Oberlo Review and Demo-Must Have Tool For Any Shopify Marketer

Product : Oberlo
Price : Free until You have more than 500 products or 50 orders per month
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes,it’s a must-have tool for Any Ecommerce Seller

Presently,Ecommerce is the future of internet marketing. Despite being a new bussiness model,its income potential is equal Amazon FBA and higher than Affiliate marketing. Unlike Amazon FBA,Ecommerce’s advantage is that it doesn’t require you to touch a product you sell  .In order to launch an ecommerce store,Shopify is always a great choic .Oberlo is a new and popular apps that helps you manage your Shopify store by fulfilment order,track sales and shipment,etc. Besides,Oberlo is free to join for up to 50 orders/month,hence it’s free until you generate a lot of sales. Now,let’s checkout my Oberlo review so that you understand how easy it works.

What Is Oberlo?

Firstly,it’s an app that is mainly for Shopify seller to manage their online store. It’s not an ecommerce automation like Zero Up,it only helps you fulfilment your orders and track sales. Secondly,it has direct integration with Aliexpress,which is your main suppliers. Oberlo is super friendly and it’s free to join for you to 500 products and 50 orders a month. Besides,it can find products and suppliers to help you avoid importing suck products.

Who Is Oberlo For?


  • Any marketer (from newbie to expert) who want to scale up their income
  • You are not living paycheck (yes,despite it’s free)
  • People who can’t afford to buy Zero Up
  • You are tired of dropshipping bad products as well as bad fulfilment
  • People who haven’t run a Shopify Store once or run as a wrong way

Main Features of Demo of Oberlo

Oberlo Zero Up
Now,let’s see how i use Oberlo so as to import a product to sell on Shopify. Basically,all you need is to have a Shopify Store in order to connect. Once you create a free account,this is what you see first.
Oberlo Free Account
When connecting your store with this app,just simply do this,nearly no technical task.
Oberlo Connecting Store

1.Find A Product To Sell

After doing from basic setup process,then your next part is to find a product to sell. I will not go detail about how to choose a product on Shopify,if you need training,feel free to join Ecom Summit,Ecom Success Academy,Zero Up,Digital Cash Academy and Influencer Marketing Academy. In order to find a product,just simply enter a keyword. For example,i enter a keyword Skincare,a list of skincare products will display.
Oberlo Find Products Oberlo Find Products
All of the products you see on Oberlo are all from Aliexpress so that you may not find some products with brand you want. For instance,i enter Shaker but only some of these are what i’m looking for,remember,they are Aliexpress’s product. Enter a name of a gym equipment and then see a cocktail product,that’s normal 🙂
Oberlo Find Product Oberlo Find Product
Once you like a product,simply click on it.
Oberlo Import Product Oberlo Import Product
After that,you can whether import this product to your import list or not,it’s up to you.

2.Basic Setting Up

Oberlo Ecom Success Academy
Now,the most important thing to do with Oberlo is to fulfilment your store. As i mentioned before,you will import product from Aliexpress to your Shopify store. Before managing this feature,you will need to do some compulsory steps. But hey,don’t forget to connect your Shopify store and Oberlo.

a.Global Pricing Rules

At first,you need to setup a global pricing rules. To make it work,you should setup at least like this.
Oberlo Global Pricing Rules
There are two different options for setting up your product prices through Global Pricing Rules in Oberlo. You can use a “Price Multiplier” or a “Fixed Markup”.

Price Multiplier multiplies the original product price as many times as you choose. For example, a product which costs $2 in the supplier’s store with a multiplier of 3 would have the price of $6.

Fixed Markup allows you to set a fixed amount that is added on top of the original product price. For example, a product which costs $2 with a fixed markup of 3 would result in a price of $5.

Once you set new pricing rules do not forget to click the Save Settings button. Your determined pricing rules will be applied to all products which you are going to import from this point onwards.

About Advanced Pricing Rules,i don’t care much about this because i don’t need. Normally,you should only set up this whenever you have different cost ranges. This is especially effective when you are selling different types of products and their cost range is really wide. With Assigin Cents,you can use this feature or not,it’s like you add 0,99 on your product price.


