LeadGrab Review,Demo and Bonus-Great Tool For Building A Massive List

Product : LeadGrab
Creator : Mark Thompson (also the creator of EasyVSL,Pressplay)
Price : $97/one time purchase
Do I Recommend : Yes (especially for those who want to save money for a long-term)

Money in the list,remember,therefore,sooner or later,you have to build an email list. However,it’s not easy at all,there’s a lot of things you need. Besides a giveaway ebook (or any optin-bait),you really need a landing page and Lead Capture Form. But there’s one thing to know,the best services are not cheap,example,Clickfunnel,LeadPages or Instapage. I do agree that landing page is a good way to grow list but it’s not the only way. Lead Capture Form and Popup Optin Form is also effective and sometimes,it can replace those. LeadGrab is a useful and affordable Lead Capture and Optin Creator so as to help you grow your list fast. In addition,Leadgrab is a lifetime access,not a monthly-payment. Now,let’s check out my LeadGrab review and see its demo so that you know exactly what it is.

What Is LeadGrab?

leadgrab banner
At first,it’s a lead capture and optin form software created and developed by Mark Thompson. Not many people know this tool because the popularity of SumoMe,OptinMonster. Unlike those creator,Leadgrab is a lifetime access and it can especially charge unlimited clicks and views. Of course,being a lead capture,it has direct intergration with autoresponders (Getresponse,Mailchimp,ec). Like other popup optin form,Leadgrab has Exit Intend and Viral Sharing. What makes this software different is that it’s not only a lead capture form but it also a tool to navigate to any landing page (your personal or others’s). In addition,the templates from Leadgrab is various and higher converting than SumoMe and OptinMonster.

Who Is LeadGrab For?

leadgrab banner

  • You haven’t set up any email marketing once
  • You are running an FBA bussiness and want to take care of your customers (checkout FBA Ninja,Amazon Bootcamp)
  •  If you can’t afford to buy expensive landing page creators such as Clickfunnels,Instapage or Leadpages
  • You are running a CPL/CPA campagin (checkout SuperAffiliateSystem and Email Domination)
  • You are running an ecommerce site (check out Digital Cash Academy and Ecom Success Academy)
  • If you want to find a lead capture software that especially charge unlimited clicks,views
  • You are running an authority site (yes,it really work for that)
  • Your squeeze page is not high converting so that you want to fix
  • You are finding the most affordable premium lead capture form/optin form software

Main Features and Member Areas Of LeadGrab

Now,i won’t waste your time anymore,let’s see an example on how to create a lead capture form with Leadgrab and then see its features. Firstly,it’s not an application or a plugin,it’s a membership sites.
leadgrab optin
Once you log in,this is what you see first.
leadgrab dashboard
Now,we will create a form,at first,click on the Create New.
leadbrab snippet full screen
I will choose Snippet as an example.
leadgrab basic details
It’s that easy,if you have multiple signup-form,you can navigate your visitors into any landing pages you want. Actually,not all Lead Capture Form from Leadgrab exists in all posts and pages. If you just have an ebook (giveaway or bait),just simply enter a message confirm your subscription once they sign up.
What You See Is What You Get is a correct statements about Leadgrab.
Leadgrab Basic Details
After that,just simply integrate with your autoresponders (Getresponse,Mailchimp,ec).
leadgrab integration
In the image optin,you can add any photo or an ecover (high quality and good pixel).
Now,the next thing to do is to design your form.
leadgrab form design
Additionally,it can display any place you in various place.
Leadgrab Lead Form Design
Besides,you can share that form directly into Facebook or Twitter. If you have a fanpage,certainly you will benefit a lot. Facebook free traffic is still good,not bad as many people are thinking.
leadgrab sharing
Now,the last thing to do is to embed your code.
Leadgrab embed code

LeadGrab Full Screen

Leadgrab banner
Besides the snippet,you should also add the full screen to vary your sign up-form. Another idea you can think of,use snippet to the full screen page. It can be a good replacement for some annoying popups.
leadgrab fullscreen
Choose your favorite background after that.
leadgrab fullscreen background
And lastly,edit text and form for your own optin. Clearly,right,it’s a good replacement for some landingpage and squeeze page.
Leadgrab Fullscreen Text
Normally,you only see this landing page’s types of super or experienced internet marketer. And thanks to Leadgrab,you are the next one.

Additional Features From LeadGrab

leadgrab banner
That’s not all you get inside the $97 onetime purchase,there are some cool features you get.

1.A/B Split Testing

As a lead capture tool,having A/B Split Testing is a must and so does Leadgrab. Thanks to this compulsory features,you can see your campaigns,conversions as well as unique clicks,views.


Normally,no way all of your visitors enter their email and sign up to your list immediately,therefore,you need to retarget them. This software allows you to retarget your customers through Facebook,Google,Adroll,ec.

3.Exit Intent

Besides Split Testing,exit intent is really important. Whenever your visitors are about to exit,Leadgrab will automatically displaying.


Leadgrab Email Integration
As a lead capture software,email integration is a must. Leadgrab has integration with some of the most popular services such as Mailchimp,Getresponse,Infusionsoft,ec. However,this integration is not various,where is Convertkit,Drip.

