Welcome to my Review Guidelines page. I would like to share with you the transparent details of how I publish review articles for my website right now. This is because the majority of my content are product review article.

How Do I Review Products?

I will only review products that I have actual access to, let me start by saying that. With that being said, i don’t copy paste features/benefits as shown on the sales page of any affiliate program and then call that’s a product review.

So, to review a product, i will ask for a review access from software vendors. They know me, they trust me, and we have spoken on Skype and Facebook a lot, so occasionally they will actively give me an account for testing and review purposes.

After that, when i create a review article, there will be the most important sections, which is called How to use the product, at there, i will screenshot inside the membership, this is to show people what they actually get inside. I don’t want to talk around, i just want to show people what i (as a customer) can see as a user of that product, which is what my competitors mostly don’t show.

Of all each product review article, at least, these information must be shown on each of the pages

  • What is the Product
  • Who should use the Product
  • What makes the Product stands out comparing with Other products in the category
  • Is There an alternative for that products
  • The Product Price
  • The Member’s Area and How To Use that Producy

I also have standards, so before I review a product, it must live up to them. This is due to the fact that there are a tons of products available in the internet marketing industry, but only a small part of them can benefit my audiences.