Split Test Monkey Review,Demo and Example-Great Tool To Boost Revenue

Product : Split Test Monkey

Creator : Promote Lab (also the creator of Chit Chat Chimp and Landing Page Monkey)

Price : $37 lifetime access

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

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When joining internet marketing,almost all teachers mention a lot about Split Testing. That’s the truth because if you don’t split-test,you won’t know how effective your campaign is and how to improve. Moreover,nearly all of the autoresponders (Mailchimp,Getresponse) or Landing Page Creator (Landing Page Monkey,Clickfunnels,Instapage,WPprofitbuilder) adopts Split Testing feature.

In addition,Split Testing will help you increase conversions and ROI. However,they are not enough,you may need something that can split testing the entire campaign. Split Test Monkey is a software that can split-test all of your campaigns and traffic all in one place. Besides,Split Test Monkey has a highly affordable price and it’s a lifetime access. Now,let’s check out my Split Test Monkey review and demo in order to understand.

What Is Split Test Monkey?

At first,it’s a split testing software that helps you boost sales,increase optin and conversion rate. In other words,it’s a conversion optimization software (split URL and Dynamic Element testing) that anyone can easily use to test and optimize their sales pages, landing pages, blogs and other key web properties. Split Test Monkey is a webbase software so that you don’t need to install. Of all split-testing software,Split Test Monkey is the most affordable one so far and it doesn’t lack effectiveness.

Who Is Split Test Monkey For?

  • Any affiliate marketer who want to boost as well as skyrocket their conversion
  • Your landing page is low conversion so that you want to fix
  • If you understand that split testing is important to any internet marketing campaigns
  • You are running an Amazon Store
  • Or you are running an Ecommerce Bussiness
  • If you are running multiple paid traffic sources such as Facebook Ads,Native Ads,PPC Ads,Instagram Ads,Mobile Ads,Solo Ads

Main Features and How To Use Split Test Monkey

Now,i won’t waste your time anymore,let’s see how to use Split Test Monkey so as to split test your campaigns. But hey,it’s not a replacement for tracking softwares,just to help you see your campaigns. This is the member’s dashboard once you sign up and log in.

1.Create Split URL Test

As i mentioned before,Split Test Monkey has 2 types of split-testing,split URL and Dynamic Element testing. Now,i will create a new Split URL Test campaign.Firstly,you will need to create an Override URL and test type,days. There are three main types of testing such as Auto-Optimizer,Manual and Conversion Race.

  • Min Total Conversions : Min Conversion Required for Winner
  • Min Days : Min Days Required for Winner
  • Confident : The confident level that the conversion raterate measure for the winning variant is accurate (should 95% or above)

Then,you will need to add to overidde URL. Actually,you add this URL in order to redirect unpublished/paused test to. While Conversion Value is only for internal,which calculates the financial value of your conversion. After that,add other URL to split test them.

Because you are split-testing so they should be in the same website. Clearly,using Split Test Monkey is more convinience than just using landing page creator to split test. But hey,Split Test Monkey can split test multiple pages of the same time. This will benefit you a lot if you have broad audiences as well as multiple sign up form,landing page. After that,simply get the embed code,like what you have to do if using Chit Chat Chimp.

Now,let’s see what your split testing statistic page should look like. If you are using Native Ads,you must create multiple landing pages (highly advanced html file),therefore,using this software will help you a lot. Now,let’s move to Dynamic A/B Split Test.

2.Dynamic Element Testing

The next feature of Split Test Monkey is to create dynamic element testing. Actually,it’s like you are adding elements such as banner or other html file. In other word,it’s like you are promoting a same product but will multiple sources. In order to create a Dynamic Element Testing campaign,it’s easy like what you are doing with URL Split-Test.

Like the URL Split Test,this one can also split test multiple elements simultaneously. For example,i will create html to promote Clickfunnels. Normally,almost all CPA networks will allow you to create as many as sub id as you can. Therefore,be sure to make them different.

After that,simply get the HTML code to embed to your website,landing page,ec.Simply see the statistic whenever you want,every analytics from Split Test Monkey are accurate.

