Mailvio 25K Review

Product: Mailvio 25K

Creator: Neil Napier (also the creator of Vumu, Content Gorilla AI, AI Open Door, NewBSuite, Mailvio Prospect Ultra and a lot more,..)

Price : $297/year as an evergreen offer.

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes. However, only for serious email marketers

When we send emails to customers or to run an email marketing campaign, sender reputation & deliverability are always one of the most important factors that affects your open rates and click through rates.

We all know that Getresponse & Aweber are the best email sender but they are very strict about minimum open rates. Mailchimp is also great but this services doesn’t allow affiliate link. And besides, they are mostly not to be used to do automatic invoice generating (for Ecommerce), we prefer using SMTP services like Sendgrid, Sendinblue and Mailjet instead.

No matter how good they are, there’s one fact, the price of these services are not cheap and as they were created long time ago, they have some strict rule that makes newbie & even medium marketers feel complex, uncomfortable.

This is where Mailvio 25K comes in, which has been launched in the market first time back to 2019 and has been a great email marketing services with high sender reputation.

Let’s read my entire Mailvio review so that you understand what is Mailvio and as well how does it works.

Notes: i have Mailvio review access from Neil Napier, the product creator so that i’m confident to say i have understand the usage from it.

What is Mailvio 25K?

Mailvio 25K Review
Mailvio 25K Review

Who is Mailvio 25K For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Especially for email marketer and SMS marketer
  • Those who wants to improve inboxing rates and avoid risks of getting banned anytime
  • You are looking for an alternative for Getresponse, Aweber, Sendlane, Convertkit and Active Campaign
  • And a lot more,…

Main Features and Demo of Mailvio 25K

Now,i will show you exactly how the product works. In the most important part of this Mailvio review, you will learn the process how to use the software. This is the member’s area once you login.

Mailvio Review

1.Add Contacts

At first, you can connect your Webhooks.


With this option, you can collect emails from Google Ads Lead Form Extension or by Selling Products through Shopping Carts.


Besides, you can create an Opt-in Form to collect emails through Landing Page.

At you can see, you can collect both Emails and SMS Phone Number.


Here’s the subscription form page, you have freedom to require EMAIL, FNAME and other stuffs.


Then, you can setup Redirection after people enter their Name and Email.


At here, you have multiple options: to embed forms or to share raw link. Here’s an example how a Form looks like.


In case you have used other services before and you want to migrate into Mailvio 25K, no problem, you can import lists through CSV.



This is an advanced email marketing technique that will save you time and it’s 100% scalable.


To save your time, the product creator has made some Email Automation Templates, which will simplify your process.


Here’s an example for Abandoned Cart.


3.Create Campaigns and Send Emails

Here’s an example how i do, remember, you need to integrate your mailling domain at first.


Then, you can choose your mailling editor.


If you choose Rich Text Editor, here’ s what you can do.


Now, you can preview your email through Desktop or Mobile.


Now, schedule before sending.


This is how the email looks like in reality.


4.Drag & Drop Editor with Email Gallery

With this option, you can make your emails more beautiful thus enhancing Click through Rates.


Here’s an example editor, well, a kind of block-based editor.


Besides, you can also make an A/B Split Test your your Mailer. It can either about same emails, different Subjects Line or different both.


Then, it will automatically display, show which one is the winner.


Here’s an example email content.


To save you even more times, the product creator has designed 140 emails Gallery (this figure will increase of course)


So, you don’t even need to be creative, just customize the pre-defined templates.


5.Create and Send SMS

Now, you can engage with audiences through SMS text. And to make things flexible for you, you never need to integrate any Twillio API key.


After you create SMS Text, then, simply choose list and to send.

Mailvio 25K vs Competitors

Here’s a list of Comparison. Actually, Mailvio 25K is a service powered by Sendinblue so it leverages almost the great stuffs from this big companies

Disclaimer: We’re not trying to say Mailvio 25K is better than the above competitors. But at least, it has a more affordable price for 25,000 Email Lists.

