Minute Hook Review: Create Popups, Funnels and Nurture your Leads with the help of AI and Newsletter Linchpin Model

Minute Hook Review: Introduction

We all know that keeping audience engaged is one of the most important tasks that you must conduct everyday (even if they open and don’t open your email), this is where you can do so inside Minute Hook. With this software, you will receive professionally curated newsletters on a weekly basis, so, you keep sending email to subscribers and gradually, your brand is always in their mind when they check mail.

Hey and welcome to my Minute Hook Review. It’s Mr. Hai Nguyen here from Daily Job Killer, where I give honest digital product reviews along with awesome bonuses for products I truly believe in.

My goal is to help you make an informed decision so you don’t end up wasting your money. Want to know the details? Please explore it more in my Minute Hook Review. If you don’t know me, you can read my review guidelines for each of my article. Frankly, i never review a product if i don’t know what i’m talking about.


Minute Hook Review and Bonus

$47 $67


If you built a newsletter before and your method doesn't work, you can try with a new method, which is by creating an affiliate funnel. This time, you can both collect leads on your own and leverage the authority of Cindy Donovan's reputation to nurture your list on behalf you and under your affiliate link to get the true passive affiliate commissions. The system is today's working strategy, it can work on your website and you can choose any custom domain name for the affiliate funnel you create.


  • Free hosting for all your funnels
  • Can install as a Wordpress plugin and ability to connect custom domain
  • The method applied is usable for affiliate marketing
  • Have Cindy Donovan to nurture your list under your affiliate links
  • You can still collect your own leads and then you can send promotional messages to them
  • You can capture leads based on exit popup


  • The software is not ideal for creativity, you fully depend on DFY Funnels
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Minute Hook Review: Overview

CreatorCindy Donovan
ProductMinute Hook
Sales page:https://minutehook.com/
Front-end price$47/one-time price
Launch date9 April 2024
Launch end16 April 2024
All-in-one BundleYES, Massive Discount!  Included: FE + All Upsells + All Bonuses + Premium Support + Full Refund Policy.
Bundle’s price$297 one-time payment
Bundle’s sales pagehttps://www.minutehook.com/bundle
BonusYes, Huge Bonus
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee!
SupportAdd your question here.

What is It?

Hey and welcome to my Minute Hook Review. It’s Mr. Hai Nguyen here from Daily Job Killer, where I give honest digital product reviews along with awesome bonuses for products I truly believe in.

Minute Hook Review

URL: https://www.minutehook.com/

Author Name: Mr. Hai Nguyen

Published Date: April 7, 2024

Appearance Headline: Ai Software Makes 'on Demand' Ebooks, Downloadable Gifts & List Growing Funnels For You

Appearance URL: https://www.minutehook.com/

Appearance Author: Cindy Donovan

Appearance Published Date: April 7, 2024

Alternate Name: Trustable

Editor's Rating:
minutehook feature

Benefits of using Minute Hook

✍️AI-Powered Content Creation: By automatically analyzing user content, publishing, and disseminating the best PDFs, the AI software grows readers into subscribers and provides them with useful downloadable content.

✍️ Easy-to-Use Setup: Any novice can effortlessly learn and operate the system; no prior tech knowledge is required.

✍️ Managed Newsletters: You can easily create a newsletter with Beehiiv and an autoresponder connection. Furthermore, Cindy Donovan can continue to use your affiliate link to send emails with a high inboxing rate to your subscribers (like she will nurture the list for you)

✍️ DFY Cloud Hosted Funnels: The platform offers Done-For-You (DFY) cloud-hosted funnels, allowing users to learn while having access to pre-built funnels. And you can use

✍️ Content Locker Module: The software includes a content locker module, enabling users to protect content on their site, available by subscription.

What you can say good-bye to:

About The Creator?

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The software is brought to you by Cindy Donovan. She is an actual expert when it comes to affiliate marketing, list building and viral marketing. She has been famous for launching and selling top quality SaaS products in the industry with good sales record, customer success record. I can now the successful launches from here like Covert Commission, Traffic Ivy, Text Deliver, Minute Kit, etc.

