KW Finder Review-Affordable and Great Keyword Research for SEO

Product Name : Kwfinder
Creator : Mangools
Price : Starting from $12,24/month when bill yearly
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

  • Ease Of Use
  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Templates

KWFinder - find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty
On internet marketing,SEO is always one of the best way to get traffic because it remains stable for a long-term. However,there’s a lot of competitors out there and their websites appear sooner than you. Therefore,you need to build a list of keyword to get rank with some specific keyword. Content is king,keyword is queen so that you need to choose to right keywords for SEO. Kwfinder is an affordable Keyword research tool and it’s especially friendly for all users. Let’s check out My Kwfinder  review so as to decide get it or not.

What Is Kwfinder?

At first,it’s a keyword research tool to help you find long tail keywords and low SEO difficulty. This is also one of the most popular keyword research thanks to the price,ease of using. Secondly,like Semrush,Jaaxy and Keysearch,Kwfinder can analyze your competitors and track your positions. It’s actually a good replacement for Semrush and because of affordable price. Of course,it’s much better than Google Keyword Planner.

Who Is Kwfinder For?

  • Complete Newbies to internet marketing
  • If you want to build an authority website
  • Intermediate and Experienced internet marketers who want to save a lot of budget
  • You are running an Amazon Affiliate Website
  • Especially Nice for dropshipping,e-commerce,FBA and shopify bussiness
  • You don’t need backlink in order to get rank (yes,not always neccessary)
  • People who are looking for a long-tail keywords and low difficulty keywords
  • If you also need to track your website
  • You are running Bing Ads,Google Ads or Yahoo Ads
  • Affiliate marketers who want to target specific local audiences (for instance : Skincare UK,Diet US,Casino Netherland)

Main Features of Kwfinder


This feature will give you a list of keywords and related keywords according to Google API. For example,i will check a long tail keyword “how to lose weight after pregnancy” and “best coffee grinder”
kwfinder suggestion
kwfinder suggestion
As you can see from these pictures,you can search a local keywords and languages. Kwfinder reveals many important elements such as monthly search,trend,CPC,PPC and difficulty. Clearly,it’s much more intelligent to choose a keyword with green light rather than red light.
In addition,the serpchecker is really nice to analyze your competitors.

Once you research for a keyword,this tool will automatically track your competitors. Additionally,it reveals DA,PA,SEO competition. Recently,Kwfinder has added the new feature serpwatcher in order to track your ranking.


Another cool feature from kwfinder is autocomplete. It’s actually like you are finding a phrase match keyword
kwfinder autocomplete
This tool will help you find more specific customer that are serious about buying any products. Autocomplete can also help you to get more ideas with seed keyword,keyword in your niches that you can’t brainstorm.
If you have already used Ubersuggest,you may get used to this kind of keyword research.


In addition to autocomplete and suggestion is Question. This feature works the best whenever you add value to your audiences. On internet marketing,there is no doubt when the more value you add,the more money you make and answer the question is a good way.
kwfinder question
kwfinder question kwfinder question
Instead of just thinking about a question,why not check to determine which is a high volume question. If you are setting up a campaign with email marketing,building relationship is a great way to get more sales. Check out Inbox Blueprint so as to understand how important it is.

4.Keyword Difficulty and Filter

SEO difficulty is extremely important because it helps you decide whether choose a keyword or not. Of course,each keyword tool will have its own data and estimation. Don’t worry about reliability of Kwfinder because it updates manually.
kwfinder difficulty
However,you can not check difficulty of all keywords at the same time. You have to click every single keyword you want to target.

In addition,you can use Filter to choose a keyword that you are looking for
kwfinder filter
But hey,always take note that content is king,keyword is queen.
For example,i will check a keyword breast pumb
kw finder filter
And here’s what it should look like after that
kwfinder apply filter
kwfinder serpchecker

Pricing Plan

Presently,there are there kind of pricing plan,monthly and yearly. With yearly plan,you will get up to %50 discount. Once you subscribe to Kwfinder,you will also get access to serpchecker and serpwatcher.
kwfinder monthly price
kwfinder yearly prices
However,what i don’t like about Kwfinder is a daily quota and it’s not too many.
kwfinder daily quota
kwfinder daily quota

Bonus From Me

To make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Kwfinder through my referal link .Just simply buy and then contact me with your name and your receipt. I will check and give you immediate access after that. Basically,these are all you need after buying Kwfinder.

