Joker AI Scalper Review – Can You Actually Use AI to Get Profits from Trading

Welcome to my comprehensive Joker AI Scalper review, This is another MT4 Indicator that a German trader, Karl Dittmann, has brought into the market. If you are so tired of missing out on profitable trades in the fast-moving forex market, then, you can seek a good solution, by using a forex indicator.

Trading, as you know, is not easy, it requires a lot of knowledge, practice and effort. Many traders can easily give up (or surrender) just because they have wasted hours, days or even years in front of a PC with no income or even losses in the end.


Joker AI Scalper Indicator Evaluation

$147 $247


Stop doing the guesswork, and stop being information overloaded when learning to use tons of forex indicator, instead, you can just look at some indicator that you actually understand. And with Joker AI Scalper, you can understand which trade to enter, when to take profit, stop loss for every of your trade in a moderate good accurate level.


  • Affordable one time price
  • Easy to setup
  • Moderate good winning rate


  • Somewhat hype advertisement on the salespage, sounds too good to be true
  • No detailed training on how to leverage the system and how to combine with other indicator
  • I still not undersand what is AI here
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What is Joker AI Scalper?

The amazing Forex indicator “Joker AI Scalper” is available on ALL pairs and, it promise to offer precise and reliable signals across a broad range of timeframes, from M1 to M30. The “Joker AI Scalper” indicator is intended to identify extremely profitable trades. Of course, it will suit every trader in any trading experience. When the Violet arrow appears, enter a BUY trade. Once the Green arrow appears, take a SELL trade. What makes this stand out from the rest is the Joker Exit features, which helps you catch the secure moments to close an order (to take profit/stop loss)

Three notification options are available to notify you of new signals: pop-up sound alert, push notification, and email alert delivered to your phone. The signals are reliable and are generated on time, when it draw signal for you, it will remain the same and it won’t repaint. Of course, if it repaints, then, it’s a complete scam.

With each copy of “Joker AI Scalper” indicator, you get the step-by-step detailed User Guide
along with recommendations, trading advice, and screenshots.

Who is Karl Dittman?

Karl Dittman

Karl Dittman is an experienced German forex trader, he has been in the market for many years for selling high quality forex indicator, each time he launches a new indicator, he brings out something new instead of just selling the old things. He may have a bad reputation on advertising his products "sound to good to be true", but overall, i see that he still has his own brand and images in the forex industry, and i see that his product actually works for every trader.


Address: 380848 Zum Burgerwehr, Wittlich, Rhineland-Palatinate, 54516, Germany

Gender: Male

Job Title: Forex Trader

The forex indicator is brought to you by Karl Dittman, who’s an experienced and seasonal forex trader. If you don’t know him, well, he’s the creator of many successful and famous indicators, such as Forex Trend Juggernault, Easy Pro Scalper, Fibo Winner, Nova Scalper, Pips Wizard Pro, Trend Mystery, Forex Trend Evolution, Forex Equilibrium, and a lot more.

The majority of his forex indicator prices for the primary offer fall between $147 and $197. If people purchase Assistant Kit, price will be added for around $100. Furthermore, he rarely offers low-cost products; instead, he sticks to a moderate price point in order to preserve quality and provide funding for his support staff to help you whenever needed.

Joker AI Scalper Review – Before Using

Once you acquire a license for the forex indicator, you will receive a comprehensive user’s manual and a downloadable file. You must have a forex broker that supports MT4 in order to use it. Personally, I prefer to use ThinkForex because I have done so for many years, but you can also use other trustworthy indicators like Etoro, FxPro, Plus500, etc.

And you are authorized to have 2 accounts: 1 demo account and 1 real account. You just need to enter your Broker ID and now, you are eligible to use the forex tools from Karl Dittmann. If you proceed a refund, then, your license will immediately be revoked.

Joker AI Scalper Review – How it Work

Once you purchase the system, there are 4 steps for you:

4 Steps to use Joker AI Scalper

Total Time: 1 hour

Step 1: Apply the Joker AI Scalper indicator to your trading chart.

monitor joker

It doesn’t cost you a lot of time, you only need to follow the detailed PDF instruction, which every buyer will receive.

Step 2: When the indicator generates a BUY or SELL signal, enter a trade in that direction

Joker AI Scalper Chart 01

When it generate a Buy or Sell Signal, you can see a Violet arrow or a Green Arrow. And in the smart informer system, which is on the top right, you can see the Signal is Sell or Buy. So, you can follow from them.

Step 3: Take Profit/Stop Loss Based on Joker Exit Feature

Joker Exit e1712616336151

You can see the Line with Joker icon, this is where you should exit and close the trade.

Step 4: Do it Over and Over


There will be an information system for you, which can be from sounds, email, or a mobile phone push notification. So, even if you are not online, the tool can still notify you so you can enter a trade.

Estimated Cost: 147 USD


  • Any forex broker that supports MT4 Indicator


  • Joker AI Scalper forex indicator

Materials: PDF instruction from Karl

And very important, you need to choose your Trading style, which is up to 3 inside the indicator.


  • Safety = Maximum
  • Trend Detection = Standard

>> Low Risk


  • Signals FREQUENCY = HIGH
  • Safety = Optimal
  • Trend Detection = Sensitive

>> Moderate Risk


  • Safety = Low
  • Trend Detection = Highly Sensitive

>> High Risk

The Indicator


You can receive clear buy and sell signals from the Mt4 indicator: When the “Joker AI Scalper” generates a signal, you’ll see either a light green arrow for a sell signal or a purple arrow for a buy signal. Hence, to determine what to do next on your trade, you can look at these clear signals. The “Joker AI Scalper” is built on a foundation of advanced technology, which will ensure reliability and stability for your trading.

With this indicator, you can choose between four different trading styles: conservative, medium, aggressive, or custom. You can manually change the indicator’s frequency and sensitivity using the Custom option to make it your own.


An Adaptive Take Profit Levels will be present. You can see that the indicator displays two adaptive take profit levels (TP1 and TP2) on your chart, which are marked by lines and numbered circles. When a take profit level is reached, the corresponding numbered circle appears, indicating the optimal exit point.

Joker Exit and Emergency Exit: The “Joker AI Scalper” also includes a Joker Exit (marked by a yellow diamond) and an Emergency Exit (marked by a red symbol) to help you effectively manage your positions and minimize risk.

Furthermore, you can be sure that the information is accurate because neither the signals nor the take-profit/stop-loss level will ever repaint.

For those who would like to enhance their trading results, they even give you the option to open two orders, one at the moment when a new main signal is generated and the other when optimal entry appears. Thus, you’ll get almost twice as much, and you can rely on it since the signal is confirmed!

Joker AI Scalper Review – Pricing

There’s no upsell for the product. Basically, you can choose one of these two package. The Joker AI Scalper and the Kit version (The EA tool)

The price is a usual package (no automated EA bot) is at $147/one time price. And the price for the Kit package (inclusive of automated EA Bot) is at $247/one time price.


Joker AI Scalper Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, the indicator Joker AI Scalper is not a scam despite the hype advertisement on its salespage. The reason why i say it’s not a scam is because i see that the system works and i see the the accurate level is moderately good.

Mini Frequently Asked Questions

Joker AI Scalper Indicator Evaluation
joker ai scalper review

Hey and welcome to my Joker AI Scalper review, an fx indicator from Karl Dittman, does it actually work, is it worth the price, which i can show you in

Price: 147

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, OSX, MT4

Application Category: BusinessApplication

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