K Money Mastery Review-Good and Bad Points

Product Name : K Money Mastery

Creator : Stefan James Pylarinous

Price : $67 , Upsell : Full Disclosure: $47/month , 24 hours book: $17 ,Kindle VA training : $197

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Before getting started about K Money Mastery,let’s know some background

Who is Stefan James,the Owner of K Money Mastery?

  • 7 Figures Internet Marketer (not only by kdp but also by affiliate and dropshipping)
  • Founder of Morning Ritual Mastery – guide to master your energy
  • Good Friend of John Crestani ,Founder of Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System
  • Also the owner of K Optimizer,Software for Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Especially The One Who Created some Health Supplement Product

What Is K Money Mastery?

K Money Mastery is short for Kindle Money Mastery,it is a course that specializes in Kindle Direct Publishing. It is a step by step training course for complete newbies to internet marketing that generates him $8,000/month. In addition,this training is aim at people who want to make money for a very long-term. Therefore,if you are finding a get rick quick,k money mastery is not. In the front end course,he will mainly teach you about SEO,Facebook and Twitter in order to market your ebook. Inside the training,he instructs people how to create an e-book or outsource it outside. Besides,there are 21 modules that instruct step-by-step with downloadable PDF file after each module.

Who Should Join The K Money Mastery?

  • Complete newbie to internet marketing
  • Affiliate marketer who wants to grow their traffic (because kdp is a good source)
  • Internet Marketer who wants to become richer
  • If you are not finding a get rick quick scheme or fake guru
  • People who don’t report scam whenever they see upsells
  • If you can prepare some investment (especially for outsourcing)

What You Get Inside The Training of K Money Mastery?

1.Front-End Course ($67)

After joining the K Money Mastery,you will access to the main 21 modules.

Lesson 1 : Finding a Profitable Niche

The first lesson is finding a profitable niche for KDP. Actually,this lesson is easy to understand even a 5-years old kid can understand because he teaches clearly.

Lesson 2 : Keyword Research

In this lesson,he will instruct you about keyword research in order to help you with search engine optimization. He painstakingly about Amazon SEO so that people can understand the rule

Lesson 3: Creating A Tittle That Sells

In this lesson of the K Money Mastery,Stefan teaches you how to create a tittle for keyword search and make people need to buy. In addition,he analyzes some bad tittles to avoid. Actually,that’s a long tittle.

Lesson 4 : Designs A Cover That Sellls

Having a stunning cover will not only impress people but also the Amazon. Outsourcing a high quality cover will cost you $20 or more. Don’t judge a book based on its cover is not correct in Amazon Kindle,Stefan will also explain about that.

Lesson 5 : Kindle Book Creation

That is the most important part of K Money Mastery,when he instructs you how to outsource a book inexpensively. He recommends you to outsource with $3/hour,he doesn’t recommend you to create your own.

Lesson 6 : Preparing Your Book To Publishing

It’s a fast step when he shows you how to choose the right format.

Lesson 7 : Creating a KDP account

Together with Lesson 1,2,3 and 6, this step is very fast but it seems like he teaches too clear.

Lesson 8 : Publishing Your Book On Kindle

Another fast step of K Money Mastery is this step when he shows you how to publish. In addition,he reveals his trick on how to optimize their books for high rankings on Amazon.

Lesson 9 : Viewing Your Kindle Book

In this lesson,Stefan shows his student how to view their kindle books on Amazon’s kindle platform in order to see the rank. He also shows people how to carry out necessary updates to make their books look and rank better.

Lesson 10 : Getting Amazon Reviews

At first,he teaches you how to get positive reviews to boost the rankings and get more sales. After that,he explains about verified and unverified reviews. In Amazon Kindle,the more 5 star reviews,the more chance for you to make sales.

Lesson 11 :Marketing Your Book on KDP Select

This is a very step by step lesson when Stefan give his key strategies to get ranks

Lesson 12 : Using Twitter and Facebook To Promote Your Book

In this lesson of K money mastery,he introduces how to use social media to promote and market the kindle books. Additionally,Stefan shows his students how to employ Twitter and Facebook to get traffic.

Lesson 13: Additional Book Promotion Strategies

This lesson is some further strategies besides Facebook and Twitter. Of course,it’s easy to take action

Lesson 14 : Boosting Your Amazon Keyword Rankings

In this lesson,he reveals more ways so as to boost your rankings. Actually,one of the most important part of KDP is to boost your ranking to top 3 and keep it.

Lesson 15 : Setting Up Your Account Author

It’s like to get more trust from your readers.

Lesson 16 : Monetizing Your Kindle Ebook

He shows a bunch of ways to monetize your kindle ebook and even reveals his strategies to apply to a book that isn’t selling as much as desired in order to make it sell.

Lesson 17 : Creating A Series of Books And Monetizing The Back Ends

In KDP,the amount of pages of each ebook is 29-30. Instead of making 1 ebook at 120 pages,he recommend you to make 4 ebook at 30 pages to create a series. Of course,this strategies is effective.

Lesson 18 : Dealing With Negative Review

In Amazon Kindle,it’s hard to avoid negative review especially if your book doesn’t meet your audiences’s expectation. Stefan instructs you how to deal with them in order to make your book better.

Lesson 19 : Scaling Up Your Kindle Book and Make More Money

Stefan talks about scaling up income level by outsourcing some of the kindle-related publication. It’s like you are learning from your mistakes so as to make money for a long term process.

