Keyword Supremacy Review and Example-Nice Keyword Tool To Try


Product : Keyword Supremacy

Creator : Herc Magnus

Price : $47,$97 or $197/one time

Do I Recommend : Yes especially for those who want to save money for a long-term

On internet marketing,there are two types of traffic,free or paid traffic. With free traffic,it won’t cost you money but it costs you time,effort and energy. However,free traffic with SEO is not easy and it requires some skill. On SEO,content is king,so that keyword is queen. Therefore,you have to choose the right keywords to get rank and to make money for a long-term. There’s a lot of keyword tools in the market such as Semrush,Jaaxy,Keysearch Pro,Kwfinder,Long Tail Pro,ec.

But there’s one thing to know,they are all monthly or yearly recurring price. Fortunately,Keyword Supremacy is a lifetime access so that you can save money for a long-term. Now,let’s check out My Keyword Supremacy review so as to know exactly what it is and inside the members’s area.

What Is Keyword Supremacy?

At first,it’s a keyword research tool just like many other keyword tool in the market. However,what makes Keyword Supremacy become different is a lifetime access,not a recurring price. In addition,it has some advanced features that no tool offer like eCom keyword research,alphabet,affiliate and local research. Besides,there are up to 6 search engines for you to research.

Who Is Keyword Supremacy For?

  • You who are looking for keyword ideas to get rank
  • If you can’t afford for monthly or yearly keyword tools
  • Those who want to use 2 keywords research tool simultaneously
  • If you are targeting specific,local buyers (for instance : Gambling UK,Skincare CAD,Diet UK,…)
  • You need a keyword list for Bing Ads or Google Adwords
  • People who are finding a friendly keyword research tool so as to manage comfortably
  • Especially if you are targetting people in some cities in US,CAD
  • You are running an authority site
  • People who are running a dropshipping,e-commerce or FBA bussiness

Main Features and Members’s Area of Keyword Supremacy

At first,take a look inside the members’ dashboard.

1.Keyword Search

In my opinion,this is the best feature of Keyword Supremacy. It does offer many features while other tools don’t. No Credit deducted when you do keyword research,don’t worry.

As you can see from the picture above,there are up to 6 metrics,nearly no tool does. Especially with Amazon,eBay and Alibaba is your suppliers and marketplaces if you run FBA bussiness.

1.Local Keyword Search

This is a special feature of Keyword Supremacy because it’s the first the offer. However,you can only target cities and states on US and CAD. But you know,they are the biggest market and nearly most CPA campagin target those place. For example,i will enter the keyword Hvac and target California,let’s see.

And then,you will see a list of long-tail keywords (high-converting keywords) appear. After that,just simply click on Get Group Metrics.

This will estimate CPC,Competition,Global Monthly search and Local Monthly Search. Now,i will check keyword where to buy at Texas for instance.

And you will see a bunches of keywords,because the keyword is where to buy  🙂

Amazing,right,a lot of keywords to target. And then,just simply click on Get Group Metrics to get CPC,Search Volume and Competition. If you click on a group,it charges 0,05 credit while clicking on the whole chart charges 1 credit.

2.Affiliate Keyword Research

This is certainly what you are always searching for. Being an affiliate,sooner or later,you have to add value and post articles regularly to get rank. Let’s think,how you do that,it depends on how effectively you use the keywords and also your content. Thanks to Keyword Supremacy,you have a list of keywords ideas to target. Let’s think,you post articles and add value frequently together with long-tail keywords,sooner or later,you will get rank. And especially if you are running email marketing campaign,you can even build a huge relationship.

Check out Affilojetpack and Inbox Blueprint to understand how important it is.

Firstly,it doesn’t target any states and cities,it targets a country and the whole world.

Now,let’s check the keyword weight loss with a

Awersome,right,a lot of long tail keywords that certainly you can’t brainstorm. And remember,it only charges one credit for all metrics.

Now,let’s check a keyword best % for muscle (one of the best affiliate niche so far)

Once again,just click on Get Group Metrics or Get All Metrics to get information.

Lastly,check out the Payday Loan keywords list (the highest paying out niche)

If you can notice,Keyword Supremacy makes a list of keywords based on alphabet. But instead of kw + alphabet,it can brainstorm keyword at the beginning,the middle or the end.


Every keyword research tools has Filter feature and so does Keyword Supremacy. You can filter Competition,Global,Local monthly search and CPC.

4.First 10 Google’s URL Keyword

For example,i will check the keyword How To Lose Arm Fast,this action doesn’t require credits or metrics.And you will see the list of top 10 Url of a keyword.

I sincerely advice you to check their meta,tittle and even content in order to get idea. But remember,no duplicate their content,Google will penalize you. Don’t forget content is king,not a keyword.

5.Saved Keyword List

Save keyword will make it easier to add your keyword into Bing Ads. At first,go to the keyword search,just click the plus button so as to save your keyword.

Tips : When using Keyword Supremacy’s credit,after to grab metrics,choose all keyword and click on save keywords to save your credit

6.Domain Checker

If you haven’t already registered a domain yet,don’t worry because Keyword Supremacy has domain availability checker

7.Queue Search

Actually,it’s like a list of keyword you saved based on the alphabet,ec.

Upsell of Keyword Supremacy

On internet marketing,upsell is simple and i’m not surprise when a lifetime access product has upsell. Besides buying more credits,there are two upsells.

OTO 1 : Pro Ecom Upgrade ($67/lifetime access)

This upsell is all about e-commerce bussiness. If you are seriously about this bussiness,you can buy and if not,please don’t buy. A droppshipping,e-commerce and FBA does require time,energy and certainly budget,please consider.

OTO 2 : Local Coaching ($97/lifetime)

It’s a coaching program about keyword research but in local targetting.

OTO 3 : Buy More Credit ($197 or $297)

If you want to get more credit in order to search volume,competition and CPC,you can buy the credit. Please note that credit doesn’t charge when you research,it charges when you grab metrics. As i adviced before,save keyword whenever you research.

The 2 Credit Package are Kepler Galaxy ($197/750 credits) and Kepler Universe ($297/1500 credits).

Pros of Keyword Supremacy

  • Up to 6 Metrics (so far the first to offer)
  • Easy to use
  • It’s a lifetime access (so that it saves money for a long-term)
  • Domain Availability Research
  • Fast Load
  • Local Keyword Search
  • Can target many google’s countries
  • Can also track the top 10’s google url selected Keyword
  • Save Keyword Easily

Cons of Keyword Supremacy

1.The Credit

Definitely this keyword tool has credit because if you can grab metrics comfortably,other tools will extinct. Keyword Supremacy is for you to do the research and to find a long-tail keyword. Personally,i don’t think this other tools such as Jaaxy, Semrush, Kwfinder, and Keysearch. Once again,i reminded,credit deduces when you grab metrics,not doing a research.

2.Not Ideal for Competition Analysis

Despite having capability to track top 10 ranking of a selected keyword,this tool is not an ideal to analyze your competitior. Like i mentioned before,it’s a tool for researching long-tail keyword to target.

Final Verdict

In summary,Keyword Supremacy is a great keyword research tool for those who want to save money for a long-term. However,don’t use this tool wastelessly and always remember to save your keyword into keyword list or excel to get information. Trust me,with a bunch of keyword and 0.05 credit per group and 1 credit for all keywords,you can post up to hundred of articles. I highly recommend this tool for those who are setting up email marketing campaign because you can easily add value and build relationship towards your audiences. Keyword Supremacy is also great if you running an authority blog or dropshipping,e-commerce bussiness.

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