Mailchimp Review From User-It's A Great Autoresponder Software

Presently,email marketing is the ultimate way to make money online. However,some beginners seems not able to afford a monthly subcription with autoresponders software like Convertkit,Getresponse. But fortunately,Mailchimp provides the free service without needing a credit card with up to 2000 subcribers and 12,000 email. In this article,i will review all in depth about full service from Mailchimp so that you consider using or not.
Some people think because they are new to email marketing so they use Mailchimp free until they make money. After that,they will change the other autoresponder software. However,that’s a wrong idea about this service,Mailchimp is a great email marketing autoresponder if you use the paid service. Once you get accquaintance with this provider,you will soon fall in love with it.

Good Point About Mailchimp

Forever Free Plan

That’t a big advantage of Mailchimp towards other autoresponder software. Recently,this provider has added automation so as to attract more and more users.
If you have less than 2,000 subscribers and send less than 12,000 emails, you don’t have to pay anything. Of course,there’s no credit billed for you. That’s extremely great for beginners and i personally did this.


2.Running Facebook Ads To Your List

Facebook Ads is a real gold mine and fortunately,the company build help running this ads. Just simply click the button and immediately start running a Facebook campaign to your email list or a look-a-like audience of that list.
However,Facebook Ads is not for beginner or low budget people,but i remind you to see the great part of Mail Chimp. Super Affiliate System is a good training course that teachs about Facebook Ads so that you can optimize this provider.

 3.Sending Email

In my opinion,sending email is a reason why Mailchimp is popular. As you can see in the picture,it can check your mail before sending,one of the best factor to increase success rate.

In addition,this email marketing software has a great A/B testing feature. You can create a lot of emails with the different subject,image,format and then Mailchimp tracks the open rate. Additionally,this email marketing solution also has a time-wrap option to help you to schedule your email.

Email Creation

At first,it’s a drag and drop editor so you can easily manage as you want. I always love pop-up form because it helps attracting visitors much easier. And hey,many Landing Page Creator Tool such as Instapage,Instabuilder,WPprofitbuilder and LandingPage Monkey has HTML code for you to embed directly.

However,what i don’t like is that it’s lack of advanced templates and if you want a more professional,you should look for somewhere else. Originally,there’s no available template for free service but the company has recently added to compete others.


Another great feature of Mailchimp is the report and statistics.

Open rates,click rates,revenue are very important to know exactly how effective is your campaign in order to improve it in the future.

And Mailchimp also tracks location and revenue by day so that you know exactly what you are doing. Please take notes that it works the best if you perform CPA affiliate marketing. Additionally,this email marketing solution has a comparative report but it’s only available for Pro service ($199 initial price).

Mobile Application

There are 3 kind of Mobile Apps of Mailchimp : Mobile,Snap and Subcriber. Of course,you can send email by your phone and see stats inside.

Marketing Automation

In order to compete with others opponents,Mailchimp has recently added Automation feature for free. This feature is great if you have your own product or you are running a dropshipping bussiness. Overall,this automation has integration with some biggest name like Shopify,Woocomerce,…

RSS To Email

This feature works well whenever you post an article,instead of adding this article’s link into your newsletter,it will directly send to your subcribers. Valuable content is the key to build relationship and thanks to this feature,you do that very well.

A Lot Of Free Training

Like many oppenents such as Convertkit,Getresponse,this email marketing solution adds some free training article to help you understand.

Bad Point of Mailchimp

1.One Subcriber Can Become Multiple Subcriber

For example,if your website has three sign up form and your visitor subscribes those forms,it will become 3 subscribers.
Many internet marketer make multiple sign up form in order to target the right audiences. However,there are many people will subscribes to multiple forms to get your ebook,free gift. The only email marketing service that can avoid that mistake is Convertkit.
There are two kind of pricing at this service,pay as you go or monthly price. If you choose the pay as you go,it’s certainly a big disadvantage

2.Initial Price

Some of the best services from Mailchimp is only from the Pro service and unfortunately,it requires up to $199 initial price.

3.Complexity Price

While many others service charge the price by each 2,000 or more,Mailchimp charges the price for each 100,200 subscribers. Remember,once you subscribe monthly to any service,it will automatically rebill.

As you can see from those pictures,choosing Pay as You Go is not a wise idea.

Final Verdict

In conclusion,there is no doubt when MailChimp is one of the best email marketing services. A big advantage of this company is that it’s free for life until you get 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 email per month. Stop coming to an idea that you use Mailchimp because it’s free and once you make money,you change the other paid services. This software is great and nearly all internet companies works with it.

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