SEO Snapshot Review,Demo and Bonus-Unfair Advantage SEO Tool For Marketers

Product : SEO Snapshot

Creator : Mark Thompson (also the creator of Provely,Pressplay,EasyVSL,Leadgrab,Email Spike,Social Kickstart,Graphic Kickstart)

Price : $97 and then $9,99/month recurring

Do I Recommend : Yes (especially for people who want to save a lot money)

On internet marketing,sooner or later,you have to drive traffic into your website. There are 2 types of traffic : free and paid,and certainly,you should do both. With free traffic,you will not only save a lot money but also remain it stable. Of course,SEO is the first priority when using free traffic besides Facebook Fanpage and Youtube. However,SEO is never easy and it does require a lot of skill,time and budget. If you join some best SEO training,most of them will recommend you to invest in Semrush,Ahrefs,Alexa and outsourcing writer by their affiliate link. They are good but too expensive and not essential.

SEO Snapshot is a good replacement for them because it has an affordable price and low recurring expense. In addition,SEO Snapshot can become your SEO Audit,check your SEO score and Estimate Your Traffic. Best of all,SEO Snapshot has white label license so that you can rebrand and sell your own price. Now,let’s checkout my SEO Snapshot in order to understand how it works.

What Is SEO Snapshot?

At first,it’s a white label software that helps you improve your On-Page SEO. Secondly,it’s a SEO audit tool and can check your SEO score based on numerous factors. In addition,SEO Snapshot can estimate your traffic on unique visitors,views. Besides,it’s also tool that can calculate Page Speed and a SEO consultant tool. Moreover,it can be your Social Page Analysis that can analyze your Facebook and Twitter pages. And lastly,it’s not a keyword research tool or competitor analysis,it’s a link building tool.

Who Is SEO Snapshot For?

  • Any marketer who want to scale up their traffic as well as revenue as an affiliate
  • People who don’t have money so as to invest in Semrush,Ahrefs,Alexa,ec
  • You are finding an affordable SEO audit tool that especially has low recurring expense
  • People who are running an authority site
  • You need to track how much visitors,views on your website
  • Affilojetpack’s member who want to focus a lot on SEO
  • You want to analyze social media and website simultaneously

Main Features of SEO Snapshot

Now,let’s see the how SEO Snapshot works. Actually,it’s a small part of Rebrand Apps (4 softwares),which are no longer available for sale now. This is what you see once you log in to the member’s area.

1.Create a Report

The first thing to do whenever you are using SEO is to analyze and create a report. With SEO Snapshot,you can enter your website and other’s websites. Just simply enter your website and then Facebook,Twitter (optional).

After that,choose the Fetch Frequency,it depends on how much you want. Once you create,that is your report list.

Then,i will view report,please wait for 2-3 minutes to actually see the report. For example,i will view a website,this is what we see.

Just 34/100,that’s a bad SEO Score. But what makes SEO Snapshot outstanding is that it can estimate Page Load Times and Alexa Rank. Now,let’s see detail about the Traffic Estimations,which shows you exactly where the traffic from.

Besides,SEO Snapshot can also track unique visitors on that website. If you are using a landing page creator or clicktracking that has hosting service such as Instapage,Clickfunnels,LPM,BuildRedirects,ec,it’s good to benefit them.

2.Facebook and Social Media Page Analysis

Another thing SEO Snapshot can track is your Facebook and Twitter page. Remember,your fanpage is your bussiness so that you need to see your fanpage’s situation. This is what you see when you check your Facebook Page. Amazing right,SEO Snapshot can analyze everything and then advise you to do something.

3.Checking Page Speed

With SEO,page’s speed is important because it supports Google’s algorithm. That’s why Dreamhost and Inmotion Hosting are the first recommendation of many SEO experts. When you check page’s speed,this is what you see.

In addition,it checks something that you may not know or care with SEO. That’s why SEO is very hard and many best training avoid teaching about SEO because it’s too complex. Not many people tell you about these but they are important factors to get rank. Images and Content are also important on SEO. SEO Snapshot show and advise what you should do to prioritize visible content.

4.Mobile Analysis

Remember,Mobile is a growing trend and people seems to use mobile rather than desktop. Therefore,you should optimize your website for Mobile SEO.

Just 44/100,this website should improve its Mobile Optimization. Here are some problems SEO Snapshot can detect.

Something it advises you so as to improve. And something you should optimize.

5.On-Page SEO Factors

As i mentioned before,SEO Snapshot is a link building and SEO audit tool. Besides Off-page SEO,On-Page is also important to get rank. Personally,i don’t build any backlink when i started internet marketing and drove traffic by SEO. Hence On-Page Factor should be your priority for Google free traffic.

Especially what makes me surprise is that SEO Snapshot can check keywords. And even keyword cloud. Moreover,SEO Snapshot can detect internal link,which is highly important for SEO. 
Lastly,it can check Off-page SEO and other factors.

If you can do everthing SEO Snapshot advise and fix your SEO’s problem,certainly your site will rank very high.

Pricing and Upsell of SEO Snapshot

The front-end price of this product is $97/one time and then $9.99/month recurring. Clearly,it’s much more affordable than Semrush,Ahrefs,Alexa. Like his other’s product,the upsells of SEO Snapshot are actually his previous product.

OTO 1 : Reverse Rank Checker ($19,95/onetime)

This is a tool that reveals keywords that you are ranking for Google. In addition,it can reveal your competitor’s high traffic keyword. You can also say it’s a competition analysis. Then your next part is to see what they write and improve your content ,not duplicate,content is still king. Why paying hundred of dollars per month just for this while Reverse Rank Checker can do the whole task.

OTO 2 : Traffic Spy ($97/onetime)

The second upsell of SEO Snapshot is Traffic Spy,which are no longer for front-end price or buying directly. Unlike the front-end and upsell #1,this one is great for discovering your traffic. More traffic,more visitors,more lists or leads,certainly more money. In other words,Traffic Spy is a competitor analysis tool but in various traffic like Facebook,Youtube,Linkedin,Pinterest and Twitter. You can also say this is an unfair advantage tool to help you legally copy (not duplicate) other’s ideas.

In my opinion,you should consider Traffic Spy because it’s affordable and social media are always good traffic. In order to use Traffic Spy,simply enter a keyword and then it will detect for you. Remember to add filter to choose the best one to imitate,not duplicate,OK. Take note that those social media are Off-Page SEO,not just backlink as many people think.

Benefits of SEO Snapshot

  • Affordable price together with low recurring expense
  • Upsells are not too expensive
  • Fast to create a report (no matter what it is)
  • Can Track Unique Visitors,Traffic and Geo
  • Check Page Speed as well as Load Times
  • Can Track Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Being A SEO Audit and Website ‘s Health Checker Tool
  • Include Mobile Analysis
  • Can Detect On-Page Keywords and Detect Internal Link
  • Find Website’s Traffic and then give an advice

Disadvantages of SEO Snapshot

  • Can Not Check Ranking of Keyword
  • Not Really Ideal For Finding Backlink

Final Verdict

In summary,SEO Snapshot is a great SEO tool that helps you save a lot of money. Don’t pay hundred of dollars per montly to buy Semrush,Alexa,Ahrefs while you have this one. In addition,it’s super easy to use and super useful that helps you get rank a lot. Besides,SEO Snapshot can be a good friend of Google thanks to some advice it gives. Best of all,it can detect internal links,website’s keywords and many On-Page factor. Of course,i highly recommend SEO Snapshot for those who are seriously about SEO traffic.

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