Shoptimized Theme Review

Product : Shoptimized Theme

Creator : Bradey Long

Price : $167 for 1 license or $197 for 3 licenses or $497 for 10 licenses.

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes. However, only for serious Shopify Owners.

High Traffic but Low Sales or My Store Doesn’t Convert is presently the most popular complaint from most Shopify users. Well, there’s a lot reason to this but the design and product page of your store is definitely one of this.

Of course, all of us want a higher conversion rate on our Shopify Store so we need some action to the store. However, how much will they cost you. Let’s me explain, how much you pay for popup app, upsell app, free shipping app, currency switcher app, social proofs app and more,..

And the sad truth from them is that they are all montly costs and this make many people fear of running a Shopify business. But right now,you don’t need to worry about that anymore because you have Shoptimized Theme.

After purchasing Shoptimized Theme and also upload to Shopify Store,i see that it’s a great tool that saves our money and increase conversion rate. Let’s read my entire Shoptimized Theme review so that you know how it works.

What is Shoptimized Theme?

Shopitimized Theme Review

Who is Shoptimized Theme For?

  • Of course,you are a Shopify Business Owner
  • Dropshipper and Print on Demand Seller
  • You are not intending to purchase multiple Monthly Shopify Apps simultaneously
  • If you want to increase conversions for Shopify Stores
  • And many more,..

Main Features and Demo or Shoptimized Theme

Now,i will show you exactly how Shoptimized Theme works. Once you install,this is what you see first.

Shoptimized Theme Review
Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 1 52 38 PM

This theme is built-in to be mobile,Ipad and Desktop friendly.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 7 08 13 PM

1.General Front Page Setting

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 04 53 PM

When people first time visiting your store,they should see an attractive looking from your store. So firstly,you can customize text and other stuffs.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 05 00 PM

You can setup Color in order to make it fit with your store niche. For example,if you sell and dropship Cosmetic,it should be pink.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 05 08 PM

At here,you can upload your Logo and Favicon. Here’s an example on what i do.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 05 51 PM

At here,you can setup Mega Menu and Promotion Banner.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 06 41 PM

In order to create a legitimate business,you should provide people your Contact Address,Email and Phone Number.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 06 52 PM
Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 06 57 PM

For Mega menu,it’s better to create Category and Collection first before setting up this.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 09 42 PM
Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 09 47 PM

Scarcity is a great features that helps you boost conversion.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 11 42 PM

If you ignore Free Shipping Bar,it’s hard to increase AOV of customers. Of course,if you dropship ePacket products,it’s 100% free shipping. But having a bar like this can make people feel they need to purchase and shop more.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 16 27 PM

As you can see,it has GEO Ip Recognition,it’s a great features built-in to convert worldwide.

2.Product Page

When you run FB Ads or Google Ads,you will mostly redirect people to product page.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 35 56 PM

Of course,we want to create a product page that converted as high as we can.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 36 00 PM
Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 2 36 05 PM

Trust badges here is proven to convert as you know. Here’s an example of a winning product page as you can see.

screencapture shoptimized review myshopify products simulated pearl stud earrings elegant small pearl earrings young design fashion minimalist jewelry charms for women wholesale 2019 04 17 14 29 11

For the Free Shipping Bar features,Shoptimized Theme can calculate remaining $ people need to get that free shipping rate.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 6 41 58 PM


In order to display product in Shoptimized Theme on Front Page,you need to create collection first. It’s super simple and only take you few seconds to create on Shopify.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 6 44 55 PM

After that,this is what you can see.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 6 45 15 PM
Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 6 45 44 PM

So as you can see,your Shopify Store is now more beautiful

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 6 47 20 PM

For Exit Pop Coupon code,it will auto apply to people who purchase your products.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 6 47 48 PM

With Shoptimized Theme,people can Quick Buy a Product without needing to visit the product Page.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 6 47 55 PM
Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 6 47 59 PM

If people click Add to Cart,then they will one click visit the checkout page so that Shoptimized can skip the cart. As you know,less step = more conversions.

Here’s the preview of my Shopify Store after setting up.

screencapture shoptimized review myshopify 2019 04 17 18 47 25

4.Other Setting Up

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 7 07 35 PM

When people visit your store,if they see some testimonial,they will want to buy something.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 7 08 27 PM

You can not import but you can manually setup as many product review as you want. For viral marketing,you can create a gaming program for Instagram,this can make you become an influencer in your niche while selling products.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 7 08 51 PM

There’s no doubt that people will want to buy product after they see Video Ads. And of course,Shoptimized Theme can help you display custom video ads.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 7 09 13 PM

On your Product Page,you can setup everything.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 7 09 39 PM

This can be product option,related Upsells and Video Ads.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 7 09 46 PM

So,no more Recommendify,Frequently Bought Together or Product Upsells App. People can skip cart but sometimes they may visit cart page.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 7 11 23 PM

So providing upsell bundle is a smart technique that got you sales and you can see countdown timer on bottom right.

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 7 11 44 PM

If you want SEO traffic,you can create Blog Post. Fortunately,Shoptimized Theme is in-built to help you setup Ecom’s Stype Blog Post.

And that’s all you need to know before you buy Shoptimized Theme. In fact,it’s worth every single penny you are paying.

