Lurn Insider Review From Customers- A Great Email Marketing Training

Product : Lurn Insider
Creator : Anik Singal
Price : $5 Trial For The First 21 Days and Then $67/month
Do I Recommend : Highly Recommend No Matter Who You Are

  • 9/10
    Highly Recommended - 9/10

After successfully teaching a lot of students through some courses such as Inbox Blueprint,Publishing Academy,Anik Singal launches a new course Lurn Insider. Like those 2 courses above,Lurn Insider is also an email marketing training but in broader way. In addition,this training has a more affordable price. Now,check out my honest reviews so as to decide whether you join or not.

What Is Lurn Insider?

Firstly,this course is a 21 days system to help you build your online bussiness from scratch and monetize. Lurn Insider is actually Anik’s 13 years experience since he joined internet marketing. It’s a “101 level courses” to help you make money quickly so that newbies can start. Each week,Anik will host a live webinar to teach different techniques so as to build your bussiness further. Once you get inside the member area,there are three main phases for you.

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Main Training Inside Lurn Insider

Anik Singal is famous for being a master of email marketing and that’s exactly what he’s going to teach you. At first,this is a 21 days training system,but in my opinion,you can implement with less time.

Day 0 : Power Start Up 101

lurn insider phase 1
It’s not a training,it’s a time to invest in mind to get the right mindset before starting this bussiness. There are 5 videos advice on how to avoid frustration,jumping around and especially how to achieve your goal.

Day 1 and 2 :  Scaling Mind 60 Minutes Entrepreneurial Breakthrough

lurn insider day 12
Like Day 0,Day 1 and day 2 is also about mindset. He teaches you where to find to right mindset of entrepreneur.
lurn insider entrepreneur bootcamp
Of course,if you don’t like,it’s ok to skip this an go directly the the Profit Lab.

Profit Lab (Day 3 to 21)

lurn insider profit lab
Everything you need in order to build an online empire is coming from here. From day 3 to day 5,he mainly teaches about the basic on internet marketing and how to choose a niche for email marketing. And yeah,you can skip this  because he actually chose a niche for you.

After choosing your niche,the next part is to monetize and find offers to promote. In other word,it’s like you are building your first webpage,choosing products for a tripwire and map your email marketing funnel. Once finishing these step,the next thing to do is to create an optin page.
Anik Singal is a co-founder of Sendlane,so that he instructs you how to set up a campaign with Sendland inside Lurn Insider. However,Sendlane doesn’t offer free trial,so you can use Mailchimp or Getresponse as an alternative.
After setting up a campaign with your autoresponder,the next thing to do is to learn copywriting skill. This skill will affect to your articles,copy and email newsletter. Then you will learn how to write emails that convert,sell and attract.
In the training,Anik will cover both Free and Paid traffic. The main paid traffic sources are Facebook Ads and Solo Ads. Super affiliate marketing always track their clicks,sales and actions and Lurn Insider teaches about that. The tracking software he recommends is Clickperfect,which is created by his team.
Day 18,19,20 and 21 will go details about outsourcing and what’s to do to scale your bussiness up.

Skill Mastery Training

Skill is always necessary to build a successful online bussiness and good news,Anik teaches about this. There’s a lot of lesson to build your skill such as traffic,creating your own products and contents.

Unlike the mindset course and Profit Lab,those training are much more advanced so that anyone can expect to make money. And hey,each lesson will have assignment and small parts in order to help you keep track
Lurn Insider DPB lurn insider facebook Ads
As you can see from those pictures,he instructs very details those advanced training so that no way you feel overwhelmed.

Phase 2 : Tool Insiders

lurn insider tools
At first,he makes a list of his recommendation resources. In addition,every week,Anik Singal will create a live webinar training (including Q&A).
lurn insider toolkit
And that’s not all you get because Lurn Insider has a bunch of valuable bonuses.
Notes: the weekly webinar will cover some topics such as PPC ads,Facebook Ads,Email marketing,SEo,Ecommerce,..

Bonuses Inside Lurn Insider

1.6 Week Bootcamp

This is a 6 week fast track to help you build a successfully email marketing bussiness. There are three sessions about creating optin page,tracking,outsourcing and promoting.

2.Niche Detective

This is certainly what you are needing for an online bussiness. As i mentioned before,Anik has already chosen the niches for you and you just need to choose some of them. They are all Done For You research,so that you just need to post articles,send email and add value.

3.Offer Masters

lurn insider offer master
One of the most popular mistakes that many affiliate marketers are making so far is choose to wrong offers. For example,you should know the right offer in a tripwire page and email newsletter.

4.Email Master Clubs

This is a 4 hours training about intermediate and advanced email marketing techniques.
lurn insider email masterclub lurn insider email masterclub

5. $1 Million Dollar Case Studies

That’s exactly the system that Anik used so as to reach that money.
lurn insider case studies
And That’s all you get inside a $67/month package.

Bonus From Me

In order to make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Lurn Insider through my special link. Unlike some people,the bonus i add for Lurn Insider is what people need after they buy. And i don’t require you to buy upsells of Lurn Insider to access all of the bonuses. Just simply buy and then contact me with your name and your receipt. Then i will check and give you direct access.

1. Content Marketing Booster (Value At $47)

Content is king,so that you need to create a high quality and valuable content to make money. Anik Singal is a wizard in terms of email marketing and he also focuses a lot about relationship. When building relationship,you need to post valuable content. This special ebook teaches you fast steps on how to booost your content.

