Socibot Review and Demo-Tool To Turn Your Facebook Fanpage Into Cash

Product : Socibot
Creator : Glynn Kosky
Price : $19,95 for Lite or $29,95 for Pro (he will offer a coupon)
Do I Recommend : Yes (despite his bad reputation from his previous product). However,i don’t like the funnel.

  • Recommended

Presently,Facebook is a goldmine. Sooner or later,you need to use Facebook for your campaign. According to Anthony Morisson,founder of Fanpage Domination,Anik Singal,founder of FB Academy,your fanpage is your bussiness. No matter what type of online bussiness you are in,having a fanpage is a big advantage. Besides affiliate marketing,Facebook also works with Amazon FBA,Ecommerce. Moreover,using both free and paid traffic with Facebook are really good.
Billions of people are using Facebook and certainly,they may ask you on message on comment. However,you can’t manage all of your fanpage at the same time. This costs you a lot of time and energy if you have multiple Facebook fanpage simultaneously. Of course,if you respond to your audiences’s comments,question,you will gain trust and creditability a lot. And more importantly,it helps you get more list,leads and even revenue for your bussiness.
Socibot is an affordable software that automatically respond your visitors’s comments,question. Additionally,Socibot is newbie friendly and customizble. Now,let’s checkout my Socibot review and demo so that you understand how it works.

What Is Socibot?

SociBot is an all in one Facebook traffic and commission getting software that will help you to grow your business on autopilot, even whilst your asleep! The software allows you to build huge list of people who comment and engage with your Facebook posts, then allowing you to direct message these people in a bid to sell your products and services.

In addition to the main feature that SociBot allows you to build a list and capture the audience of people that engage with your posts, the software has a huge list of awesome feautres that will help you to build your online business.
Under one dashboard, the SociBot platform has a wealth of features, including the ability to automatically respond to messages your fan page receives AND automatically respond to comments your fanpage recieves by DIRECT messaging to the person via the FB inbox.
The SociBot software also has a unique features that enables you to import anyone who has historically messaged your page, into a ‘list’ which you can then mass message.
SociBot also has a button generator tool which will allow you to place a button onto your website, blog or landing page which, when clicked, will open the Facebook messenger window, allowing your customers, prospects or viewers to message you direct.
In addition to these awesome features, SociBot also has a very unique feature which helps you to eliminate ALL spam from your Facebook fan page immediately. SociBot also has a chat box generator feature, which allows you to place the Facebook chat box onto your website, for example, in the bottom right hand corner, just like a live chat window, whereby visitors can speak to you direct.

Who Is Socibot For?

  • Any marketer (from novice to professional) who want to scale up their traffic and revenue
  • People who haven’t created any Facebook fanpage once
  • Super Affiliate who needs to save time and energy to focus on other tasks
  • If you are running CPA,CPL,Pay Per Call or Pay Per Trial Offer
  • Email Listbuilder who want to enlarge their email list
  • Amazon FBA Sellers (check out Amazon FBA Ninja,Amazon Bootcamp)
  • People who are running an ecommerce bussiness (checkout Zero Up,Ecom Success Academy,Influencer Marketing Academy)
  • You are selling T-Shirt on Teespring

Main Features of Socibot


Now,let’s see how i use Socibot in order to manage my fanpage. At first,it’s a cloud-base software so you only need to log in. Basically,this is what you see once you login to the member’s area.
Socibot Member Area

1.Message Bot

As i mentioned before,this software allows you to respond people’s message automatically. Socibot will answer their question automatically base on what they ask,of course,you can customize.

Socibot message bot
Now,add a message reply to your facebook fanpage,before adding message,remember to add your fanpage. With Socibot,there is no limitation about how many fanpage it works,so that don’t worry.
Socibot Message Bot
After that,simply customize to suit your bussiness. But hey,you can benefit it to promote Pay Per Trial,CPL offers and build a list. Therefore,remember to prepare a landing page,a product that is free to your audiences (ec:skincare trial).

2.Comment Bot

Socibot Fanpage Domination Book
The next good thing Socibot can do is to automatically comment whenever your audiences ask. Thanks to this feature,you won’t miss any comment anymore,hence your fanpage is just bigger. There are two main types of reply,Socibot message directly with them or reply people’s comment.
Socibot Comment Bot
Reply Lít will automatically reply what they ask whenever they ask and comment. In order to make it effective,you should prepare a Pay Per Trial offer. For example,if you promote beauty offers,you get paid +$30 for every valid and free sign up. In addition,remember to prepare a landing page. Therefore,you have multiple ways to split-test.
SociBot Reply List
For instance,you should do like this. In the long-term process,certainly you get a lot of lists,leads,likes and revenue.
Socibot Comment Bot Reply Lists
Everything is automatic and insant towards your audiences,so that you gain trust a lot. Best of all,Socibot can automatically message directly when they ask a question.