Key Features

  • WordPress Plugin: This allows you to automatically turn your blog posts into lead magnets or ‘hooks’. This is like when website visitors click a button, which will appear in each of your articles, and then they will grab a copy of that article sent to their email inbox, but to do that, they must enter their email address, so you can capture them as a lead subscriber.
  • Completely Branded Viral PDFs: The plugin will automatically produce gorgeous PDFs with a professionally designed splash page, your website’s logo, links to your website, social media sharing buttons, and all of the expertly formatted and professional-looking content from your posts.
  • Content Distribution: Blog owners can choose to include their most popular articles in our content distribution network, allowing other people to give away their reports (with links to their website, their affiliate links, etc) 
  • Non-Wordpress Users: In case you are not a WordPress user, then, you can still receive a collection of done-for-you lead magnet funnels (exactly 5 in the main offer) to get regularly updated content whereas you can give away, capture emails and put them in your own automatically managed, monetized, written-for-you weekly newsletters.

How does it work?

It’s a three part product. Part one is the training area to help understand about the system. Part two is a credential to FunnelMates software, this is where you can create your affiliate funnel, buy Solo Ad traffic and create a shareable link to attract people to opt-in into your newsletter. And the last part is a WordPress plugin, which will allow you to enable smart 404 optin, content locking on your website.

1.Training Course

Screenshot%202024 04 07%20094704

There will be a membership, which can be login with Thrivecart system. In this membership, you will see the introduction and instruction from Cindy so you can start your business as soon as possible.

2.Inside the Funnel Mates software

Screenshot%202024 04 07%20094723

For the main offer, you will get up to 5 Done for you funnels. And you are just required to share the unique link that the app generate automatically for you. However, you must first enter some integration with well-known autoresponders and you may need connect the custom domain to have higher click rate (people will hardly click on ugly, numbering affiliate link, they would prefer a custom domain link instead)

Screenshot%202024 04 07%20094802

If you have no idea on how to write the newsletter on your account, then, you can apply any of these DFY newsletter funnel. To capture your leads, you can either share the Opt-in page or you can capture leads by showing a popup. So, you don’t need to invest in other popup tools like Thrive Leads, Bloom Divi, Optin Monster, Sumo Me, etc.

Screenshot%202024 04 07%20094839

To have a popup, just need to choose any of the Done for you funnel, choose text, animation to customize, choose animation style, displaying style and then, you can share them on your website.

3.Wordpress Plugin

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, here’s what you see when they create a new campaign.

screenshot 2024 04 07 135211

In case you choose a content locker, then, people must subscribe to continue reading the article. This technique will work best if you are providing an informational article.

screenshot 2024 04 07 135239

With Content Locker, there will be a dialog appear when people browse any web page you choose. So, all you need is just to choose any of the pre-made funnels inside the FunnelMates software. And you customize the appearance of that dialog. And lastly, choose the exact article where you want to show that dialog.

screenshot 2024 04 07 135325

As a result, people must subscribe if they want to continue reading. Well, this works best for informational article, promotional article will not attract people to opt-in, they just close your web site in their tab instead.

screenshot 2024 04 07 135411

For 404 page, it’s actually an automatic redirection to a new page when people visit a web page that you has deleted, or, a non-existing page on your website.

screenshot 2024 04 07 141727

For popup funnel, actually, it’s like a usual popup appearing on your website. People are not required to subscribe to continue reading, just think it as an exit-intent popup to keep your traffic & visitors from high bounce rate.

screenshot 2024 04 07 142232

My experience in using Minute Hook

I was a beta tester for this software and will now demonstrate how to utilize Minute Hook

Comparable Products to Consider

The software is not the best affiliate marketing, list building supported tool on the internet. In fact, there’s a lot of softwares on the internet that provide a more specific feature, and they provide better customer support than Minute Hook itselfs.

For Content Locker

  • My Theme Shop Content Locker Pro: One of the most popular content locking software on the industry, it doesn’t just lock content for list building, it also adopts content locker for social media sharing, with bring you more viral traffic
  • Thrive Leads: Probably the most popular popup tool for WordPress. And it’s not just a popup tool for lead generation, it can also be used to enable content locking feature.

