WallStreet Forex Robot Review and Demo-Best Forex Robot and Spy?

Product : Wallstreet Forex Robot
Creator : Fxautomater (also the creator of Forex Trend Detector,Forex Diamond,Volatility Factor,Forex Combo System and Forex Gold Investor)
Price : $347 but you will get with only $267 through my special link
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

  • Highly Recommended

Believe or not,forex is always one of the most lucrative passive income so far. Moreover,it requires less cost than Real Estate,Gold,Cryptocurrency,Stock and Ecommerce,FBA. According to some statistics,the daily revenue from Forex Brokers are up to thoudsand billion dollars. Therefore,we just need to get a small piece of it. However,it’s not easy and it require a lot of time,energy and patience. Besides basic foundations,you really need to have a trend scanner,signal and robot. Of course,they must be reliable and having great services,supports. Wallstreet Forex Robot is by far one of the most popular and best forex robot since it appears. Additionally,Wallstreet Forex Robot has been active for nearly 17 years and nearly all full-time traders recommend. Now,let’s check out my Wallstreet Forex Robot review so that you understand its features.

What Is WallStreet Forex Robot?

WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution
At first,it’s a Forex Robot that can automatically spy forex pairs and trade based on the market. Wallstreet Forex Robot is set up based on complex mathematical algorithms to help you decide on how to buy/sell as well as take profits/stop loss correctly. It’s not a signal like Forex Scorpio Code or a trend scanner like Forex Trendy,it’s just a robot. Because of its complexity,Fxautomer has added modules to make your life much easier. With a single purchase of Wallstreet Forex Robot,you can set up into one real account and unlimited demo accounts. Besides,you will also get Wallstreet Asia Pro and Wallstreet Recovery Pro as a bonus.

Who Is Wallstreet Forex Robot For?

WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution

  • You are having a full-time job or busy so that you can’t trade all-time
  • If you are finding the most professional and intelligent forex robot service
  • Intermediate and Experience Traders who want to scale up their profits
  • You lose a lot of money because of yours inexperience and lacking of skills
  • You are finding a reliable,dedicated and great support service
  • If you are finding a system that can help you (not guarantee) 100 pips per day (multiple pairs)
  • If you are still not knowing how to sell/buy and take profits/stop loss the correct way

Main Features of Wallstreet Forex Robot

WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution
Firstly,this is what you see after you login to your account. It’s a broker and trading account (such as Etoro,Simplefx,Avatrade,Easymarket,Nordfx,ec). Remember,you can open in unlimited demo and only 1 real account.
Wallstreet Forex Robot Account
Being a forex robot,of course,it’s not a white template. I personally had my own forex robot (copy from my father) and it also looks like this. Now,i will change colors so that it looks easier to understand,red for sell and green for buy.
Wallstreet Forex Robot Templates
Now,i will add Wallstreet Forex Robot.
Wallstreet FOrex RObot system
Actually,it’s an HTML code that you have to copy paste in your brokers. This is my robot’s code,just a small part of it,the code from Wallstreet Forex Robot is much more advanced and of course,can not share.
Wallstreet Forex Robot Example Code
Something for you to see
Wallstreet Forex Robot Information

Understanding the Inputs of Wallstreet Forex Robot

WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution

  • Magic : an identifier through which Best EA Wallstreet Forex Robot recognises and manage its own positions
  • Maxspread : Maximum allows spread (for example : 0.1,0.2,..)
  • Slippage : Maximum Slippage
  • StealthMode : Conceal stop loss and take profits levels in program logically
  • CloseOnlyOnProfit : of course,to take profits immediate and to prevent loss,depends on whether you enable or not
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit : the 4 digits pips
  • Secure Profit : miminum profits (but not guarantee your profits)
  • Use Custom Pairs: true if you like want the Best EA Wallstreet Forex Robot on a unsupported currency pairs and false in contrast
  • FixedLots : the extend of the fixed trading volume
  • AutoMM : Automatic risk management (certainly,greater than zero)
  • Recovery Mode : when you activate this feature,the algorithm will compensates current drawdown through smooth increases of trading volume. You can only activate when AutoMM is greater than zero.

Back-Test EA Wallstreet Forex Robot

WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution
At first,you need to download the history from your brokers’s MT4 account. Simply click on Tools-History Center and then press the F2 key.
Wallstreet Forex Robot Backtest Wallstreet Forex Robot Backtest
And lastly,just wait to see the backtest.
Wallstreet Forex Robot Backtest

What Else Inside Wallstreet Forex Robot

1.Broker Spy Module
If you lack experience with forex trading,it’s ok because this robot has the tool to make your life much easier. In addition,this will protect your capital from burning out of budget and unethical brokers (scammers). Besides,it detects high negative slippage, high spreads and delayed order execution.
2.Profit Protection System
This will help you close your trade correctly in order to avoid wasting your profits.
3.Broker Protection System
Actually,it’s like protecting your account from scam brokers. In my opinion,if you join brokers such as Fxprimus,Etoro,Avatrade,EasyMarket,SimpleFx,OctaFx and Nordfx,they are not scam.
4.High-Spread and Slippage Protection System
This will defend you from being stolen pips from some brokers and prices which are too unfavorable for you in times of high market volatility.
5.Detailed User Guide
Don’t worry if you don’t have experience because Wallstreet Forex Robot will instruct you on how to manage this system.

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Free Gift Bonus

Well,that’s not all you get a one time purchase of Wallstreet Forex Robot. Like this software,they are also forex robot from Fxautomater and they are reliable.
1.Wallstreet Asia 
WallStreet ASIA bonus of Wallstreet Forex Robot
2.Wallstreet Recovery Pro
WallStreet Recovery PRO bonus of Wallstreet Forex Robot

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Pros of Wallstreet Forex Robot

  • Easy to Use And To Manage
  • 24/7 Lifetime Support
  • Unlimited Demo Accounts
  • Affordable price without any recurring fee
  • Protecting You From Being Cheated From Brokers
  • Automatic 4/5 Digit Broker Detection
  • 100% Automatic (because it’s a robot)
  • Design to work with 7 best forex pairs (while Forex Trend Detector and Forex Gold Investor only works with one,Volatility and Diamond with 4 and Forex Combo System has 2)
  • Easy To Backtest
  • High Spread and High Slippage Protection
  • Broker Spy Tool
  • Profit Protection System
  • 2 Forex Robot as a bonus from Fxautomater

Cons of Wallstreet Forex Robot

  • Only One Real Account
  • Doesn’t Adopt Forex Pairs such as crypto,gold,silver and oil (that’s a big cons)

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Wallstreet Forex Robot is by far one of the best and most reliable forex robot that i have evern seen. They offers great supports and they can protect you from scammers or being cheated. This software is pretty easy to use and to manage that inexperienced can implement. Moreover,what i love about this robot is that it’s 100% automatic and it can close your trade with enough pips. Protection is what i like the most,so that there is no scammers or cheating here. Certainly,i highly recommend Wallstreet Forex Robot to all traders even you are a professional or just inexperience. I hope in the future,this tool will adopt Gold Pair (that’s a big shortage).

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