Influencer Marketing Academy Review and Member Area-Great Shopify Training Course


Product : Influencer Marketing Academy

Creator : Dan Dasilva (one of the most successful and famous Shopify seller so far)

Price : $1,297/one time or $497/3 times when bill monthly (lifetime access after that)

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes (Make Sure You Have Budget)

Presently,there’s a lot of online bussiness model like affiliate marketing,Amazon FBA,Kindle Publishing and Ecommrce. Although Ecommerce requires more expense than the rest,its income potential is much higher. However,launching an Ecommerce store is never easy and if you build your store the wrong way,you are losing your money. Moreover,the main traffic sources of this model are advertising. Certainly,you will bleed your budget if you lack experience.

Besides Facebook Ads,which is a must-have traffic for Ecommerce,Instagram Influencer is also great. Ecom Success Academy and Zero Up are good Shopify training but they don’t teach about Instagram. Instagram is better than Facebook in terms of interaction. In addition,Instagram traffic has lower competition than Facebook and it requires less costs (depends). Therefore,you should consider to run Instagram traffic and hiring influencer is a great option. Influencer Marketing Academy is an E-commerce training that contains lessons about Hiring Influencer on Instagram. Of course,Influencer Marketing Academy has training about Facebook Ads and how to set up a store from scratch. Let’s checkout my Influencer Marketing Academy review and member’s area so that you know what you get.

What Is Influencer Marketing Academy?

Firstly,it’s an Ecommerce training course from Dan Dasilva that teaches you step-by-step on how to build a 6 figures online store from scratch. In other words,Influencer Marketing Academy is a 4 week fast track that helps you build on online store and then monetize fast. This training contains a Shopify Basic training and 4 training sections. Influencer Marketing Academy does not only teach you how to hire influencer through Instagram but also Facebook Ads and Twitter. Best of all,you will access to his Done-For-You Ecommerce Site Templates and Advertising Templates. Moreover,Dan gives the personal coaching with all member of Influencer Marketing Academy for 6 weeks.

Who Is Influencer Marketing Academy For?

  • Any Marketer (from newbie to expert) who want to scale up their income with Ecommerce bussiness
  • You are not finding a get rick quick scheme as well as a system that guarantee you success (or make money with low-effort)
  • You are not living paycheck to paycheck (yes,don’t if you are that types)
  • People who haven’t set up a Facebook Ads campaign before
  • If you have not used Instagram as a traffic once
  • You are finding a mentor or coaching program with expert
  • Affiliate Marketer or Amazon FBA Seller who are new to ecommerce

The Training inside Influencer Marketing Academy

Now,let’s see the training inside Influencer Marketing Academy of Dan Dasilva. Once you log into the member’s area,this is what you see first. Generally,this is the core training of this course.

1.Shopify Basic

The first module of Influencer Marketing Academy is Shopify Basic,which teaches you some basic knowledge about Shopify. Nothing special inside this training,just a start-up process to build an online store. Here are the core lessons:

  • Setting Up Your Store
  • Niching Down
  • Dropshipping in Ecom
  • Finding Products
  • Finding Reliable Vendors
  • Fulfilling Store Order
  • What Your Store Should Look Like
  • Third Party Domain
  • Sales Tactics
  • Video Ads
  • Upsell (you create)
  • Branding
  • Long-Term Content

2.Section I : Welcome to Influencer Marketing

After doing some setup process,then your next part is to drive traffic. The second module of Influencer Marketing Academy focuses mostly on Instagram when he teaches about budget and hire influencer. This is what makes this training different than other because it’s the only course that teaches about Instagram marketing. Besides 4 lessons in the picture,here are the next training :

  • Budgeting
  • Finding Engaging Influencer
  • Instagram Updates

Before you can implement this section,please make sure you have at least $50 just for Instagram.

3.Section II : Building A Social Presence

The next section of Influencer Marketing Academy focuses a lot on social media.
Inside this training,he will talk about Facebook Ads,Instagram Ads. In addition,he instructs you on how to use social media as a traffic to your store. Here are the exact training:

  • Building Via Instagram
  • Facebook And Instagram Ads
  • Instagram Growth Hack
  • Curating Social Media Content

This technique will especially help you a lot on building a fanpage,scaling social media traffic.

