Ipro Leads Review and Demo-Great Tool For Your Facebook Leads

Product : Ipro Leads

Creator : Fred Lam (one of the most successful ecommerce marketers so far)

Price : $7 and of course (2 upsells at $97)

Do I Recommend  : Certainly Yes (even the upsell)

Presently,believe or not,Facebook is the goldmine that any internet marketer should exploit. Sooner or later,you need to create a Facebook Ads campaign to actually make money online. If you join some high-level training course such as Ecom Success Academy,Email Domination Profit Cycle, Fanpage Domination, Amazon FBA Ninja, Super Affiliate System, Inbox Blueprint and Lurn Insider,all of them teach you about Facebook Ads. In addition,you really need to connect Facebook Ads and your autoresponders to build a massive list.

Ipro Leads is a software that allows you to collect leads through Facebook directly into your autoresponder. Now,let’s check out my Ipro Leads review and demo so that you understand what inside.

What Is Ipro Leads?

At first,it’s a cloud-based software for Facebook Leads. In other words,you can also say it’s a software that allows you to collect email through Facebook. Secondly,it can connect with 21 autoresponder and webinar plattform and to multi optin subscriber into your autoresponder. In addition,you will get access with 30 days trial with Sendlane. Fred Lam is in the marketing team with Anik Singal (founder of Inbox Blueprint and Lurn Insider) so you get a whitelist. That’s not all,you will also get a Facebook Leads Training from Fred Lam on how to build a list via Facebook Ads.

Who Is Ipro Leads For?

  • Complete newbie to internet marketing
  • Intermediate and Experience who want to scale up their income
  • You are not patient to do with SEO so that you want paid traffic method
  • Fanpage Domination’s Member who want to generate even more list
  • If you are running a dropshipping or ecommerce bussiness
  • You haven’t created any Facebook Ads campaign once in your life
  • Or you haven’t combined Facebook Ads with Email Marketing before

Fast Action Bonus

Well,that’s not all you get inside Ipro Leads because Fred creates 2 bonuses to help you start your campaign much faster.

This is a 5 trainings by Fred Lam on how to master the Facebook Leads Ad Campaign from basic setup, to finding your perfect audience, to using 3 proven and tested direct response campaign strategies to build your own massive list. Remember,Facebook Ads is a gold mine and it’s not easy,have the training will save you a lot of money (it’s only $7).

30 Days Free Account with Sendlane

Fred Lam is in the same marketing team with Anik Singal,co-founder of Sendlane so that you get access to first month trial with Sendlane. Normally,it doesn’t have free trial account. If you don’t like Sendlane,it’s ok to use other (such as mailchimp,getresponse or convertkit).

Pros of Ipro Leads

  • Lifetime Access with Unlimited Campaign
  • Friendly For Beginner
  • Highly Affordable (just $7)
  • Free Facebook Ads Training from Fred Lam
  • Can Tract Your Campaign
  • Direct Integration With Nearly All Autoresponder
  • 30 Days Free Trial With Sendlane

Cons of Ipro Leads

  • Just one Facebook Page for an account

Final Verdict

In summary,Ipro Leads is a great Facebook Ads tool to build an email list. It’s friendly and it converts very well. Facebook Ads is nearly the best traffic for internet marketing so that you really need to create a Facebook campaign. In addition,it’s only $7 and you will also get the Facebook Ads training from Fred Lam. Of course,i highly recommend Ipro Leads to any internet marketer who want to optimize their Facebook Ads campaign.

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