Lesson 20 : How To Make Your Books Profitable Long-Term

Like other internet marketing bussiness,KDP is a very long term process. Getting rank number #1 is hard while keeping it even harder. He will also point out some reasons why your ebook stop making sales and how to fix.

Lesson 21 : How To Track,Manage and Optimize Your Kindle Ebook

In the last lesson of K Money Mastery,he will introduce his software K Optimizer in order to make money passively. This software will make your KDP process easier but the price is not really interesting

Upsell : There are 3 upsells of the K Money Mastery,one of them is a monthly payment

OTO #1: 24 Hours Book ($27 if you buy directly, $17 if you buy as an upsell)

In the first upsell of K Money Mastery,Stefan shows you 10 simple steps to write a kindle ebook within 24 hours. This upsell is for those who don’t want outsource ebook outside. There are 11 step-by -step video together with PDFs explaining for you  his entertaining way. He also introduce about paperback and hardcopy book and how to come up with a topics. Of course,you do the research.

OTO #2 : K Money Mastery Full Disclosure ($47/month)

After buying this upsell,you will get access to his private FB group. In Amazon Kindle,reviews is always the key to get more sales. The fastest way to do that is to set your e-book as a free ebook and the members of that group will review your ebook . Especially,he will review your book himself,just of kind of cheating.

On the other hand,the techniques you learn from this membership is much more advanced than the front end K Money Mastery. Exactly what you get inside is:

  • Advanced video lessons show you out of the box Kindle techniques and he will also update month-to month
  • Eye-opening and insightful interviews with Kindle Publishing Gurus (just like case studies)
  • Access to his Kindle Lab and see firsthand how he experiment with new ideas and new techniques in order to expand your knowledge and translate it into more money into your Kindle account.
  • Access to his HD videos to see how he review other book and provide feedback and how to boost sale
  • Kindle Q&A video series

OTO 3 : Kindle VA Training Program ($197)

Most of the value of K Money Mastery is coming from here. Stefan creates this program in order to introduce you the future of Kindle bussiness. In this training,firstly,he opens his curtains of outsourcing process and show you HOW you can hire, train and create a loyal team of virtual assistant that will help you to expand your Kindle business FASTER, so that you can make MORE sales in LESS time.

When you join the front end of K Money Mastery,Stefan instruct you outsource ebook in upwork with $3/hour. However,with that low price,it’s nearly impossible to get a high quality and valuable ebook towards your audiences.

Let’s discover what you get inside

  • A complete, instructional video program on how to hire, train and manage your own team of VA’s so that they run 95% of the tasks for you
  • The same Training Videos and Standard Operating Procedures (documents) that he uses to train his VA’s to successfully execute
  • How he succeed in some important tasks such as formatting, publishing, getting Amazon reviews, submitting to directories, setting free promotions, promoting in Twitter and Facebook, CreateSpace
  • A smart way on how to interview your virtual assistant so that you always pick up the best guys on the block
  • The fatest way to scale and expand (in order to help you produce 10,20 or 30 per month)
  • How to leave the mundane and repetitive tasks of your Kindle business to others

That’s a vital in Amazon Kindle
And This (for Virtual Assitant)

Inside the K Money Mastery Virtual Assistant Training,he will also give you this

This PDFs ebook is a list of  best and most reliable Fiverr gigs that will allow you to grow further your Kindle publishing business. Like i mentioned above,Stefan instructs you to outsource in Upwork . Fiverr doesn’t have hourly service,just fixed price only but you need to know who is the best of them.

Pros of The K Money Mastery

  • It’s too easy to understand even a 5 years old kid can understand
  • He instructs you on how to grow a Kindle bussiness for a very long-term
  • Stefan teaches you Search Engine Optimization for KDP
  • He goes over about taxes,rules and how to gain trust in Amazon Kindle
  • You can learn getting traffic with 2 friendly source : Facebook and Twitter
  • He even instructs how to get rank to top 3 and keep it at the top
  • Each lesson you have a PDF cheatsheet that helps you implement much easier
  • You can also create a series of ebook to boost sale
  • He mention about reviews in KDP

Cons of The K Money Mastery

1.Buying an Upsell is nearly a Must

In Amazon Kindle,there ‘s one thing clearly,no review,no money. Let’s think,how can you get those positive and verified review from,don’t tell me that you are waiting until someone buy and do it. No,you need to join the Full Disclosure membership in order to get reviews from him and members as a cheating. In addition,in the front end course,he instruct you on how to hire with a cheap price,honestly,it’s hard to expect a high quality ebook.

Like i have told you before,K money mastery is full of easy content that even a kid can understand. Therefore,if you want to make money,you need an advanced training to implement that work.

2.There’s a lot of expenses you need

You will not only need to buy to upsell but also invest in some expenses for this bussiness. In the module 21,he introduces you his software to manage and track your KDP bussiness. Besides,the most important part of KDP is to create and publish an ebook and the quality is a key. You can not expect to get a good writer at a cheap price,it should be $10,$20 or even more per hour.

Final Verdict

In summary,K Money Mastery is legit training course if you want to do the internet marketing. With this kind of bussiness,you can expect to make money for a very long term. The training is easy as much as a kid can understand. Registering or not,it’s ultimately yours. But keep it mind,you will need to prepare a lot of initial budget and even buy an upsell to make money with KDP. Don’t worry about KDP,this is a gold mine and the future,people are buying and buying kindle ebook instead of researching something else outside.

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