Post Gopher Review and Demo-Nice PluginTo Get Subscribers For Blogging

Product: Post Gopher WordPress Plugin

Creator : Promote Labs (also the creator of Conversion Gorilla,ChitChatChimp,Landing Page Monkey and Split Test Monkey)

Price : It’s now $47/year.

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

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On internet marketing,PDFs report is so far one of the best way to build a list and relationship. Personally,i always prior to use a PDFs to build a list rather than video training and email course. If you do or even not doing email marketing,certainly building relationship is a must. In addition,adding value is a must-have process no matter what your niche is.

Recently,a new idea of converting a blog post into a PDFs file is extremely popular. Besides,it helps you to grow your email list without even needing a landing page (it still depends). Post Gopher WordPress Plugin is a software that allows you to do that. Additionally,Post Gopher is highly affordable and it integrates with various email autoresponder service. Let’s check out my Post Gopher review so that you understand how it works.

What Is Post Gopher?

Firstly,it’s a wordpress plugin that converts your blog posts and pages into downloadable PDFs report. Post Gopher WordPress Plugin can build a sign up form and then integrates directly into your autoresponder. In addition,it creates a lead capture or even popup to attract audiences. It offers high converting templates and split-testing to build and scale your conversion

Who Is Post Gopher WP Plugin For?

  • Any marketer (from novice to professional) who want to improve and scale their website
  • Your list is small so that you want to enlarge it
  • Email Marketer who want to improve opens rate,click rates and especially conversion rates
  • You want to get optin leads for a long-term
  • If you are running CPA,CPL,Pay per Call or Pay per Trial Offers
  • Bloggers who want to get even more free traffic and more lists

Main Features of Post Gopher WordPress Plugin

PostGopher - List Building Made Easy for WordPressNow,let’s see how i use Post Gopher to convert a posts into a PDFs and create a popup signup. But at first,you will need to install it into your website by copy paste license key. This is the member’s area of Post Gopher,simply download plugin and upload the plugin after that.

Forget about cheating here because license key is compulsory and if not,it won’t work.

1.Create A Button

The first thing to do with this plugin is to create a button. Let’s me explain,it’s actually you are adding a popup on your specific blog posts. It works by your audiences intentionally click on the button and then the popup appear. In order to add a button with Post Gopher is super easy,no technical work and coding.

This is an example of a website using Post Gopher. This is where the button creator should look like once you create,just simply add text as you want.
You can customize as what you want and what is suitable for your website. Of course,you can manage to display it into specific post. For example,i will change button style,color and display add specific posts. 

2.Integrate Your Autoresponders

After creating a button with Post Gopher WordPress Plugin,then your next part is to integrate with your autoresponder. This software has direct integration with some big name such as Convertkit,Mailchimp,Getresponse,Rapid Mailer,etc.

For the best result and save money,you should use Convertkit because it charges subscribers based on unique email. When you use Post Gopher,you will add multiple sign up form. If you use Getresponse,Aweber,etc,just one email will become +4 subscribers. Here are the list of autoresponder software that has direct integration with Post Gopher,nearly all of the most popular.

You can choose your autoresponder directly or adding an Html file. If you integrate with your autoresponder,remember to add the API that each accounts gives you. Then,simply add it into one of your list.

In addition,prepare an email to send,it’s just a confirmation email or thank you page. But hey,you should also create a tripwire page (a thankyou page that you promotes some products).

3.PDF Setup

Once you create a button and integrate your autoresponder,the next thing is to set up your PDF. This feature of Post Gopher helps you increase conversion with your optin. You can whether choose your own template or using the available templates on Post Gopher.

These templates are highly customizable so that you can manage as what you want and add copyright. After that,you can customize it into specific blog posts as you want or just simply use default settings.


The last thing Post Gopher WordPress Plugin can do is to create a statistic. In other words,it’s a place where you get split-test,see conversion rates,CTR.

This is the real life example of Post Gopher WordPress Plugin when your visitors hit the button.

And that’s all you get inside the single time purchase of $27 (for 1 site license),$37 (for 3 sites) or $97 (for unlimited sites). Basically,it’s worth every of your single penny.

Pricing and Upsells of Post Gopher

Now,let’s see its price and its upsells. Just like their other products like Landing Page Monkey,Split-Test Monkey,Conversion Gorilla,this one also has upsells and all of them are not pricey. At present,the Front-end price of Post Gopher is just $27/year,that’s high affordable.

OTO 1 : Post Gopher Expansion Pack ($27)

The first upsell of Post Gopher is a tool that allows you to embed short codes,combine multiple posts/pages into one PDF and to create an additional pages for PDF download. This is truly an unfair advantage and it’s especially affordable.

Thanks to this upgrade that you can add unlimited button and combine various page into one PDF. You should consider to buy this upsell because it’s affordable and it helps you a lot. Besides,you can create a profit pages like this.

OTO 2 : Blogger Content Pack ($97)

The second upsell of Post Gopher is not a software,it’s a done for you content research. These are articles that have over 1,000 words each and they are not PLR articles (hence you don’t duplicate any). Of course,you can turn some of these content posts into a PDF using Post Gopher. In addition,they give you acces to their software as a bonus.

OTO 3 : Covert Plugin Pack ($27)

The next upsell of Post Gopher is a tool like Commission Sumo,which is also nice for Amazon Authority.  This tool allows you the hyperlink a product into your Amazon affiliate link. If you don’t build an Amazon Authority site,please don’t buy this upsell,just buy something you need.

OTO 4 : Rapid Mailer ($67/onetime for 3 sites)

The last of upsell of Post Gopher is an autoresponder software which doesn’t charge montly fee. Of course,Rapid Mailer has direct integration with Post Gopher. If you buy this autoresponder software,you will not have to worry anymore about 1 email become 3 subscribers with Mailchimp,Getresponse. However,it’s a self-hosted autoresponder and the number of email you can send highly depends on your hosting service. Besides,you also have a complex process when using. Personally,i don’t recommend this upsell.

Pros of Post Gopher WordPress Plugin

  • Super simple to use without any technical knowledge
  • Highly Affordable and lifetime access
  • Upsells are not pricey and they are not compulsory to buy
  • Various Integration with Autoresponder
  • Can Split-Test,Track Conversion,CTR
  • Convert A Post into PDF immediately
  • Popup only appear when your visitors click the button (means you don’t annoy them)
  • Can Display in posts/pages you choose
  • Can Send Email Directly to your audiences

Cons of Post Gopher WordPress Plugin

  • Can Not Remove Brand
  • One Email may become multiple subscriber if you don’t know how to manage your list (therefore,consider using Convertkit to avoid)

Final Verdict

In summary,Post Gopher is a great wordpress plugin that you should consider to get. It’s easy to use and it’s highly affordable without any limitation. In addition,this will increase your traffic source and email list a lot. Moreover,it looks friendly and not annoy your visitors. Certainly,i recommend Post Gopher WordPress Plugin to any internet marketer who want to scale up their list,lead,traffic and revenue.

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