Provely Review and Bonus-Great Tool To Boost Your Conversion

Product : Provely

Creator : Mark Thompson and Matt Callen (also the creator of Leadgrab,Pressplay.EasyVSL)

Price: $17/month or $97/year for 1 domain,$27/month or $147/month for 5 domains,$37/month or $197/year for unlimited domains

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

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Once again,Mark Thompson creates a powerful software to help you build a massive list. If you are running CPA,CPL,Pay per call,pay per trial or just simply CPS,the more list you have,the more money you make. However,It’s not always easy to build a massive lists. Besides a giveaway bait,you really need a landing page,onsite-targeting and social media leads. Provely is a brand new software to help you build a list by social media that especially boost conversion like crazy. Now,check out my Provely review from Thompson’s fan so as to understand how it works.

What Is Provely?

\At first,it’s a tool to help you create a popup. Actually,this popup will redirect your visitors to your landing page,sales page or any offers you are promoting. Secondly,Provely helps you create and design a stunning widgets to psychologically hit your audiences’s mind. It works by adding notifications to gain trust and even making a strong call-to-action. And lastly,it’s social media and lead capture creator that charges unlimited visitos,domains (depends) and notifications. Best of all,Provely has direct integration with big names such as Clickfunnels,Instapage,Mailchimp,Convertkit,Getresponse,ec.

Who Need Provely?

  • Mostly for those who are selling their own products
  • People who are selling on Amazon,Shopify and other ecommrce plattform
  • Your email list is too small
  • You are running an authority site (yes,highly recommend)
  • Your landing page has low conversion so that you want to to other way
  • Especially for affiliate who are running CPL,CPA,Pay per call or pay per trial
  • You want to grow your list even more bigger
  • Your widget is not impressive so that you want to fix

Main Features of Provely

1.Create A Widget and Then Customize It

The first and main feature of Provely is to create multiple widgets together with some functions. You will mainly use this widget to add a notification once your visitors are in your page.

Of course,you can customize a widget as your own interest. Just simply choose a preset and then choose a color.

As i mentioned before,people who are launching a store from Shopify or FBA will benefit the most from Provely. You don’t have just a single popup,you have a lot to notify your audiences. Besides,if you are promoting CPA offers,you will make a lot of money. For example,if you are promoting Skincare product and it pays +$30 for a free trial,these notification will hack their mind a lot.

In order to make your notification even more real,Provely allows you to set up specific locations. Just choose any location you want,be vary so that your audiences can’t realize.

If you have already seen this type of notification before,maybe it’s from softwares just like Provely.


Being a lead capture creator,certainly this tool has integrations. There are three most popular types of notifications : offering an optin-bait popup,redirecting to your squeeze page or t0 any CPA offers you recommend. This software works with landing page creators such as Clickfunnels,Instapge,Leadpage,ec and email autoresponders (mailchimp,getresponse,convertkit,ec). If you just want a popup form,simply add that optin so that your visitors can see. Another great popup notification tool from Mark is Leadgrab,please also checkout.

3.Embed On Your Webpage

After creating your own specific popup notification and widget,then your next part is to add this into your website. This is an embedable html code that you can upload to your and even other’s website. There is no limitation about how much website it displays.

4.Remove Branding

Some famous lead capture services such as OptinMonster,Sumome,Mailmunch,ec have annoying features,a branding. With Provely,there’s no need to worry about the branding because you can remove this.

The Process When Using Provely

Now,i will show you step by step on how to create exit intent proof using Provely. In fact,the process is super fast and easy as i say above. Here’s the member dashboard once you login.

In order to start,click on Create New first. With one domain,there is no limitation on how many campaigns you can create.

When choosing a domain,the social proof will appear on every page of that domain. Of course,depends on which page you select for a campaign

After that,you will get the script code.

And that’s all you have to do. Then the next step is to copy paste that script into your page builder. For example,if you want to register with Optimizepress,you can copy paste the code here. Every page builder allow you to copy paste script.

Remember to enable stimulator

Provely works with WordPress but embeding these code into your blog shouldn’t be priorited. I strongly recommend you to add into a landing page,checkout page or Ecom store.

At here,you only need to design widget.

You can edit name and notification text here. Always keep in mind that no way your visitors can not see the notification.

The next thing to do is to display settings. And copy paste the script code again. And that’s alll you need to do in order to create a campaign using Provely.

Pricing and Upsell of Provely

On internet marketing,upsell is normal and i’m not surprise when this product has upsells.

But at first,you need to know something about the front-end products. There are 3 pricing plans of Provely and they have the same features. What different between them is how much website you can embed these code. You can whether buy monthly or yearly plan,it’s up to you.

OTO 1 : Provely Agency

It’s just like an agency service just like his other product such as Leadgrab, Email Spike, EasyVSL, Pressplay,ec. Of course,you don’t have to buy this upsells if you don’t need because the front-end is good.

2.OTO 2 : Scarcity Builder ($47/onetime or $97/onetime)

This is Mark’s another product. This is actually a scary countdownt creator to improve conversion to your product or offers you are promoting. $47 is for personal license or $97 for developer license. In my opinion,if you buy,you should choose the personal license.

3.OTO 3 : Kickstart Vault ($67 for just volume 1 or $197 for volume 1-4)

These are 80 wordpress plugins that you can use for your own or resell to your customers.

Cons of Provely

  • The Upsell (agency services) has a little bit pricey and complex
  • Lifetime license has been gone (so that you can only buy the recurring fee)

Final Verdict

In summary,Provely is a great tool to help you skyrocket your conversion and build a massive list. If you are an Amazon FBA or Shopify Sellers,you will benefit the most from this tool. In addition,i highly recommend this tool if you are running CPA,CPL,Pay per Call and Pay per Trial campaigns. Besides,it’s pretty cool for redirecting people to your squeeze page because it looks realistic towards your visitors. Lastly,it has an affordable price and really unlimited about popup,notification widget.

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