Actually,there is nothing too special about this feature of Oberlo. For this basic process,simply choose your payment,Shipping Methods (shipping companies) and custom notes to your suppliers. For instance,you can do like this,remember,it always depends.
Oberlo Suppliers


This feature of Oberlo helps you see your stats so as to scale and improve your campaign. In my opinion,it’s highly important because if you don’t track,you are losing your money.
Oberlo reporting

d.General Store Settings

Another important thing to do with Oberlo app is to set up your store in general. Before dropshipping,you must do this to avoid unexpected problems. In addition,you can set up a tracking shipment to prevent from losing money.
Oberlo General Store Settings

e.Auto Update

Besides,you can set up auto update to get notification about products,store and inventory. Aliexpress is changing and changing overtime so that you always need to update information. Thanks to Oberlo,you get that report,it’s super convinience.
Oberlo Auto Update

3.Fulfilment and Ordering

Oberlo Zero Up Webinar
After doing some setup processes,then you will order products to sell. Now,let’s go to Aliexpress so as to order inventory. For instance,i will search cat toy products,a highly profitable niche of Shopify.
Oberlo Order Products
But hey,Oberlo has chrome extension so you can do like this.
Oberlo Order Inventory
Whenever you satisfy with a product on Aliexpress,you can hit the Oberlo icon to import product.
Oberlo Import Product
After that,click on that product to copy the URL. Once you import a product on Aliexpress,it is automatically imported on Oberlo.
oberlo import product Oberlo Import Product
If you feel a product is OK to sell,you can push to Shop directly simply by hitting the green button.
Oberlo Import Products Oberlo Import Products
And lastly,do anything that a Shopify seller are doing to market their product. The only next thing to do is to drive traffic into your store (can be Facebook Ads,Hire Influencer,etc).
That’s all you get from Oberlo,a completely free for life apps for Shopify store. This is so far the easiest way to import product on Shopify that i have ever seen.

Pricing of Oberlo

As i mentioned before,Oberlo is free until you import 500 products and have 50 orders. After that,you will have to pay to use the service. Like Shopify,this is also a monthly recurring expense. Here are the pricing plans of Oberlo.
Oberlo Pricing
Basically,the service between each plans are nearly the same,the main different is how many products you import and order. Once you you buy the paid plan,you have generated a lot of money for selling,don’t worry.

So,What’s Next

Although Oberlo is free,it doesn’t mean you are running a free bussiness. You still have to pay for Shopify Apps,Paid Advertising (Facebook Ads,Hire Influencer,etc) or softwares (Provely,Clickfunnels,Instapage,Clickperfect,EasyVSL,Drip,Convertkit,etc). Therefore,if you don’t know you to run your store the right way,you are losing your money. So,you should consider joining some training courses that teaches about Shopify and they are all good.

1.Ecom Success Academy

The first training i recommend is Ecom Success Academy,which is the ultimate Shopify training you have ever needed. This training includes over 140 lessons about Shopify,Facebook Ads,Using Mailchimp,Email Marketing and especially Case Studies from Adrian Morisson. In addition,you will get access to 10% discount with Shopify Apps and his softwares for free. Checkout my Ecom Success Academy review to understand.

2.Zero Up

This is not only an ecommerce automation software but also a Shopify training course. Zero Up has direct integration with almost all autoresponder software and Aliexpress,Shopify. Best of all,this training includes his case studies,done for you niche research and personal coaching with expert. Checkout my Zero Up review to understand.

3.Influencer Marketing Academy

This is the only training that teaches about how to hire influencer to sell a product on Shopify. Besides,it has Facebook Ads training,Hire Influencer at Twitter,Done-For-You Templates and Ad Swipes to take action fast. Checkout my Influencer Marketing Academy review and bonus.

Pros of Oberlo

  • Super easy to use and to import a product
  • Free For Life
  • Direct Integration with Shopify and Aliexpress
  • Can Import Product to Store within seconds
  • Offer Report
  • Auto Fulfilment
  • Professional General Settings

Cons of Oberlo

  • Paid plan has a little bit pricey
  • Still have limitation in terms of products you import

Final Verdict

In summary,Oberlo is a super useful apps that any Shopify seller should consider to buy. It’s super easy to use and it’s free for life. Thanks to Oberlo,everything is automated like Fulfilment,report and Import product. In addition,it has smart automation system and you can connect,import products into Shopify store within a few seconds. Certainly,i highly recommend Oberlo to any seller who want to earn big.

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