What Are the Pricing Options?

The End Offer is the main product, Minute Hook which will cost you $47 as a one time price on Jvzoo. However, this price will not remain valid when the launch period expires.

According to Cindy Donovan, price will grow into $67/year after launch. And this is not a FAKE scarcity because Cindy will actually increase product price to keep the high value of the software even when launch is closed.

Now, there are currently three upsells. For sure, you are not required to purchase all of them, but in case you want, you can still do that to have further benefits from the product creator.

There is also a bundle deal, where you can buy all upsells at a discounted price, at $297/one time price.

OTO1: Minute Hook Traffic ($27)

Sales Page Preview: 

  • Unlocks the Minute Hook Advanced features in the WP plugin
  • Use these features to have AI generate SEO enriched content pieces for your blog
  • Generates cornerstone articles perfect for Minute Hook lead magnets! 
  • Generates feeder articles to boost your cornerstone article’s authority
  • Creates images for your blog, making posts stand out and featured images too
  • Creates it all with just a couple of keywords and one click! 

OTO2: Minute Hook Boost ($47-$67)

Customers receive:
[+] Unlock 10 additional DFY funnels
[+] Unlock 10 additional weekly DFY newsletters

OTO3: Minute Hook Agency Dashboard ($67 or $197)

Customers will be able to create accounts and manage clients list growth and newsletter branding.  (easy set up, add your clients name and monetization info), then charge for managing their email service. 

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Minute Hook Review – Who should buy it?


who should buy minute hook

Minute Hook Review – MY OPINION:

For me, this app is definitely a game changer thanks to all the benefits it provides. And as a matter of fact…, here are the key decision making factor for a similar product in this category and how Minute Hook performs in those area:


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To sum up, Minute Hook is a valuable software specially made for bloggers and affiliate marketers. You have up to 5 DFY lead magnets that covers one of the most concerned aspects in the industry today, you can leverage the winning newsletter system to send out quality and useful content to audiences, which will later boost your brand and make you an authority, expertise in your niche.

Plus, you have a support from Cindy Donovan as she will nurture your list with her high inboxing list sequence. And the best, she can send out emails to subscribers with your affiliate link, the technique is a win-win co-operation to help you success from affiliate marketing.

Thank you for reading the Minute Hook Review! I sincerely hope it has assisted you in your purchase decision. This offer includes many bonuses for early birds, so act quickly to get the best deal.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section of this blog post. Thank you for your time. Best of luck to you!

NOTE: THIS IS THE SPECIAL DEAL FROM ME: I Will Support You Whenever You Want. (Just Add My Skype: live:trandeptrai6mui). If You Buy This Product From My Site, You Can Ask Me Anything You Want.

You can have the opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:


  • Step 2: You will get all my CLOUD-BASED software bonuses below, and remember to hit me through dailyjobkillerdotcom@gmail.com to confirm that you have done this step 2. You will get my bonuses within 12 hours.

Please note: The bonuses as advertised in this article are for front end purchase/main offer. If you buy upgrades from me, you can request access to custom premium bonuses, as well as an upgrade offer for the existing software you currently have.

For example: if you purchase a main offer and you get a specific cloud-based software bonus, if you buy an upgrade offer or bundle offer, then I can give you access to upgrade 1, upgrade 2, and upgrade 3 of that specific software (in the highest license I’m able to give away for you).

>>>>>> Premium Cloud – Based Software <<<<<<

>>>>>> Instantly Registered Software <<<<<<

*** IMPORTANT *** : I just have the Agency/Reseller version of these apps, however, I’m not the admin, so, if some bonuses don’t work, I can replace them with others.

Why I do that, well, because I have a wide range of customers who buy from me over and over. Your happiness and satisfaction is the key to my success so far .

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MinuteHook Software Evaluation
Minute Hook Review

The method being used with this tool actually works and it will help you to monetize in a long-term basis instead of focusing on short-term method. You can build your successful newsletter and you have Cindy Donovan to send out newsletter to your audiences on behalf of you.

Price: 47

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Online

Application Category: BusinessApplication

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