Mythemeshop Review From Happy Customer-Great Tool For All Bloggers

Mythemeshop is the most famous and popular wordpress theme/plugin service providers. It was in bussiness since 2012 and now especially having over 100 themes and 30 plugins for WordPress. In addition,mythemeshop has the most reasonable price for premium WordPress themes and plugins.
Personally,i have already used a lot of themes but Mythemeshop is the only that i feel happy with it. They are responsive,they works multiple niches and especially they are SEO optimization. Now,let’s check out my honest Mythemeshop review so that you know the whole services inside.

Who Is Mythemeshop For?

  • All internet marketers who want to make their website more responsive
  • Especially if you are driving traffic by SEO (mythemeshop is a SEO optimization theme)
  • If you are finding some SEO ready wordpress plugin
  • You are building an authority site
  • If you are looking for a customizable WordPress theme
  • People who are looking for a theme that works in multiple niches
  • You are monetizing by Google Adsense but don’t want to annoy your audiences
  • Email marketer who want to attract their visitors (because of WP Subcriber Pro)
  • If your promotional method from affiliate is Coupon
  • You are running a dropshipping,e-commerce or FBA bussiness
  • You are looking for an affordable wordpress theme and plugin

Premium Theme From Mythemeshop

There are 4 kinds of WordPress theme from Mythemeshop such as Blog,Bussiness,Magazine and E-Commerce. Every themes from this company are customizable for Advanced features like :

  • 2 or 3 column theme
  • Customized theme for Google Adsense,Authority Site and Coupon
  • Full Width,Breadcrumb,HTML5/CSS3 optimization,Mobile and Desktop Responsive
  • especially SEO customization

Additionally,the company always research to meet their customers’s expectation including me by adding vertical wordpress theme. For example,coupon is a popular promotional method of affiliate and Mythemeshop added Coupon Theme.

In addition,if you are using video marketing,Video Theme is a good option. Normally,buying a single theme from Mythemeshop may cost $59 but this theme cost only $47.

Build Landing Page with Mythemshop

If you can not afford to get a premium wordpress theme and squeeze page simultaneously,don’t worry about that. Let’s take Authority Theme for example.

This theme can especially work in various niches. This theme is like the name,the authority because you can customize for an e-commerce site,Amazon authority site,Affiliate Site or Review Site. And you can also create your own landing page by this theme.

Look at this example,that’s everything you need such as button,bullet,optin form and cover,image place.

Launching Your Store With E-Commerce Site

Dropshipping,E-commerce is a growing trend with internet marketing and fortunately,Mythemeshop supports them very well. For instance,let’s check eCommerce and Woocart Theme.

As an ecommerce related theme,there are many functions such as Add To Cart,Features Products,Related Products,Products’s Filter,Comparison,Wishlist,Testimonials,Product Zoom,Slider and Navigation.

SEO optimization theme

As i mentioned before,theme from this company are all SEO optimization. However,there is one special theme that works the best for SEO and help you improve your page load’s speed. This theme is Schema (most popular and famous theme so far).
Like some other themes from this company,Schema can work in multiple niches and also support e-commerce store.

Take A Look At Schema Theme (best SEO theme)

Don’t underestimate Free Themes

If you can not afford for a premium wordpress theme,it’s OK because Mythemeshop offers up to 18 free themes. In contrast with Premium Theme,they won’t be updated. Personally,i think they are the most responsive and best SEO optimization free theme.

Get Free Theme From This Provider

Mythemeshop Plugin

Besides wordpress theme,plugin from this company is very friendly and easy to manage. What i really love about these plugins is that they are all neccessary for an internet marketer.

  •  Contact Widget
  •  Google Translate
  •  Notification Bar
  •  Testimonials
  •  Subscribe Pro
  •  Review Pro
  • Mega Menu
  • URL Shortener

Personally,the plugins i like the most are WP Subscriber Pro,WP Contact Widget and WP Review Pro. As i always remind,”money in the list” and thanks to WP Subscriber Pro and WP Contact Widget,it’s much easier to collect email. This plugin integrates with Mailchimp,Getresponse but not integrate with Convertkit (i hope they will improve). Personally,i love popup because it’s the most effective way to build an email list (or attract visitors).

Normally,buy a single product with Mythemeshop is unwise because it’s pricey for a plugin. For example,WP Review Pro ‘s price is up to $77 but if you buy the whole service,it’s just $87/year. With just $10 difference and you get the whole services instead of just a single product.

More importantly,Wp Review Pro support Rich Snipset,which is an advances for SEO.

But wait,there’s another plugin can help you to grow your list is WP Notification Bar Pro. Notification Bar,Scary Timer,Contact Widget and Popup form,therefore,you have up to 4 ways to collect email.

In addition to Free and Paid traffic,there’s one plugin can help you grow traffic. However,you don’t do this,your visitors do this task. The plugin i introduce is WP Content Locker. But if you want to make it become effective,you should add valuable content or in others word,you add value to people.

And hey,this plugin is also a good way to collect email,just simply create valuable content that your audiences may love. Mailchimp together with Mythemeshop is really a good combination (i believe that)  🙂

Support and Forum

A good service provider means nothing if it has a poor support. Therefore,never worry about setting up because there’s a FAQ,forum,tickets chat and video tutorials.

Now,let’s take a look at Theme Option

In this place,you can customize your theme as what you want such as edit header,footer,widget,breadcrumb,optin-form,Adsense,…


There are three main packages : Extended Membership,Single Product and Free. Of course,it’s up to you. If you just need a single product,just buy one of them. However,i do not recommend you to buy a single product if you buy WP Quiz Pro,WP Review Pro and WP Content Locker Pro.

All of the service of Mythemeshop are lifetime access but not lifetime upgrade. If you buy a single product,you need to pay $19 for the next year for update.

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Mythemeshop is definitely one of the greatest great wordpress themes and plugins service providers. I don’t biase the company but that’s the truth,over 360,000 happy customers,highest of theme companies. In addition,there’s a lot of neccessary tool to help you collect email (your money). What i love about this company is that,it’s customizable,it’s friendly,it’s responsive and best of all,it’s SEO friendly. 

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