Jaaxy Review-Best Keyword Research Tool?

Product : Jaaxy

Creator : Kyle and Carson (also the founder of Wealthy Affiliate)

Price : Free , $19/month and $49/month

Do I Recommend : Yes ,despite not being a member of Wealthy Affiliate

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I love Search Engine Optimization because it requires less money and remains stable for a long-term. On internet marketing,content is king,so that keyword is queen. So that you have to choose the right keyword in order to get ranks. Besides,you also need to track your position and analyze your competitors to defeat them. Today,i’m going to introduce you an advanced keyword research tool Jaaxy. In my Jaaxy review,i will cover its features,pros as well as cons for you to decide

What Is Jaaxy?

At first,Jaaxy is a keyword research tool developed by Kyle and Carson,owner of Wealthy Affiliate. However,it’s a separate bussiness and they are not in the same package. Of course,it’s much more professional than the keyword tool on that society. It’s just a keyword tool seems like Semrush,Keysearch and Kwfinder but there’s no daily quota here. Secondly,it’s also a competitor analysis and position tracking for people who are still using Free Traffic. In addition,this Keyword tool is really nice for Google,Bing and Yahoo.

Who Is Jaaxy For?

  • Beginners who know nothing about SEO
  • Intermediates who want to save a lot of money
  • People are struggling to find a good domain names
  • If you don’t know how to choose offers to promote in networks such as Clickbank,CJ,Linkshare,Digital River
  • Especially nice for people who are running an authority affiliate website
  • You are running an e-commerce bussiness
  • You are running Bing Ads,Google Ads or Yahoo Ads
  • If you don’t need backlink for your website (of course,it’s not always neccessary)
  • People who are looking for a long-tail keywords and low difficulty keywords
  • If you also need to track your website

Main Features of Jaaxy

1.Keyword Search

Now,i will give you an example of “zodiac casino” and “how to get bitcoin” keyword.

As you can see from the picture,Jaaxy will reveal Monthly search,Traffic,QSR,SEO difficulty and KQI.

  • AVG : Average number of searches of that keyword per month
  • Traffic : Visits to your website if you achieve the first ranking in that keyword
  • QSR : Quote Search Result,the number of competing websites ranked in Google of that keyword
  • SEO : score based on traffic and competition (the higher the better)
  • KQI : Keyword Quality Indicator (but you have to click on every single keyword,a little bit annoying)
  • Domains : Available domain for that keyword (pretty cool)

2.Alphabet Soup

Another great feature of Jaaxy to find a long tail keyword is alphabet soup. This feature will work the best whenever you add value towards your audiences.For example,i will choose “how to save relationship” keyword and let’s see

Amazing,right? Jaaxy will give you a list of keyword with a formula “How to save relationship” + “alphabet“.After that,i will click Search on this with “how to save a broken relationship

Then i will try a keyword also in the chart “how to save a relationship after trust is broken

Pretty cool,right,just simply choose a keyword in that list and then search for that. Always prior a keyword that has great KQI,High Volume and high SEO,QSR.

3.Saved List

As i mentioned before,Jaaxy is great for those who are running PPC ads with Google,Bing and Yahoo. This tool allows you to save your list in order to import your list of keywords.

Firstly,just choose main keyword and related keywords

After that,click on Save To List

And then,enter a name and click Save. Finally,this is your keywords list

However,what i really don’t like about Jaaxy is that it doesn’t give a CPC info. They are all high quality keyword but you will need CPC info to prepare your budget.

Let’s take a look at Payday Loan’s keywords

A good part of Jaaxy is that it shows high volume keyword in Google,Bing,Yahoo but the bad part is,it doesn’t show CPC info. Therefore,if you run PPC ads,please prepare your budget considerably.

Search Analysis

This is a great feature that helps you analyze your competitors’s keywords. For instance,i will choose 4 keywords “how to grow muscle fast“, “how to lose weight after pregnancy“,”how to be successful” and “the canuck method

As you can see from these pictures,Jaaxy will count on Word,Link,Backlink and Keyword Density of those posts or pages. This will definitely will your life much easier to use a keywords effectively.

Affiliate Program

The next cool feature of Jaaxy is affiliate program when it searches offers for you. This feature will help you choose a product to promote and especially a tripwire page.

Let’s take examples from these profitable and evergreen niches:

As you can see clearly,it will reveal comission types,rates and some good products to promote. However,there are only 4 affiliate programs here and i hope Jaaxy will increase.


If you run out of keyword ideas,it’s ok because this tool can brainstorm for you. Just simply choose a keyword in Brainstorm Tab and then,see a list of keyword.

Site Rank

The last feature of this tool is site rank,it’s actually a ranking tracker to see your positions

This is an example of The Brit Method keyword as i list of high ranking’s website for that keyword.

Pricing Plan

There are three pricing plans of jaaxy and they are not really expensive. But ,there is no yearly plan to get discount.

Pros of Jaaxy

  • Unlimited Daily Search (so that there’s no pressure here)
  • Affordable Price
  • Easy To Manage and Understand
  • Domain Available Search
  • Affiliate Program Finder (so as to choose offers to promote)
  • Brainstorm Keyword Ideas
  • Unique Types of Searching (QSR,KQI,SEO)
  • Keyword Competition Data
  • Niche Research (in order to make it easier to add value,promote products)
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Alphabet Keyword

Cons of Jaaxy

  • A little bit annoying when see keyword difficulty (because you have to click on the keyword)
  • Doesn’t Show CPC info (so that you have to prepare your budget considerably for PPC ads)
  • Does not offer Backlink or Website’s health checker
  • No Local Keyword Research

Final Verdict

In a nutshell,Jaaxy is definitely one of the best keyword research tools for all internet marketers. It’s highly affordable and friendly for all users to manage. If you are running an authority website,doing research on affiliate niches,Jaaxy is right for you. Please always remember,content is king,keyword is queen so using this tool effectively to create high quality content. Certainly,i highly recommend this tool to all kinds of users and bussinesses

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