Social Kickstart 2.0 Review and Demo-Great Tool To Boost Social Media Marketing


Product : Social Kickstart 2.0

Creator: Mark Thompson and Matt Callen (also the creator of Provely,EasyVSL,Pressplay,Email Spike,Leadgrab)

Price: $27/month or $197/year . However,if you buy through this special link (it only $17/month,$97/year or $147/lifetime). If you want the expensive price,buy on this link.

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

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On internet marketing,no matter how good your campaigns,websites are,no visitors,no money. There are two main types of traffic : paid and free. Certainly,you need to do both to drive visitors into your website. The more traffic you get,the higher chance of getting leads as well as collecting lists,the more money you make. Besides SEO,you should consider to grow traffic with social media. There are three populars social media traffic you should target such as Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin.

Moreover,social media will help you target specific and the right audiences to avoid bad leads. However,it requires a lot of works. You do not only need to post high quality and valuable contents but also supports your audiences.

Social Kickstart 2.0 is a great software by Mark Thompson that especially helps you manage your social media with less works. Additionally,Thompson and Callen create Social Kickstart to help you boost your Facebook Ads and fanpage campaigns. Now,let’s check out my Social Kickstart 2.0 review and examples so that you understand how it works.

What Is Social Kickstart 2.0?

At first,it’s a software to help you manage three main social media traffics : Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin. In other words,Social Kickstart makes your life much easier by managing posts,contents,analyze your Facebook and supports your audiences. Besides,you can use Social Kickstart as a spy tool as it can curate content from social media and TeeSpring. Best of all,it adopts Schedule features for post and live stream and even retarget audiences. Another thing i love about Social Kickstart is that it has Facebook Drag-And-Drop Ad maker,means you don’t have to use complex pixels perfect.

Who Is Social Kickstart For?

  • Complete Newbies who want to start internet marketing
  • Intermediate and Professional Internet Marketers who want to scale up their income
  • People who want to grow their fanpage or haven’t build a Facebook fanpage before
  • You have a lot of websites,contents so that you want to save energy and time
  • You haven’t started any Facebook Ads campaigns before
  • Amazon FBA Sellers as well as Ecommerce sellers
  • If you want to manage facebook post,content as well as supporting customers easier
  • Especially if you are selling T-Shirt on Teespring
  • You want to spy and curate other’s success campaigns on various social media

Main Features and How Social Kickstart 2.0 Work

Now,i will not waste your time anymore,let’s see how social kickstart works for you. At first,it’s not an application so you don’t have to install,Social Kickstart is a cloud-based.

1.Set Up Campaigns

In order to set up a campaign with Social Kickstart,you must connect your Facebook account with it. It can be your personal account or whatever account you think of and then confirm.

Once again,i remind,Social Kickstart allows you to connect Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin. After that,let’s see how to create a campaigns. With Social Kickstart,there is no limitation so that never under pressure.

Now,the next thing to do is to create a fanpage and campaign.Like i mentioned before,Social Kickstart allows you to create unlimited fanpage,campaigns.

Find Campaign

This is a great feature of Social Kickstart when it spy other’s campaigns so you can imitate them (not duplicate). Just simply enter a keyword and then it will display a list of good fanpages. For example,i will enter a keyword golfing.

Now,click on the button Get All Posts and then…There are 3 options for you for each post : Post immediately,Schedule and Add to Schedule. With Schedule feature,the post will automatically be added into your Facebook Fanpage. Quality is rather than Quantity. Certainly,with the post from big fanpage,no way they don’t have enough quality.

For instance,i will click on Post Now. If you choose Schedule post,Social Kickstart will automatically post exactly the day you chose. In addition,Social Kickstart can spy social media like Instagram,Facebook Groups,Memesearch,Pinterest,Tumblr and Youtube. For example,i will spy the keyword golfing on Instagram and Youtube. If you keep doing this frequently,sooner or later,your fanpage will have at least 5,000 likes.

Teespring Research

Agree or not,T-Shirt is always an interest overtime niche at Ecommerce or Amazon FBA. Teespring is a growing ways to earn online from home that people should consider. With this type of bussiness,there is no doubt when Facebook Ads and Fanpage are the best traffic source. Mark realizes that,hence he adopts Teespring research feature inside Social Kickstart. Just simply enter a keyword and a list of T-Shirt will appear.

For example,i will spy on one T-Shirt. After that,let’s see about retargetting,which requires Facebook pixels. Not too complex if you have some experience about Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Drag and Drop Landing Page

The last and maybe the best feature of Social Kickstart is an easy to customize Facebook Ads landing page. This will especially increase conversion rates and click rates of your fanpage. And more importantly,it can save you hundred of dollars a year for a landing page creator like Instapage.

There’s a lot of Facebook Ads Landing Page Templates for you to choose. Of course,you can choose your own template.

Simply choose one of them,but one more time,there’s no limitation 🙂

You can also add available images to make it more stunning.And lastly,this is an example landing page.

Schedule Video On Fanpage

Just like schedule post on Facebook,Instagram,ec,Social Kickstart can schedule for Livestream video. However,make sure you have a high quality video and a big fan page before using this feature.

Pricing and Upsell of Social Kickstart

Now,let’s see the pricing plan and packages of Social Kickstart. As i told you at the beginning of this post,if you buy through  an official link,it would cost you $27/month,$197/year and no lifetime access offer. Fortunately,i have a special link that guarantee you only pay $17/month,$97/year or $147/lifetime access.

OTO 1 : Social Kickstart 2.0 Agency Services ($17/month or $197/lifetime)

Like other products from Thompson such as Provely,Leadgrab,Pressplay,EasyVSL,Email Spike,this one also has Agency services. It’s like you can sell your contents from Social Kickstart to your buyers.

OTO 2 : Facebook Domination Blueprint ($97)

This is a 5 modules training from Mark when he teaches you how to grow,scale up your fanpage and monetize after that. Here’s the entire training. Especially Mark and Matt will give you their and their clients’s successful Facebook Fanpage campaigns. Don’t pay a lot for a Facebook Ad,campaigns training,this one is enough.

OTO 3 : List Eruption Software ($97)

The last upsell of Social Kickstart is another hot-selling product om Mark Thompson. Actually,it’s a landing page creator software to help you build an email list. Just like some others landing page creator such as LPM,Instabuilder,WP Profit Buidler,List Eruption does offer campaigns analytics. Besides landing page templates,this tool also has split-testing,social media and integrations.

Benefits of Social Kickstart 2.0

  • Pretty Easy To Use
  • Manage Your Fanpage Fast
  • Affordable Price and Upsell is not required
  • Can Spy Others’s Fanpage
  • Especially For Selling T-Shirt At Teespring
  • Facebook Ads Drag and Drop Landing Page (so far the most unique feature)
  • No Limitation
  • Can Post,Schedule on Fanpage Directly and Automatically
  • Various Social Media Compatible

Final Verdict

Once again,Mark Thompson has proven that he is a pioneer on creating a high quality software that helps people with their internet marketing campaigns. In my opinion,Social Kickstart is nearly a must-have tool for all internet marketers who want to save time,energy and scale up their bussiness. Facebook is a goldmine of internet marketing,using Social Kickstart means you are exploiting and stealing that goldmine. In addition,it’s pretty easy to manage and it adopts unique features that no software has. Certainly,i highly recommend this tool if you are serious about internet marketing.

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