1.Expert SEO and Backlinking (Value At $67)

This huge package is a complete collection of useful material for your online business like training guide with awesome strategies, audio files etc. It also has a checklist for your assistance.

2.The Accidental Blogging Millionaire (Value At $47)

Kwfinder Bonus
This is a 25 pages ebook showing what a successful affiliate blog should look like. In addition,it also instructs you how to avoid mistakes and how to write articles that convert.

3.SEO Keyword Mastery (Value At $47)

Kwfinder Bonus
This is a highly useful ebook instructs you how to master SEO keywords to get rank with them. When you combine with keyword on Kwfinder,it’s a win-win to your traffic.

4.The Essential Guide To Blog Flipping (value At $47)

Kwfinder Bonus
Inside this useful ebook,you will learn about How to flip a blog… from doing research, setting up WordPress,Ideas for coming up with a great niche/topic,How to make your blog irresistible to buyers ,filling your blog with juicy content and more.

5.Authority Blog Success (Value At $27)

This is another ebook showing you how to monetize your blog the correct way. There is no doubt than blogging is the ultimate way to make money ethically and you will implement that after reading this ebook.

6.Get Blogging Results (Value At $47)

Kwfinder Bonus
This is a 32 pages ebook that helps you become a better blogger. Inside this ebook,you have lessons about content,relationships,how to promote and market your blog,etc.

7.Easy Blogging Success (Value At $47)

Kwfinder Bonus
Inside this report you will learn how to start and launch your own successful blog.
What’s more, I’ve tried to make blogging as simple and straightforward as possible, with practical advice that you can start implementing today. You will also learn:

  • How to come up with ideas for blog content – and how to write engaging posts that keep your readers coming back for more.
  • The best ways to monetize your blog.
  • Methods to drive traffic to your blog.

8.Page One Ranking Formula (Value At $67)

Kwfinder Bonus
This is a highly professional ebook showing you what to do so as to get rank #1 on Google. Inside this report,you will learn advanced tips to get backlink,build content and generate social signals.

9.Buyers Keywords Profit Formula (Value At $67)

Kwfinder Bonus
Besides content and keywords,you also need target buying-intent keywords the correct way. Traffic combine with copywriting will become high conversion if you know how to use them.

10.AdWords Annihilation (Value At $67)

Kwfinder Bonus
Besides SEO,you should also deal with paid trafic and PPC is good for long tail keywords. Inside this highly professional ebook,you will learn how to conduct proper keyword research,Bidding strategy and budget management tips,How to analyze your results and improve your campaigns,What keywords should you bid on,How can you test your campaigns,What factors make a high converting landing page,How can you increase your profit from PPC ads and more.

11.Article Magic (Value At $47)

Kwfinder Bonus
Remember,your articles are the major of your online revenue. So,if you combine long tail keywords with this method,you will get rank fast and stable.
And these are my bonuses if you buy Kwfinder through my referal link. If you need more,feel free to contact me and bring me your receipt.

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Pros of Kwfinder

  • Affordable Price (especially with yearly plan)
  • Nice support (you will never wait too long)
  • Keyword research,keyword checker and watcher in the same package
  • Multiple research options for unique keyword opportunities
  • Probably the most intuitive UI of any keyword research tool on the market
  • Web-based application – bypassing most compatibility issues
  • Strong data aggregation for keyword analysis
  • Really Reliable (because it updates manually)
  • Friendly Template

Cons of Kwfinder

  • Daily Quota (so that you have to manage your keyword effectively and scientifically)
  • No Backlink Checker
  • Not Really Ideal for Competition Analysis
  • A little bit annoying when you check difficulty (cause you have to click every single data)

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Kwfinder is definitely a good keyword research tool for internet marketers who are using SEO traffic. It’s highly affordable and also friendly for all users. What i love about this tool is reliability and additional Keyword Rank Tracking and Competitor’s keywords. Personally,i highly recommend this tool if you are building an authority affiliate site,e-commerce, dropshipping site or at least you are working with SEO.

Get Kw Finder Free Trial Now 

(Don’t worry,no credit billed,just limited daily quota)


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