Optin Chat Review,Demo and Bonus-A Must-Have Tool To Grow Your Email List


Product : Optin Chat

Creator : Team Geekotech (also the co-creator of LetSpinio)

Price : $39

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

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As i always told you before,money in the list. Sooner or later,i don’t know what types of bussiness you are in,you should consider to build a list. You will not only keep audiences but also keep your link and monetize from them for  a long-term. In order to build a list,creating a landing page,flying popup or optin widget are the most popular ways. Besides,you can create a notification bar,video optin or using Lock Content. But what if they don’t work,you need to have the plan B.

The Plan B you can think of is to communicate as well as chat with your audiences. Presently,chatbot is a growing marketing plans that many successful marketers are using. However,you can not chat with them frequently and chat with all visitors. Therefore,you should automate it all and let’s robot do it for you. This will take a lot of time and even budget because there’s a lot of complex html code.

Fortunately,Optin Chat is a popular software that can help you create a chatbot easily. In addition,Optin Chat will help you remove complex task and even remove bad subscribers. Now,let’s check out my Optin Chat review so that you know why i highly recommend it.

Notes : i got a review access from Geektotech team so that i know exactly what inside.

What Is Optin Chat?

Firstly,Optin Chat is a software to help you create an optin form by chatbot. It’s not a desktop application or a plugin,it’s a cloud-base software. Actually,it works by offering a chatbot to your customer which ask their name,email and offer them a bait to sign up. Geektotech creates Optin Chat with an aim to help you remove bad subscribers,bad lead and collecting email by taking care of them.

Once you finish creating a chatbot,you will have a code to embed into your website. Like many popup services like Optimonk,Provely,Leadgrab,Optin Chat also offers Exit Intend. It has some different with Chit Chat Chimp when it is in website,not a Facebook fanpage. Best of all,Optin Chat has A/B Split Testing,Custom Brand,Daily Report,Validation and Email Integration.

Who Is Optin Chat For?

  • Complete newbie to internet marketing (yes,because it’s super friendly)
  • Intermediate and Professional Marketers who want to bigger their list and then scale up their income
  • You haven’t created any email marketing campaigns once
  • Your landing page is not too impressive as well as low conversion
  • If you are tired of bad lists,bad subscribers and suck people who just want to get more ebook
  • You want to add multiple sign up forms so as to vary your lists
  • Especially if you are an Amazon FBA Sellers Or you are running an ecommerce bussiness
  • If you are running a CPA,CPL,Pay per Call or Pay Per Trial Network
  • Also for people who are running native ads
  • You haven’t created any Chatbot marketing before

Main Features and How Does Optin Chat Works?

Now,let’s see my example on how to set up a campaign with Optin Chat. After that,i will show a real life example of a website using Optin Chat.

The first thing to do once you buy this software is to login,this is what you see.After you login,this is what you see at first.

1.Create A Campaigns

Firstly,choose your avatar and Topbar name to display in the chatform.Next,you need to add an Intro Text,which will display when your visitors are in your website.

For example,if you want offer a bait or a free trial sample (CPA niches),tell them Free Report,training or trial,ec. If you are running CPA campaigns (especially free trial for nutra products),you will definitely benefit a lot.

This is what Optin Chat display after doing this. The next thing to do is to create an optin question,actually it’s a yes no question.

If they say yes,it’s good and you can ask their email but if they say no,you should prepare a landing page,blog posts.

Now,i will ask a question in order to get their name and email. Let’s see what Optin Chat do in action. Don’t ask their mobile phone unless you are in Pay Per Call campaigns. When they enter their name,email,you should thank you them.

After that,just simply add a page URLs. You have two option,using Optin Chat as an exit intent popup or not,clearly,yes. It’s just ha diffrent  a  litttle bit with Popup Lead Capture Form services such as OptinMonk,Leadgrab,ec. And lastly,get the code.


