business more profitable with this monster.

14.Facebook Live Authority (Value At $97)

Live streaming helps to create content that allows businesses to communicate directly with an audience in a highly engaging manner.To enable you to dive into this vast pool, here’s a package that states why live streaming is so exciting and how to get started with your own Facebook Live videos and build a huge audience and interact with them in an engaged and effective manner. This bonus enhances the value of Inbox Blueprint and can be used to boost your own business as well.

15.Zero Cost Traffic Tactics (Value At $97)

Getting quality targeted traffic for boosting sales is the growing concern amongst countless marketers today. If you are also on the same boat, then surely this is the right product for you.
This package includes 10 proven and tested ways to generate laser targeted traffic without getting bankrupt. As a result, you can create highly targeted viral marketing campaign and drive unstoppable traffic and skyrocket your profits.

16.Three Ebooks Guide Helps You Become A Better Email Marketers (Value At $197)

And these are all bonuses from me if you buy Inbox Blueprint through my affiliate link. If you need more,feel free to contact me and remember to bring your receipt. Just simply tell me what you need and i will add suitable bonuses for you.

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Pros Of Inbox Blueprint

  • Step By Step Training (hence no way you feel overwhelmed)
  • It’s An Email Marketing Training
  • Done For You Giveaway,Email Swipes and Optin Page
  • Access to the Launch Pad software For Free
  • Nice Support
  • Include Coaching Service
  • Weekly Live Webinar
  • Go Details On Nearly 50 Profitable Email Marketing Niches
  • It’s A Lifetime Access Without Any Upsell

Cons of Inbox Blueprint

1.It’s All About Clickbank Than CPA Marketing

Inbox Blueprint is like Affilojetpack when it mostly focuses on Clickbank products. The available templates inside Launchpad software are suitable for Clickbank but none of them are really ideal for CPA marketing. The only training that has available templates works for CPA marketing are Super Affiliate System,Powerhouse Affiliate and Email Domination.

2.He Doesn’t Teach About Bing and Youtube,Instagram

Bing Ads is friendly and it supports collecting a list very well. When combined with the Launchpad software,Bing Ads is win-win. However,he just teaches other PPC traffic like Google. Google Adwords is good but it’s not friendly like Bing. Besides,he forgets to teach about Youtube and Instagram,which convert very well.

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Final Verdict

In my opinion,Inbox Blueprint is definitely one of the best email marketing training course that i have ever seen so far. With this investment,you get fully access to a Done For You bussiness to make money for a very long-term. Best of All,there is no need to outsource freelancer outside and invest in Landing Page Creator,Tracking Software and especially Autoresponders. Certainly,i highly recommend all of internet marketers to join Inbox Blueprint. There’s a lot of bonuses,advanced trainings,done for you contents,optin and it doesn’t have any upsell.

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