My Mailvio 25K Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you a correct understanding about the product after reading this entire Mailvio review, i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy,turn on your volume and watch these videos first.

Mailvio Review- Upsell Funnels Overview of Mailvio 25K

All products have upsells and so does this one. But buying or not,the choice is ultimately yours.


Bonus From Me

After reading this high quality and honest Mailvio review post, in order to help your life much easier, i will add some extra bonus if you get the product through my link. This product is sold on Paykickstart so that after you buy, you’ll get immediate download link.

Pros of Mailvio 25K

  • Easy to use and manage
  • High Inboxing Rates
  • Send Mail from High Reputation Sending Server
  • Must Connect Domain for Email to Do Anti-Spam
  • Send Unlimited Emails and Unlimited SMS

Cons of Mailvio 25K

  • Somewhat Expensive Price comparing with other autoresponder

Final Verdict

In summary, Mailvio 25K is a great email marketing services for Small and Medium Business. It has a high reputation sending server no require any external setup thus help you send Emails and SMS Text with ease. With the 25K versions, you can now send as many email as you want without restriction. Of course, just don’t misuse, then Mailvio is a big yes from us.

Moreover, after reading this Mailvio review post, we hope you will understand the usage and please do not hesitate to ask if you have question from this Mailvio review post.

Mini FAQs

Can I mail scraped lists or rented/purchased leads with Mailvio 25K?

NO – you cannot. It openly welcomes niches like affiliate marketing, but they are NOT a cold emailing platform. They are VERY careful about doing the best for thẻu Mailvio community and protecting both their users and their system. They will support all genuinely intentioned users with any problems you may have, but for the best interests for their users, they will not tolerate spammers and they will kick them out quickly, without a refund. For those people looking to misuse the system, please look elsewhere.

How many emails can I send today with Mailvio 25K?

They want you to use Mailvio 25K every day for as long as you want. To help you get the best results from Mailvio, they have set up a unique proprietary account warmup system that will help you inbox better for the long-term.

Does Mailvio 25K have a minimum open requirement?

They are wanting to work with you to get your open rates through the roof right from the get go. We know Aweber will warn and then ban you if you go under 10%. Ideally they want to be working with you to get your open rates beyond 20% and more. But we are marketers – we understand that sometimes things are outside of your control. They aim for you to achieve 5% open rates at least, but also factor in spam rate and bounce rate. And as long as you are well intentioned and willing to work with their team, they are happy to help you out to achieve the sort of open rates you desire.

Can I get my own IP with Mailvio 25K?

Yes, of course. You are welcome to purchase your own dedicated IP for $199 per year.

Do I need my own SMTP to make Mailvio 25K work?

Nope! It’s all built in!

Can we integrate Mailvio 25K with other plattforms?

Yes, you can use the custom HTML integration (forms) for now, and they plan on having Zapier up and running.

Do I Get Charged More As My Contacts Grow?

Nope You Can Rest Assured They Will Never Charge You ‘Success Tax’ For Growing Your Contacts.

What Is My IP Pool Based On?

They Protect Both You The Users And Their Platform. By Basing Your Ip Pool On Your Open Rates, Spam Rates and Bounce Rates. And The Best Bit…Because They Know The Better All Their Users Do, The Better Everyone’s Open Rates Are, They Are Committed To Working With You All To Improve Your Scores.

Mailvio 25K Only Available in English?

Nope! Multiple languages are supported, so as well as English, if you speak Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese or German, Mailvio is available for you to enjoy using in your native language!

Does Mailvio 25K Provide Refunds?

Yes, if you are not happy, you can let them know within 14 days of your purchase, and they would gladly refund your money in full.

Can Mailvio 25K Directly Replace Getresponse, Aweber and Many More?

Well, it’s hard to say can Mailvio 25k directly replace these biggest mailling companies. However, they still have many features that others don’t such as sending SMS and Mailvio 25K still has a much more affordable price for 25,000 Contacts.

Mailvio 25K Charge Contacts for Emails or List Subscribers?

If a subscriber enter the same emails for multiple lists you create with Mailvio, then, he will become a single unique subscriber.

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