Traffic Titan Review and Member's Area-7 Softwares In One Package

Product : Traffic Titan
Price : $7 and of course,has upsells
Do I Recommned : Yes (especially for those who are focusing on Free Traffic)

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On internet marketing,traffic is always one of the most important factors so far to decide how much money you make. No matter how good your contents,emails,fanpages,videos are,no visitor,no money. Sooner or later,you have to drive traffic probably into your website. There are two main types of traffic : paid and free. With free traffic,you will save money and have a stable income,view despite costing a lot of time. SEO is always the great free traffic but it requires you to implement the right way.
Content is king so that keyword is queen. In addition,research is always the hardest and most important parts with free traffic. Traffic Titan is a 7-on-1 softwares packages that helps you do the niche,market research and build content. Besides,you will get access to their premium WordPress themes and Video Creation Softwares. Now,checkout my Traffic Titan review so that you understand its features.

What Is Traffic Titan ?

Traffic Titan review
Firstly,Traffic Titan is a packages that has 7 softwares to help you grow free traffic. The 7 softwares you get access once you buy are Niche Money,Keyword Titan,Website2Images,Image2Video,Domain Aveli,Sites DB and Titan Themes. In other words,it’s a tool to do the keyword research (like Keyword Supremacy,Kwfinder,Keysearch) and check domain available together with Search Affiliate Offers (like Jaaxy). Additionally,Traffic Titan includes an affiliate video creator and even SEO optimization WordPress Theme (like Mythemeshop). Best of all,it can detect low-hanging traffic that is especially an opportunity for you. Besides,Traffic Titan offers T-shirt Titan to help you profit using Teespring and Facebook Ads. Lastly,they will give you a training to help you start immediately.

Who Is Traffic Titan For?

Traffic Titan Affilojetpack Ebook

  • Complete Newbie to internet marketing
  • Intermediate and Professional marketers who want to scale up their traffic and income
  • You lack budget so that you want to target free traffic
  • You don’t have enough money to buy best video creators such as Pressplay,EasyVSL,Doodly
  • If you can’t afford to buy best keywords research tool but still want high quality keywords (Jaaxy,Kwfinder,Semrush,AffiloTools,Long Tail Pro)
  • Especially If you are running an Amazon Authority Site
  • You are still not know which domain name you should register
  • If you want to get a premium wordpress theme that is SEO friendly
  • You want to create as well as improve a Teespring with Facebook Ads campaigns

Main Features of Traffic Titan

Traffic Titan Inbox Blueprint Ebook
Now,let’s see the 7 softwares inside Traffic Titan so that you understand the services. At first, they are application that you can install on PC,Mac,Table and even Mobile.

1.Niche Money

The first software of Traffic Titan is niche money,which is a tool to find affiliate niche. Actually,it helps you find profitable Amazon affiliate niche based on keyword you enter.
Traffic Titan Niche Money
They are the list of E-Commerce niches that are highly profitable but many people do not know. They are markets and categories,not the specific keywords so do not worry about the competitions metrics you see. You can sign up at Amazon Associate or a CPA network (such as Acnutryst,AffiliXe,ec). For example,i will grab on Electronics category.
Traffic Titan Niche Money
As you can see from the picture,GPS tracker has the highest Google search,highest learning per day but lowest competition. Once again,i remind,it’s a market,not a keyword. There are up to 50 categories Traffic Titan can track so that there’s a lot of niches to choose.
Traffic Titan Niche Money
After choosing your own niche,then the next part should be see top domain of these niches. For instance,i will test Nanny Cam niche.Traffic Titan Niche Money Top Domain
Traffic Titan Niche Money Top Domain
The Relevance Rating is up to you,not Traffic Titan when you find those website highly relevance to the keyword. After that,go to export keyword.
Traffic Titan Niche Money Export Keyword
Now,let’s move to Keyword Titan,which is the third step they want you to do.