Pricing of Shoptimized Theme

This Shopify Theme has 3 plans : the pro is the most popular one here.

Shoptimized Price

What to pick here,the choice is ultimately yours.

My Shoptimized Theme Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you a correct understanding about Shoptimized Theme,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy the theme,turn on your volume and watch these videos first.


Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you get Shopitimized Theme through my link. Just simply buy and then mail us at with your name,your email and your Thrivecart Receipt. We will manually verify and then grant them access. Getting them or not,the choice is still yours but we can guarantee that they can support you after you buy Shoptimized Theme.

What Real Customer are Talking about Shoptimized Theme?

You are not along,there’s a lot happy clients here.

screencapture shoptimized net theme 2019 04 17 19 19 19 copy 3
screencapture shoptimized net theme 2019 04 17 19 19 19 copy
screencapture shoptimized net theme 2019 04 17 19 19 19
screencapture shoptimized net theme 2019 04 17 19 19 19 copy 4

Pros of Shoptimized Theme

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Highly Affordable Price
  • Dedicated Support Team and FB Groups
  • Save Thoudsands of Dollars per Year from Monthly Shopify App
  • Built-in SEO Friendly and Mobile Friendly
  • Theme and Features Built-in to Convert
  • Super Fast Store and Page Loading
  • Multiple Integration

Cons of Shoptimized Theme

  • They Have some Addon Services

Final Verdict

In summary,Shoptimized is so far the best Shopify Theme that i have seen on the internet. Frankly,if you are serious on running a Shopify Store,this one will be your best friends. It’s not just built-in to convert but also save you a lot money from buying Shopify Apps. If you are a serious Shopify Marketers and also action taker, then Shoptimized is a big yes from me.

Mini FAQs

Does Shoptimized Theme work for other platforms, like WordPress?

Shoptimized™ solely creates, designs and develops themes for the Shopify platform.

How do I setup the theme on my store?

When you buy the Shoptimized™ theme you get full access to our comprehensive and easy to follow instructions on setting up the theme for your store.

If you’re looking for more generic Shopify store setup instructions, there are plenty of resources available on Shopify’s own website.

Do I need a Designer/Programmer for my store?

They’ve designed the theme to be as flexible and configurable as possible but also made it simple to use. You would only need a designer/developer if you wanted to custom code something that the theme doesn’t do natively.

What are the Shoptimized™ updates?

They have a team of seven developers constantly working on new features and improvements. They release regular updates to remain compatible with new apps and Shopify platform updates.

They also regularly release new Conversion Boosting features to save you even more on app subscriptions.

Is the Shoptimized™ theme available in other languages?

They’re working on adding various languages including Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic, German, Spanish, Portuguese & French. Please contact them if you’re looking for other languages not listed.

Do I have an option to enable/disable features on the theme?

Absolutely, just because they have dozens of Conversion Boosting features doesn’t mean you should use them all. In fact, they recommend you test each one to see what converts best for your store. This is because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for e-commerce. Your store, your brand and your audience and the way they respond will be very different from the next store.

Can I customize the Theme?

Yes! The theme is fully customizable and that’s one of the main reasons people choose Shoptimized™ over other themes.

I already have an existing theme, would I lose all my products and have to start from scratch if I switch to Shoptimized™?

Not at all, all your products, collections and content are preserved. Shopify makes it easy to switch themes. Even with Shopify’s entry-level plan, you can have up to 20 themes on your store. You can switch between them simply by clicking ‘publish’ on the theme you want on your live storefront.

You can also setup and configure the Shoptimized™ Theme as an unpublished theme so you can make the switch once you have it looking the way you want it.

How long does the Theme Setup service take?

Once the developer team has all the required data and information regarding your shop, they attempt to finish the setup within 5 business days.

When i purchase a theme is that a one-time fee?

Yes, unlike other themes, you get free upgrades and support for 12-months and you only pay a one-time fee, unless stated otherwise.

Can I trial a theme before buying it?

There is no trial offer for this Shopify theme.

Can I use the theme for multiple shops?

All of their themes are subject to a one-store license, so if you want to utilize the same theme in several live stores, you’ll have to purchase multiple licenses.

Does Shoptimized Theme Issue Refund?

Since theirthemes are intangible, unalterable computerized products, all themes purchases are final and non-refundable. Their support team will bend over backwards to help resolve any issues you have.

What does 3x store license mean?

Each Shopify store that you want to install the Shoptimized™ Theme on will require a license key. You can purchase a single store license (Basic Package), three store license (Pro Package) or ten store license (Ultimate).

Most people purchase the Pro Package to take advantage of the generous discount compared to a single store license. This is because many store owners plan to create multiple stores as they grow their e-commerce empire.

Are there any monthly/yearly fees?

When you purchase you get a lifetime license plus a full year’s access to our heroic support plus free theme updates whenever they release a new version.

Am I able to purchase the Basic Package now and upgrade to the Pro or Ultimate package later and only pay the difference?

Yes, as long as it’s within 30-days of your initial purchase.

Does Shoptimized™ work with all Shopify plans

Yes, it works with all plans.

Is it necessary to pay for the service to setup the store?

No, They’ve designed the theme to be as intuitive to use as possible and they have also provided step-by-step instructions inside our members’ area.

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