After creating an optin chat,then the next thing to do is to integrate with your autoresponder. Optin Chat has integration with Convertkit,Mailchimp,Getresponse,ec but i see it still lacks integration.

What make me surprise is that it has integration with some new and strange autoresponder such as Drip,Zapier,Mailerlite. But i don’t see Icontact,Constant Contact,Infusionsoft,Ontraport,Amazon SES,ec,that’s a big cons. To integrate,simply copy paste this url.

3.Customize and Settings

Now,the next thing is to is to customize and set up as your own campaigns,audiences.

Optin Chat can even work with mobile,which is a trend and even explain what you should do. Besides,you can change timezone to target specific audiences (ex:Skincare US,Gambling UK,Muscle German,…).

Funnels and Split Testing

As a tool to build a massive list,certainly split testing is a must. However,Split Testing is only in Silver Plan,which is $49. While Pro plan doesn’t,which is $47. In addition,you also need to see how much views,email that has already collected. Fortunately,Optin Chat can estimate that.

And that’s all you get from a single purchase of $49 and no limitation on how much campaigns you create. But hey,they will offer a coupon so you will only need $39 for a Silver Plan.

Pricing and Upsell of Optin Chat

When it first launched,there are three pricing plans for front-end package: Basic,Pro and Silver. However,the Basic has gone so there are only Pro and Silver. The different between Pro and Silver in terms of pricing are only $2 but the features are much different.

It’s a lifetime access,updates without any recurring fee so that don’t worry. Now,let’s see the upsells of Optin Chat. On internet marketing,upsells are normal and so does this one. Fortunately,all of the upsells of Optin Chat are lifetime access and they are not really essential or compulsory to buy.

OTO 1 : Optin Chat Platinum ($47 or $67)

The first upsell of this product has much more professtional features from the front-end and it seems great for large enterprises or super affiliate marketers. At first,it has an exit chat to catch your visitors unaware in a ‘goodbye conversation’.

In addition,you can personalize the chatbot to make it properly with your own website. Especially it has Optin Share and Page Specific Campaigns means you will get greater conversion.

Moreover,Optin Chat Platinum has Smart Targetting to Automatically trigger specific campaigns based on individual sources no matter what is your traffic source.

Optin Chat Platinum also has Insite Trigger that enables you to set ANY keyword as an OptinChat trigger,means varying your optin.

And finally,you can add broadcast message to make it even your impressive towards your visitors.This is the pricing plan of Optin Chat Platinum.

OTO 2 : Optin Chat Ultimate ($47)

The second upsell is not really a software,it’s a package of training and WP plugins to help you grow your bussiness. In my opinion,you should buy this upsell because it covers a lot professional training and even real life case studies.      

OTO 3 : Developer License ($197 or $247 ) (Don’t buy if you don’t have client)

Orginally,they have an upsell Lead Generation Masterclass but it has gone now.

Pros of Optin Chat

  • Affordable price and it’s also a lifetime access
  • No limitation about how much you create and especially support
  • Upsells are not really compulsory to buy and they are highly affordable too
  • Direct Integration with Convertkit,Mailerlite,Drip ,which is rare
  • Super easy to use as well as to manage
  • Look friendly too your visitors
  •  It can replace the traditional way to collect email
  • Include A/B Split Testing,Daily Report and Funnel Statistics
  • Can Easily Embed On Unlimited Sites

Cons of Optin Chat

  • Can Not Remove Brand
  • Doesn’t Have Integration with Icontact,Constant Contact,Infusionsoft,a big disadvantage

Final Verdict

In a nutshell,Optin Chat is nearly one of the must-have tool if you are serious about email marketing. It’s super simple to use,super simple to manage but doesn’t lack effectiveness. Stop collecting an email list as an old way and losing your audiences. Moreover,Optin Chat is highly affordable and it doesn’t require any recurring fee even the upsells. Money in the list and Optin Chat is a great partner to help you monetize for a long-term process.

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