Socibot Amazon FBA Ninja Banner
The next feature of Socibot is subscriber,but hey,it’s not an autoresponder software like Convertkit,Mailchimp,Getresponse. People who subscribe to your chatbot will receive your message automatically once you add a message. It’s like email marketing but with Chatbot.
Socibot Subscriber
They only receive their message if you subscribe to your chatbot list,hence you don’t annoy them. However,sometimes,you have bad subscriber,that’s simple with internet marketing.
Socibot Subscriber

4.Button Generator

The next feature of Socibot is button generator,which allows your audiences to subscribe to your chatbot campaign. Nothing special with this feature because your subscriber do not care much about this.
Socibot Button Generator


Socibot Inbox Blueprint Free Ebook
Another great feature of Socibot is defender,which block spam or negative hijacking,etc. Moreover,you will avoid suck and fake audiences who are trying to worsen your company’s image.
Socibot Defender
If you are in gambling niche,80% of people will report it a scam,then blacklist the word scam. Remember,gambling is a typical CPA niche and it pays like crazy but it’s not a scam,just people don’t know how to use.
And that’s all the feature you get inside Socibot with the single time purchase of $19,95 (he will offer coupon) without any limitation.

Pricing and Upsells of Socibot

Now,let’s see the price of Socibot. Basically,the front-end price of this product is affordable and it’s a lifetime access. However,he offers a lot of upsells and downsells to this product,which i don’t like.
Socibot Front-End Price Socibot Front-End Price Socibot Front-End Price Socibot Front-End Price Socibot Front-End Price Socibot Front-End Price

OTO 1 : Socibot Gold ($37 for Lite or $47 for Pro)

The first upsell is actually a tool that is compatible with Clickfunnels,Shopify,Leadpages,Wordpress,etc. On the other hand,it helps you build a list and get more leads with CPA offers. In addition,you can customize your chatbot for more attractiveness. However,don’t buy at $37 or $47,buy at $27 and $37 because he gives a downsell.
Socibot Gold
Say No With This
Socibot Gold
Say Yes With This
Socibot Gold Discount
In summary,this is what you get if you buy SociBot Gold. You should buy the Pro rather than the Lite.
Socibot Gold Pro Discount Socibot Gold Pro Discount Socibot Gold Pro Discount Socibot Gold Pro Discount

OTO 2 : Socibot Elite ($37 for Lite or $47 for Pro),of course,he will offer discount if you deny

Socibot Elite
The second upsell of Socibot is the Elite member,which is a step-by-step training from Glynn. Actually,it’s a training on how to use Socibot in order to maximize its feature. If you need,buy and if not,don’t,do not waste your money for anything you don’t need. And more importantly,deny this.
Socibot Elite
Accept this
Socibot Elite Discount
In general,this is what you get inside Socibot Elite. Of course,you should buy Pro version,not Lite version.
Socibot Elite Socibot Elite Socibot Elite

OTO 3 : Socibot Platinum ($47 for Lite or $67 for Pro). Once again,he offers discount but with $20

Socibot Platinum
This is what i review above when it removes negative comments and spam message from suck audiences. In my opinion,you should consider because it helps avoiding negative comments from fake visitors. Moreover,it removes negative things may happen to your fanpage. But remember to deny this
Socibot Platinum
And buy with this price,that’s up to $20 saving. If you hear me,you save $40 while no one mention about this.
Socibot Platinum Discount
Basically,these are what you get inside Socibot Platinum. Don’t choose the Lite version,choose the Pro version and only buy at a discount price.
Socibot Platinum Socibot Platinum Socibot Platinum

OTO 4 : Socibot Agency ($97 for Lite or $197 for Pro)

Socibot Agency License
The next upsell of Socibot is actually an agency license,which allows you to sell the service to people. However,don’t buy if you don’t need or not intend to sell your services. In order to sell your services,skill is required. If you think you can create multiple services simultaneously with Socibot,i highly recommend you tu buy. But if you are just intending to use your own campaign,don’t buy. Selling digital services’s potential revenue is up to 6 figures a month but you need a good bussiness first.
Socibot Agency License Socibot Agency License Socibot Agency License
Once again,i remind,just buy if you consider selling services.

OTO 5 : Socibot Reseller License ($197 for Lite or $297 for Pro)

Socibot Reseller License
The last upsell of Socibot allows you to resell this product as your own. Don’t buy this upsell if you do not intend to sell Socibot as your own. This type of bussiness is only for experienced online marketer who are scaling up their income to 7 figures. If you think you can sell a product and you have additional budget,it’s really awersome to sell this product as your own.
Socibot Resell License
And this is the entire funnel of Socibot. Remember,if you buy the first 3 upsells,deny and then get the discount from $10 to $20. Just buy the last 2 upsells if you actually need,don’t buy anything you don’t use.

Pros of Socibot

  • Super easy to use and manage
  • Affordable price and lifetime access
  • Can Block Negative Comments,Spam
  • Unlimited Fanpage License
  • People can subscribe to your chatbot list
  • Customizable Reply,Message
  • Automatically Reply People’s comment and Message Them Directly

Cons of Socibot

  • Complex Upsells and Downsells
  • You may buy at expensive price if you don’t notice

Final Verdict

In conclusion,this is a nice cloud-base software that anyone should consider to buy. It’s highly affordable,super simple to use without any limitation. Best of all,it helps you gain trust and creditability to your audiences for a long-term process. It is also a great traffic for promoting CPA (especially CPL and Pay per Trial offers). Moreover,it is an advantage for your Facebook marketing campaign and it saves you a lot of time and energy.

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