4.Section III: Connecting With Influencer

The next section of Influencer Marketing Academy is about how to connect with influencer. Of course,they will not instantly add your store into their Instagram page after you pay. You have to connect with them the right way. Moreover,you have to connect the right influencer. Here are the exact training:

  • Initial Steps Before Connecting
  • Finding Influencers On Twitter
  • Ad Copy and Visual
  • Creating Influencer Promotion
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Keeping Record

5.Section IV : Case Studies

The last training section of Influencer Marketing Academy is real life case studies. It worths gold because you always need to see the exact campaign from experts. Besides,it helps you take action much faster and removes some mistakes. Best of all,this section offers many advanced techniques that you will need to implement into your store. On Instagram,followers are gold,certainly,the more the better. Some people think they will reach influencer by using hashtag,no,it’s not always correct.

  • Incentivize Your Customer
  • Case Study
  • End Gold

6.Weekly Content

Don’t worry about whether Influencer Marketing Academy up to date or not because he adds new content weekly. At first,you will get discount with Shopify App. Just like Adrian Morisson,owner of Ecom Success Academy, they are all big name and Shopify know them. In addition,he will give you access to the video training Bootcamp and you can replay it.

And that’s all the training of Influencer Marketing Academy. Not offer many lessons like Ecom Success Academy and Zero Up but it’s the only that teaches about Instagram Influencer and Advertising. Of course,Facebook Ads is a must have traffic for Shopify.

Bonuses From Influencer Marketing Academy

Just like many expensive training,this course also give you fast action bonus and done for you templates,swipes (ad swipe). Thanks to the fast action bonus that no way you can jump around as well as choose the wrong setup.

1.Done For You Ecommerce Site Template

These are the drag and drop templates that you can easily customize and they are especially high converting. Thanks to the templates from Influencer Marketing Academy so that you don’t have to buy templates outside.

2.Influencer Inner Circle

They are top recommendation Instagram influencer that help you drive a lot traffic to your store. Moreover,you can avoid hiring suck influencer.

3.eCom Growth System

Besides Instagram Ads and Influence,Google Ads and Facebook Ads are also great for Shopify. They are not easy to manage but you won’t scare about this if you join Influencer Marketing Academy. In addition,that’s an advantage because many people just use Facebook Ads for Shopify.

4.15 Done For You Templates

This is not an email template or landing page template,they are advertising templates. These are the templates that you can customize and then insert into your traffic,send to influencer.

And that’s all the bonuses from Influencer Marketing Academy team.

What To Prepare Before Joining Influencer Marketing Academy

Remember,every bussiness requires costs and so does Shopify. Unlike Affiliate Marketing or Amazon Kindle,Selling products on Shopify or Amazon always requires more expenses. Before buying this course,make sure you have some additional budget :

  • Shopify App (you get discount from his link) : certainly,this is a must
  • Hiring Influencer (it depends on who you choose together with how much you reach : at least $50 for a high quality influencer
  • Facebook Ads (it also depends too and it’s compulsory) : Facebook Ads is a must-have traffic for e-commerce
  • Google Ads (it depends on keywords and how much you target) : this is optional
  • Product To Sell (compulsory) : it depends on how much you source and which product you choose. It should go around from $0,5 – $30 for each item.

Therefore,make sure you prepare at least $200 before joining Influencer Marketing Academy. If not,please don’t buy this course.

Cons of Influencer Marketing Academy

1.Does Not Teach About Email Marketing (that’s a big cons)

Shopify marketing doesn’t require email marketing but to make money for a long-term,you should build an email list. Unlike affiliate marketing,building a list with ecommerce has less bad and fake subscribers.

2.It’s Not Secured 

Not really a cons but sometimes,you may find annoying when logging into the member’s area.

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Influencer Marketing Academy is one of the best Shopify training course that i have ever seen. In addition,it’s the only training that teaches about Instagram marketing. Besides,it teaches you about Facebook Ads and Google Ads,which are a must-have traffic. Best of all,Influencer Marketing Academy includes Done For You Site Template,Ad Swipes and Coaching,Mentor Program. Certainly,i recommend this course to anyone who is serious about Ecommerce. And lastly,remember to prepare your budget,time and energy,there is no get rick quick scheme.


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