Keyword Titan

Traffic Titan Affilorama Premium
The next software of Traffic Titan is Keyword Titan,actually,it’s just a next step of Niche Money. This is the keyword that i search from the niche i mention before.
Traffic Titan Keyword Titan
Especially what make it become different is that it can calculate SEO,PPC and Youtube profit. Of course,you can save the keyword or download an excel file for future using. How much volum,CPC or profits depends on the niche.
Traffic Titan Keyword Titan


Traffic Titan Jvzoo Academy
The next software of Traffic Titan is Image2Suite,which is a tool to help you find affiliate program from Clickbank and Jvzoo. It’s life you are choosing an offer at Clickbank and Jvzoo. That’s a shortage,i don’t see Amazon or CJ while Traffic Titan helps you research Ecommerce-Affiliate niche. However,Jvzoo has a complex and annoying approval process. Therefore,this software may be useless at Jvzoo if you don’t have an approval to promote a product. Feel free to check out Jvzoo Academy (just $27/one time) before you fully benefit Traffic Titan. If not,you may only rely on Clickbank rather than Jvzoo.
Traffic Titan Image2Suite
You can filter based on the niche,make sure you are choosing an evergreen as well as profitable niche on Clickbank. Some of the product from Clickbank doesn’t appear from the Marketplace,hence benefit Traffic Titan to find them. After that,i will click on View and Create Slices,let’s move on Website2Images.


The next software of Traffic Titan is Website2Images,which is the next step of Image2Suite. This software works by cutting slices of a written sales page of a products into images and then insert. For example,i will create video to promote a product Brain Training For Dogs. Just simply use your mouse and cut as many as you want.
Traffic Titan Website2Image Traffic Titan Websitte2Image
After you cut some slices,just simply download them as a zip file and import that zip file.
Traffic Titan Website2Images Import Images
Traffic Titan Website2Images
Traffic Titan Website2Images
You can use the video from Website2Images to create a review,recommendation site,ec. But in my opinion,it can not be an alternative for Doodly,EasyVSl.

Domain Aveli

The next software of Traffic Titan is Domain Aveli,which is a domain availability research tool. However,forget about domain match exact keyword,just choose the right name. For example,i choose the keyword dog and see…
Traffic Titan Domain Aveli Traffic Titan Domain Aveli
What i like about Traffic Titan is that it search various name. Sometimes,you don’t have to register at .com,.net or .org.

Sites DB

Another cool feature of Traffic Titan is Sites DB,which is a database of thousands of websites and traffic opportunities for the biggest niches.
Traffic Titan Sites DB Traffic Titan Sites DB Traffic Titan Sites DB Traffic Titan Sites DB
You can check multiple affilite niche by Traffic Titan.

Teespring and SEO Themes Optimization

As i mentioned before,Traffic Titan is great for those who are selling T-shirt at Teespring. In addition,themes from Traffic are built on SEO friendly code that helps you get a lot free traffic.
Traffic Titan Teepsring Traffic Titan Teespring Traffic Titan Teespring

Quick Guide and Training of Traffic Titan

Don’t worry if you are a complete newbie to internet marketing because they offers the training to make your life much easier. But please,don’t share,resell,reproduce and claim copyright of the Quick Start Guide PDFs.
Traffic Titan Quick Start Traffic Titan Quick Start Traffic Titan Quick Start
Besides,you will get access to the video training from Traffic Titan. You will also get the training about Teespring and Facebook Ads for Teespring and then sell on eBay,Facebook,ec.

Upsells of Traffic Titan

Certainly,with a single time purchase and lifetime access with just $7,i’m not surprised when it has upsells. There are up to 4 upsells of this product but they are not too expensive,still affordable.

OTO 1 : Traffic Titan Pro ($1 for 30 days and then $27/month)

Actually,it just an expand of all 7 softwares. While the $7 just has 50 niches,the pro has over 160,which is an advantages for Amazon Authority. You can search more keyword with Niche Money and then extract them. So does Keyword Titan,you can research more.
With Video marketing,it’s done for you when Traffic Titan updates 50 new videos monthly of Clickbank and Jvzoo products with over 1,000 daily Google searches. Of course,they cover the research for you,you have to do nothing. In addition,you can turn website into a video so you don’t have to cut the slices. Clearly,the website you enter is the written sales page.
Moreover,they have chosen the premium domain for you with top affiliate and ecommerce niches. Best of all,you will get access to more professional training from experts.