3.Headline O-Matic

It’s an upgrade of Split Test Monkey,which costs you $27 if you enter the coupon code (they will offer). Actually,it’s a headline creator to help you improve conversion through headline for sales pages, landing pages, blogs & emails.

No matter what type of traffic sources you are running,a strong headline will increase a lot click rates,open rates and conversion rates. Simply add a keyword and then,Headlin O Matic will create a list of good headline for you.

This is Attention Grabbers Style,you can also use Awersome Headline Style. If you are running Facebook Ads or Native Ads together with email marketing,i strongly recommend you to buy this upsell,it’s just $27. Don’t worry if you are new to Split Test Monkey because they prepare the tutorial for you.

And that’s all you get on a single purchase of $37 lifetime access. Currently,i know the private code for 50% off with Split Test Monkey because i know it from Commission Gorilla V2. However,i won’t share this coupon in public in order to protect their value. If you want that coupon,contact me.

Pricing and Upsells of Split Test Monkey

Unlike Chit Chat Chimp,this product has too many upsells,which are other products of Promote Labs. The front-end price of Split Test Monkey is $37 lifetime access and updates,no recurring fee.

OTO 1 : Headlin O Matic ( $27)

This is what i reviewed before,a tool that helps you create a strong and high converting headline. In addition,you will also get the bonus training from them.  

OTO 2 : Monkey Tools Bundle ($67)

The second upsell of Split Test Monkey is Monkey Tools Bundle,which is 3 on 1 softwares that helps you boost traffic and conversion. In my opinion,you should consider to buy this upsell because there are up to 3 softwares and they provide great services.

The three softwares of this Bundle are Popup Monkey,Catcha Monkey and Countdown Monkey. Like Split Test Monkey,they allow you to create unlimited campaigns and update overtime.Popup Monkey ‘s price is $37 while Catcha and Countdown Monkey are not available for sale independently.

OTO 3 : Comission Gorilla ($97)

Comission Gorilla is the best selling product of Promote Lab and it’s a builder with a whole host of conversion boosting bells and whistles with a bonus management system and reporting. The software reduces the time and effort typically needed to create a promotional pages and incorporates/automates many of our own winning affiliate marketing strategies.

OTO 4 : Monkey Playr ($67)

The next upsell of Split Test Monkey is Monkey Playr,which is another popular product from Promote Lab. It’s a video player that helps you boost sales,increase optin without any hosting fee and offers autoplay Youtube. You can also crop cut video through Monkey Playr. It’s like Pressplay but at an affordable price (of course,it can’t be as good as Pressplay).

Monkey Playr has direct integration with MailChimp,Convertkit,Getresponse,Active Campaign and Aweber. It also integrate Clickfunnels,LPM,Leadpages,Profit Builder,Wordpress,Shopify,ec.

OTO 5 : Landing Page Monkey Software ($47)

The fifth upsell of Split Test Monkey is Landing Page Monkey,which is a landing page creator. Normall,its price is $69 but as an upsell of Split Test Monkey,you only have to pay $47. I will not go detail about this inside this post,feel free the checkout my Landing Page Monkey review.

OTO 6 : 5 Private Label Video Courses ($67)

The last upsell of Split Test Monkey is a training from Promote Lab. Buy it or not,it’s up to you,i don’t buy this upsell so that i don’t know what they are.

Pros of Split Test Monkey

  • Super simple to use and to manage
  • Lifetime Access and It Has An Affordable Price
  • Can Split Test Multiple URL,Html elements simultaneously
  • Upsells are not too pricey and they are also lifetime access
  • Can Split Test Unlimited Campaign
  • Accurate as well as trustable statistics
  • Easily Embed Code Into Website,Landing Page (even index.html file)
  • Include the Video Tutorial

Cons of Split Test Monkey

  • Too many upsells (despite they are not really compulsory)

Final Verdict

In summary,Split Test Monkey is a great software that any marketer should consider to purchase. It’s highly affordable and it’s super simple to manage. Moreover,split testing is an important part that helps you increase conversion and boost revenue. Please note that it’s not an alternative for tracking softwares,it’s just a split testing tool to help you see how effective your campaigns are. Of course,i highly recommend you to own Split Test Monkey,it’s gorgous and it’s high affordable.

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