2. Internet Marketing Bible (Value At $67)

This is an easy to understand and actionable ebook shows you internet marketing tips to make money. When combined with Lurn Insider,you will definitely benefit a lot. Please remember that the industry is changing and changing so that you always need to update. This exclusive ebook instructs you about that.

3.The Accidental Blogging Millionaire (Value At $47)

In general,Lurn Insider teaches you on how to profit your blog. Therefore,you need to read this ebook to avoid some mistakes and implement the correct way.

4.Traffic Generation Technique Selections (Value At $47)

No matter how good your bussiness is,no traffic,certainly no money. This ebook teaches you about how to drive targeted traffic overally without falling for mistakes.

5.Marketing and Mastering Online Video Made Simple (Value At $67)

Lurn insider Online Video made Simple Bonus
Video marketing is becoming more and more popular and it monetizes like crazy. However,it seems like Anik doesn’t focus a lot about video marketing. So,make this ebook instructs you about that. In order to create an online video,it’s not difficult as some people think. Moreover,Lurn Insider has training about Facebook Ads,which supports video marketing very well.

6.Bing Ads Made Easy (Value At $97)

Lurn Insider Bing Ads Made Easy Bonus
Bing Ads is one of the best traffic because it’s super friendly and it doesn’t cost a lot to buy. Moreover,it’s one of the most effective way to drive traffic to your squeeze page. Lurn Insider has training about Bing Ads and this ebook lengthens your knowledge about that.

7.Google Adwords Made Easy (Value At $67)

Lurn Insider Google Adwords made Easy Bonus
Anik Singal teaches a lot about Google Adwords and this ebook is a great combination. This special instructs you on how to drive targeted traffic with Google Adwords in order to scale up your ROI. Besides,it also teaches you on how to use Adwords the correct way.

8.Media Buying 101 (Value At $47)

Lurn Insider Media Buying 101 Bonus
To make your journey even smoother, here’s an amazing package by which you’ll be able to drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page and earn more commission on complete autopilot by buying profitable ads for your business.

9.Sales Funnel Simplied (Value At $67)

These are video training that focuses on how to create a funnel,which is what Anik focuses inside Lurn Insider. Creating a funnel is not hard as some people think and this training helps you create it simple.

10.PPC Marketing Millions (Value At $87)

PPC has proven itself to be one of the best sources of generating targeted traffic on your website today. With its effective use, business owners have a great chance to convert random visitors into paying customers.
This VALUABLE package that comprises of 80+ page guide will enable you to learn proven strategies in order to have a consistent stream of fresh leads for your business. And of course,it enhances the value of Lurn Insider.

11.List Building Expert (Value At $97)

This is a step by step ebook training that helps you manage your email list to maximize your profit. Basically,it’s all about your steps by build a list,build relationship,segment your list and more.
And these are all extra bonuses if you buy Lurn Insider through my special link. If you need more bonuses,feel free to contact me and remember to send me your receipt. Once again,you have direct access if you buy the front-end,no need to buy the upsells.

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Upsell of Lurn Insider

In internet marketing,upsell is normal and so does Lurn Insider. With an affordable front-end price,there is no doubt when this training have,here’s the entire funnel.
lurn insider funnel
Of course,buying or not,it’s up to you. However,if you follow step by step the training and bonuses together with implement in the right way,you can still make money. The front-end course still have advanced training so that don’t worry about this funnel.
Normally,Sendlane doesn’t offer free trial because you have to bill your credit card after creating an account. However,if you buy the 10K Formula,you will get the 30 days trial to Sendlane. In addition to the free trial of Sendlane,you will also get 5 Interviews,Income Workshop,Profit Workshop,$1 Million Dollar Checklist,
5 Facts Affiliate Promotion and 25 profitable niches.

Who Is Lurn Insider For?

  • Complete Newbies to Internet Marketing
  • Intermediate who are still struggling to get sales,income
  • Advanced internet marketer who want to scale up their profit
  • People who haven’t already set up email marketing campaign
  • If you haven’t used Facebook Ads,PPC ads
  • People who has low ROI,low conversion
  • You are tired of not getting accepted into some high paying affiliate network
  • If you were wasting a lot of money for scammers
  • You are looking for a long-term bussiness
  • You are searching for a training that offers Live Coaching

Pros of Lurn Insider

  • Easy to understand step by step lesson (so that no way you can feel overwhelmed)
  • Doesn’t lack of advanced training in the front-end course
  • Done For you research (that’s what i like the most)
  • Real Life Case Studies
  • Go Details about email marketing
  • Reasonable Front End Price
  • A Lot of Bonuses
  • Copywriting Skill
  • Probably training about Free and Paid Traffic

Cons of Lurn Insider

1.Teach Too Much About Mindset
Having the right mindset is really good but i think it’s no need for you to take 2 days just to learn about this.
2.A Little Bit Complex Upsell
Like i have told you above,you don’t have to buy the upsell because if you implement the right way in the front-end course,you can generate a lot of money,sales. But see,2 recurring upsell and lifetime upsell,downsell,a littble bit complex,boo.
3.No Tool Included
Normally,with a monthly subscription,some people will expect to get some free tools,software. However,it’s not inside Lurn Insider. The only product of Anik Singal that includes free tool is Inbox Blueprint.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell,Lurn Insider is definitely one of the best email marketing training course. As i always remind,”money in the list” and investing your time,money and energy in email marketing is always a great idea.  I’m very impressed with the values,bonuses and training inside this course. Of course,this is one of my first recommendation if you are finding a great place to learn internet marketing.

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