Pricing and Upsell of Leadgrab

Now,let’s take a look at its price. The front-end price of Leadgrab is $97 and it’s a lifetime access without recurring fee.
Leadgrab comparison pricing
There’s no limitations so that you can confident to build your leads and lists.
Internet marketing is a long-term process,hence creators want to earn online income for a long-term. Like his other products,this one also have 3 upsells. All of them has the same price as $97.

1.OTO 1 : Leadgrab Agency or LeadGrab Agency + Whitelabel License ($97 or $97+$19/month)

Leadgrab OTO 1
It’s like you are selling your service to people. In my opinion,you don’t need to buy this upsell so that you can skip it. Don’t pay for anything you don’t need. Whitelabel is like you can sell Leadgrab to people as your own product.

2.OTO 2 : Email Spike ($97/onetime)

This is another product from Mark that helps you increase conversion directly on your newsletter. I will not talk a lot about Email Spike here,feel free to read my review and demo. This software allows you to add countdown timer and video presentation directly on your newsletter.

3.OTO 3 : List Eruption ($97/onetime)

Leadgrab OTO 3
This is another product from Mark that helps you create a landing page. Actually,it’s a wordpress plugin but there’s no limitation unlike OptimizePress,Thrive,etc. List Eruption is not available for sold directly anymore,you can only buy it as an upsell of Leadgrab.

My Bonuses With Leadgrab

In order to make your life much easier,i will give you my valuable bonuses if you buy this product through my affiliate link. This product is powered by Paykickstart so that once you complete your purchase,you will have immediate access to my exclusive bonuses. Basically,these bonuses are all you need after you buy Leadgrab.
1. Ten List Building Mistakes and How To Avoid
leadgrab bonus
When running an email marketing campaign,it’s hard for inexperienced to avoid mistakes. Leadgrab helps you build a list by using exit-intent technologies but it doesn’t help you manage your list. Always remember that the money is only in the list if you know how to use it. And if not,you are just wasting and bleeding your budget for autoresponder fee.
2.Lead Gen Pro WordPress Plugin (in order to replace landing page)
leadgrab lead gen pro
3.Facebook Lead Capture (can replace any lead capture form)
leadgrab bonus fb lead capture
4.Magic of 100% Commission (value At $47)
Leadgrabs Bonus

5.List Traffic Profits (value At $67)

Leadgrab Bonus
89% marketers rate email as their primary channel for acquiring paying clients or customers. Just imagine the countless growth opportunitiesthat are in store for you. So, to make your online money making journey smoother with Leadgrab I am giving you an additional booster. Inside this ebook, you will get a training guide on how to build a massive opt-in list and drive targeted traffic to your site and convert them into loyal customers without much hassles.

6.List Building With Stories (value At $47)

Leadgrab Bonus
This bonus will help you build list through storytelling and would enhance value of Leadgrab. List building is the hidden key to have a huge list of high paying customers and boost profits. So, to achieve these benefits, this package includes an info packed training guide that will help you build a mailing list through storytelling. Use it and take your business to the next level.

7.List Building Secrets (value At $127)

Leadgrab Bonus
List building is the hidden key to have a vast pool of high paying customers and boost profits on a long term basis. Keeping this in mind, this package has been created to provide everything you need to know about List building like choosing an autoresponder, creation of landing page, aggressive marketing, creation of squeeze page for boosting conversions and many more. When combined with Leadgrab, this package becomes a sure-shot business booster.

8.30 Days To Bigger Email List (value At $67)

Leadgrab Bonus
Besides some training guide above,you should also prepare an action plan. You build a list with Leadgrab and use this method to enlarge your list much easier. And you also have 30 days action checklist to implement the correct way.

9.Email Marketing Excellence (value At $147)

Leadgrab Bonus
This is another great ebook that helps you manage your emai list after collecting email from Leadgrab. Always keep in mind that you can only make money if you know what to do. On the other hand,i also prepare Action checklist,resource cheat sheet and mind map to help you understand.
And these are all of my bonuses if you buy Leadgrab through my referal link. You will get all bonuses instantly once you completed the front-end purchase

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Pros of Leadgrab

  • Easy to Use and To Customize
  • It’s A Lifetime Access and Also Affordable
  • Including A/B Split Testing,Tracking and Exit Intent
  • Various Themes and Templates
  • Including Both Snippet and Fullscreen
  • Viral Sharing with Facebook and Twitter
  • Retargeting Audiences
  • Good For CPA,CPL or Pay Per Call Offers

Cons of Leadgrab

  • Doesn’t Have Direct Integration with Convertkit,Active Campagin
  • The upsells have a little bit pricey (despite the front-end is good and upsells are not compulsory)

Final Verdict

In summary,Leadgrab is a great lead capture software for those who want to save money for a long-term. Besides,if you are running CPA,CPL or Pay Per Call campagin,having this tool is nearly a must. It’s simple to use and easy to customize but doesn’t lack conversions. Of course,i highly recommend Leadgrab to any internet marketers no matter who you are,it’s affordable and amazing.

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