Keysearch Pro Review-Ultimate SEO Keyword Tools-Good And Bad Points

Keyword research is one of the most important part that affects in your website’s ranking. However,it’s not an easy job because you have to choose a long tail with low competition keyword. Keysearch Pro is a good selection for those who wants to focus on SEO and it has a very competitive price. Today,i will make a review on Keysearch Pro so that you know exactly what you get inside and its features.

  • Ease Of Use
  • Effectiveness
  • Support
  • Price

keysearch pro

What is Keysearch Pro?

Keysearch Pro is one of the newest keyword tools developed by Dan Pfeffer and his dedicated networker team. My first impression of Keysearch is the interface when it is very clean.  As you can see in the video,you can run keyword research and competition analysis simultaneously.

In this article,i will talk about main functions and features of Keysearch Pro as well as its cons

  • Keyword Research and Keysearch Brainstorm
  • Link Analysis,URL metrics
  • Difficulty Checker and Competition Analysis
  • Rank Tracking
  • Youtube Research
  • API/Reporting

1.Keyword Research

What i love about this feature is that it is very fast and only takes a few second to complete. Especially you can search multiple keyword at the same time. There are some sources for you can choose the data from and each are good for some vital task such as finding high volume or long tail keyword. Four main sources for you to choose the right keyword are Keyword Planner,Google,Bing,Yahho suggest,Competitors Keyword and Other Ad Networks.
Keyword Planner : Like other keyword tools,once you search for a keyword,there’s a many other keyword ideas. This will show the monthly volume and and another important factor,CPC.
Google,Bing and Yahoo Suggest : there is no doubt when they are 33% of your website’s getting traffic process.
Competitors Keywords : This will show you whether its competition is easy or hard in order to help you choose the right plan.
Other Ads Network : It’s just an additional from ad network so as to the the CPC campaign (paid traffic)

Other Features

Additionally,there are many source for you to do the Keyword Research Step : Keyword Competition Score,Bulk Difficulty Checker,Deep Analysis,Keyword Comparison,Keysearch Pro History,Filter and especially Domain Check.
Keyword Competition Score is a must have tool for those who wants to use free traffic when it displays a number from 1 to 100. Of course,green is easy,yellow is medium and red is difficult.
Bulk Difficulty Checker : it’s seems like which one you should use.
Deep Analysis : some beginner may not know this feature but it is actually important. When you click on the button,it will display TF, CF, Alexa, Age, Social Media stats and LSI Keywords.
Keyword Comparison : in order to help you compare which keyword you choose much easier.
Keysearch Pro History :store the data on 7 recent days
Filter : so as to choose the keyword with your condition . For example : competition lower than 50, CPC higher than $1 or volume higher than 500.
Exact Domain Check : if you are finding keyword domain ,but please understand it’s not domain match

Link Analysis

This is a great feature of Keysearch Pro. There are 2 useful functions such as Backlink Checker and URL Metrics. This function is for advanced SEO with important metrics like Page Authority, Domain Authority, Moz Rank, Domain Rank, Unique Links and Auth Links.
The URL metrics allow yous to do the checking list of URls to analyze your competitors.
Watch The Video to understand its features

Rank Checker

Normally,with an affordable price with this keyword tool,it’s nearly impossible to expect a rank checker feature but this one has.  It will not only help you keep track of your ranking but also increase its,just simply enter the URL and keyword.

At present,it can only track Google Search Engine and you can keep track 20-100 keywords depends on how much keyword you choose. In addition,you cancreate a report for clients or your own use.

Youtube Research

This is a very brand new feature and certainly Keysearch Pro is unique for this. Like Google keyword,it also display keyword research,difficulty score and competition analysis but with Youtube only.

Pricing and Plan of Keysearch Pro

There are two pricing plans of KeySearch Pro : you can choose Starter Plan or Pro Plan,it depends on your budget. And if you Activate The Coupon Code : KSDISC ,the price will even cheaper. The feature of both Starter and Pro is the same but with Pro you will do the research more considerably.

Pros of Keysearch Pro

  • Competitive Price
  • No Feature Restrictions Based On Plan (so that you can choose one of them,not compulsory for the Pro)
  • Clean and Friendly for all users
  • Youtube Research Data (in order to perform video marketing)
  • Keyword Competitiveness Analysis
  • Convenient bulk check for keyword difficulty and link analysis
  • Nice Support (because you don’t need to wait too long)
  • Keyword Ranking,URL metrics and Backlink Analysis
  • Creating a Report and Even Brainstorm Keyword Ideas

Cons of Keysearch Pro

1.Daily Quota
What i really don’t like about Keysearch is daily quota because you will have limitations on how much you can find per day.
2.Limited Keyword For Rank Tracker
In my opinion,it should be unlimited,i don’t like pressure.
3.Sometimes Keywords Don’t Load Correctly 

Final Verdict

In a nutshell,Keysearch Pro is a good tool for those who wants to drive traffic by Google,Bing,Yahoo and Youtube SEO. Besides,this tool has a more affordable price when comparing with other tools in the market. Despite the price,it doesn’t lack of advanced SEO research. Best of all,this is a good place who wants to go in depth about link tracking,URL checking or Backlink.

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