OTO 2 : Video Titan ($25 lifetime access)

The second upsell of Traffic Titan is Video Titan (a package of 4 softwares).
Traffic Titan Zen Titan Traffic Titan Zen Titan Traffic Titan Zen Titan
Clearly,the software of this upsell is better than Wesite2Images. If you are serious about Youtube SEO trafic,then i recommend you to buy this upsell,just $25.  You can benefit it to create authority site,create a video landing page,Facebook Ads. They have multiple templates for you to add.

Get Video Titan With Only $25 Lifetime Access Now

OTO 3 : Affiliate Titan ($17 Lifetime Access)

Traffic Titan Affiliate Titan
The next upsell of Traffic Titan is Affiliate Titan (a package of 6 softwares). It is funny because this upsell of Traffic Titan includes a new video creator software. Most of the product from Affiliate Titan are about the niche researches when it helps you how to promote any specific product. 6 softwares includes in Affiliate Titan are King of The Zon,King of The Zoo,CB 500 Database,Launch Pulse,1 Click Affiliate,Rapid Video Ranker.
Traffic TItan Affiliate Titan OTO Traffic TItan Affiliate Titan OTO Traffic TItan Affiliate Titan OTO
I will not go detail about Affiliate Titan in this article because there’s a lot of thing to say. Of course,the Rapid Video Creator is better than the front-end of Traffic Titan. Besides,this package has a software that can detect Amazon offers. Here are my screenshot inside Affiliate Titan,a cool upsell of Traffic Titan at a highly affordable price.
Traffic Titan Affiliate Titan Traffic Titan Affiliate Titan Traffic Titan Affiliate Titan Traffic Titan Affiliate Titan Traffic Titan Affiliate Titan Traffic Titan Affiliate Titan Traffic Titan Affiliate Titan Traffic Titan Affiliate Titan Traffic Titan Affiliate Titan
You will also get access to T-Shirt Titan training,which worth a lot.
Traffic Titan T-Shirt Titan

Get Affiliate Titan With Only $17 For Lifetime Access Now

OTO 4 : Zen Titan ($7 Lifetime Access)

The last upsell of Traffic Titan is Zen Titan,which is also $7 one time purchase. This is a package of 4 softwares and once again,it includes video creator,find affiliate program. In addition,you will get ecommerce themes that are SEO-friendly.
Traffic Titan Zen Titan Oto Traffic Titan Zen Titan Oto
This will help you a lot for Amazon Authority or creating a blog review.

Get Zen Titan With Only $7 For Lifetime Access and Updates Now


Pros of Traffic Titan

  • High Affordable Price and It’s A Lifetime Access
  • The Upsells are not too pricey which you can benefit
  • Access to their Professional Training
  • Premium SEO friendly WordPress Theme
  • Work With Mac,PC,Tablet and even Mobile
  • Can Detect Affiliate Offer at Clickbank,Jvzoo and Amazon
  • Can Search Domain Availability
  • Especially Can Act As Keyword Research Tool
  • Easily To Create An Affiliate Video
  • Done For You Research
  • Teespring and Facebook Ads training (that’s a big cons)

Cons of Traffic Titan

  • Just three affiliate programs (i don’t see Shareasale,Commission Junction and other ecommerce affiliate program)
  • Can’t Replace Doodly or EasyVSL (just a way to create an easy friendly video)
  • Still Depends Whether You Get Approval to some JVzoo product or not (if not,you can only use Clickbank and Amazon)

Final Verdict

In a nutshell,Traffic Titan is a list of useful softwares that any marketers should consider to use. It’s highly affordable and it’s super simple use. In addition,the upsells of Traffic Titan are not too pricey and they offers great features that you will need. If you want to save a lot of money, i will recommend you to buy this software. Unlike other products,i recommend you to buy the front-end and all upsells of Traffic Titan,they are affordable and best of all,they are lifetime access and updates.

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Get Video Titan For Lifetime With Just $25 For Lifetime

Buy Affiliate Titan For Lifetime For Only $17 Together With Future Updates

Buy Zen Titan At $7 For Lifetime Access and Updates Now


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