Niche Reaper Review,Demo and Bonus-Affordable Keyword Tool for SEO

Product : Niche Reaper

Creator : Matt Garrett

Price : $47

Do I Recommend : Yes (Especially For People Who Want To Focus On SEO)

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On internet marketing,no matter how good your campaign is,no visitor,no money. Therefore,driving traffic is a must-have step on internet marketing. There are two types of traffic : organic search and advertising. Clearly,with organic search (as well as SEO),you will save a lot of money. In addition,SEO will make your campaign more stable than adverstising. However,it requires a lot of skill,time and even budget.

If you join some professional SEO training,they will recommend you to buy Semrush, Alexa, Ahref,ec and even outsourcing,which are pretty expensive. With SEO,content is king,so that keyword is queen. Some best keywords tool such as Jaaxy,Long Tail Platinum,Kwfinder costs you monthly and some of them has limitation.

Fortunately,we have Keyword Supremacy and Niche Reaper, which are especially lifetime access. Moreover, Niche Reaper doesn’t have daily quota,credit means you don’t have any pressure. Despite not having a responsive look, Niche Reaper grab every metrics you need from a keyword tool. Let’s checkout my Niche Reaper so that you understand how it works.

What Is Niche Reaper?

Firstly,it’s a keyword research tool just like Jaaxy,LTP,Keysearch,Kwfinder,AffiloTools. What makes Niche Reaper 3.0 become different is that it has an affordable without recurring fee. Secondly,you can benefit its to do the competition analysis,do the niche research and check domain availability. Everyday,it updates over 25,000 keywords with accuracy quota. Additionally,it scores and color codes them on a variety of factors – Google Page 1 ranking opportunities, monthly value, available keywords domains and FaceBook Pages.

Who Is Niche Reaper For?

  • Any Affiliate Marketers who want to get free traffic from Google SEO
  • People who can’t afford to buy some best keyword tools
  • Especially for people who are running an authority site
  • You are running PPC ads with Google Adwords,Bings,ec so that you need high quality keyword
  • If you don’t have much time to do the niche research
  • You hate daily search quota as well as credits for a keyword research tool
  • People who can’t afford for paid traffic but still want to get high quality subscriber
  • Ecommerce or Amazon Sellers that want unfair profits capitalizing on the latest trends
  • Video Marketer who want to get more views,traffic from Youtube

Main Features of Niche Reaper 3.0

Now,i won’t waste your time,let’s see how to use Niche Reaper to do the keyword research. At first,it’s not an application,it’s a cloud-base software so you just need to log in. Once you sign up and log in,this is the member’s area of Niche Reaper.

It updates new keywords everyday so that the keyword you see after you log in are the latest. It’s just like some other keyword tools when it also check difficulty,Monthly Search and CPC. While other tool require you to see domain availability and keyword metrics at the specific page,Niche Reaper allows you to see in the same place.

1.Search Keyword

Unlike some keyword tools or Google Keyword Planner,you can search keywords in various search engine such as Google,Bing,Ebay,Yahoo,Amazon. For instance,i will search keyword on Yahoo.

However,sometimes Niche Reaper will not show the exact keyword you enter. It’s easy to understand,it updates keywords everyday,not an algorithm as many notable keyword tools. Here are some searching in many popular search engine besides Google.

Amazing,right,nearly all you need to build an authority site or launch a product (kindle,item,ec) on Amazon. Some people are forgeting Bing and Yahoo,which are 33% of their bussiness.


As a keyword tool,Metrics is certainly a must have factor. Unlike Keyword Supremacy,which deducts credit when you grab metrics,there is no limitation with Niche Reaper. Of course,this tool is not really ideal for keyword idea,once again,it’s a real lifetime access.

The first metric is competition,from 1 to 59 is green line while 60 to 79 is yellow line and over 80 is red line. Clearly,you should choose a green line keyword so as to avoid as much competition as possible. If you use Bing Ads,it’s ok to choose the yellow line and red line. For example,they are the good keyword to target,too low competition.

The next metric is domain availability,however,i think you should forget about this. With SEO,content is king,not the domain match exact keyword,which is an old-fashioned SEO technique. If you are suspecting about how profitable of a keyword or market,then you should see the Commercial Intent,the higher the better.

Besides,if you are focusing on SEO,don’t care about the CPC,just care about this when you are running PPC ads. Niche Reaper uses the formula: searches * $cost per click * 0.184 in order to calculate Traffic Value. While it calculates Adsense Value by a formula : Searches * cpc * 0.3124 * 0.05 * 0.68. Additionally,the trend graph you see is actually based on the average of 12 months (just like Google Trends). After that,see the montly search of keywords,clearly,the higher the better.


Like some keyword tools,Niche Reaper allows you to filter keywords to find a good keyword. There are 6 types of filter such as equal,not equal,less than,less than or equal,greater than,greater than or equal. For example,i will choose traffic value greater than $50.

Besides,you can choose more than 4 words to create long-tail keyword. You can also filter numerous metrics simultaneously.

And then,save the keywords that you feel useful to add.

4.New Features and Updates

Recently,Matt has updated some new features and algorithm in order to improve Niche Reaper. The first new feature is to check valid facebook URL. It’s like you are choosing a good name for your fanpage.

Besides,you can save filters and load filters and resize some metrics to actually see what you need.

Training Inside Niche Reaper 3.0

As i mentioned before,Niche Reaper is OK for any marketer. To make your life much easier,Matt adds some training and essential information to help you manage your campaign. Here are some bonus training inside Niche Reaper’s member area.

And that’s all you get inside the $47 one time investment and there is no limitation about how much keyword to target.

Upsell of Niche Reaper

Certainly,an affordable product always have upsells and this one is not an exception. Actually,the upsells of Niche Reaper is just his another product,which is also popular now.

1.OTO 1 : Vid Reaper ($27)

Normally,its price is $97 if you buy as a Jvzoo product but as an upsell of Niche Reaper,you only need $27 (at Warrior Plus)

2.OTO 2 : Vid Reaper Pro ($97)

This is only a pro version of Vid Reaper,if you buy as a Jvzoo product,you will need $147 but as an upsell of Vid Reaper,you only need $97.

Pros of Niche Reaper

  • Super friendly to all users and easy to manage
  • Affordable price
  • Really Lifetime Access Without Any Limitation
  • Updates Keywords Frequently
  • Various Search Engine
  • Include Enough Metrics
  • Access to the Bonus Training
  • Can Calculate Traffic Value,Adsense Value and Commercial Intent
  • Can Grab Trend

Cons of Niche Reaper

  • Keywords are not updated frequently (therefore,some of them are not 100 % accurate)
  • Domain Match Exact Keyword Doesn’t Work for SEO anymore (so that the domain availability can be useless)
  • Not Ideal for keyword ideas or Alphabet Suggestion
  • Keywords you search (as well as find) are not always included

In my opinion,Niche Reaper is a nice keyword research tool for SEO that helps you save a lot money. However,i don’t think it’s an alternative for Jaaxy,LTP,Keysearch,AffiloTools,Kwfinder and Keyword Supremacy. If Niche Reaper is great as much as having capability to replace the best tools above,they will go bankrupt.

Final Verdict

In summary,Niche Reaper is an affordable and lifetime access keyword research tool to try. It’s super simple to use and it updates new keywords everyday. In addition,it has all metrics that you need during your SEO,PPC campaigns. However,once again,it’s not an alternative for some best tools i mentioned above. I still recommend Niche Reaper because it helps you save a lot money for a long-term and it’s necessary for SEO and PPC campaigns.

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