Fibo Winner Review – Supreme Fibonacci Based Indicator that will Boost your Trading Results

Disclaimer: This is the real Fibo Winner review from a real customer who has Fibo Winner premium access from the product creator. After using this indicator, we are happy to share live demo and your real user’s experience.

Product: Fibo Winner

Creator: Karl Dittmann (also the creator of Forex EquilibriumForex Trend Evolution , Nova Scalper and many more product)

Price: $147 for lifetime as an evergreen offer. Having one upgrade, which is an Assistant Kit at $97.

Do I Recommend: Yes, but mostly for serious traders.

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What is Fibo Winner?

“Fibo Winner” is a fantastic tool that indicates signal generation at a highly profitable level,
available on ALL major pairs and on M15-D1 timeframes.

“Fibo Winner” generates extremely accurate and profitable signals. Its user-friendly
interface suits beginners as well as experienced traders. Once the BLUE arrow and line appear,
enter a BUY trade. As soon as the yellow arrow and line appear, enter a SELL trade.

It’s included with Smart algorithms, fitted in it, will help you to master the Forex market!

There’re three options of notifications for you to be informed about a new signal generation: pop-up sound alert, email alert and push notification sent to a mobile.

Since “Fibo Winner” doesn’t repaint, you will always get reliable information on time!
Once you receive a signal, it will remain the same.

Lastly, you have the step-by-step User Guide with detailed screenshots, trading tips and recommendations goes along with each copy of “Fibo Winner” indicator.


Now, we are jumping into the most important parts of this Fibo Winner review.

1.Before Using

As soon as you purchase a license with the forex indicator, you will get the detailed user’s guide and a downloadble file. It works for MT4 so you are required to have a forex broker that work for MT4, to me personally, i perfer using ThinkForex as i have used this for many years, but you can also use other reliable indicators like Etoro, FxPro or Plus500, etc.

And you are authorized to have 2 account, 1 demo account and 1 real account. You just need to enter your Broker ID and now, you are eligible to use the forex tools from Karl Dittmann.

2.How It Works?

To start, you need to choose your Trading style, there would be 3 styles you can apply, which are Conservative, Medium, and Aggressive. Of course, you can customize your own parameters by manually adjusting the frequency and range settings to best suit your personal preferences. To me in this Fibo Winner review, i choose the Medium.

Fibo Winner Review

When a BUY signal alert pops up and you see a blue line with an arrow on the chart, it’s a signal to open a buy order. After that, the indicator will continue to run until you see the Take Profit level.


There would be three take profit level, but, in case you see the Dynamic TP, you can now stop that trade before it’s likely to see a reversal on your forex chart. When you receive a SELL signal alert and notice a pink line on the chart, it means you can sell right away


And again, there will also be three Take Profit level.


Until you see the Dynamic TP yellow line, it’s now time for a new reversal in your forex chart. Of course, none of the signal get repainted, so, we can guarantee that the indicator is reliable. You can see my typical winning trade with the indicator here.


And always keep in mind, signal will never get repainted. Sometimes, there will be some lose trade, in case you see the text: Emergency SL, close that trade immediately because it’s tend to have a clear down trend if you have entered a Buy transaction before.


When you enter into the forex game, there’s always risk involved. However, you can mitigate that risk by using a reliable tool like Fibo Winner from Karl Dittmann.


The price of this forex indicator is locked at $147, there will be no discount, no coupon for this product. And there’s an upgrade, actually, it’s the bundle between Forex Indicator and Forex EA Robot Assistant, priced at $247.

To sum up, at $147, you get the Indicator. At $244, you get Indicator + EA Assistant. All of them are shown in the salespage. And there would be no additional upgrade for this product.


In summary, after reading this Fibo Winner review post, i hope that you have understand the features and the value of using the forex indicator. And in my own opinion, Fibo Winner is definitely not a scam. For sure, it’s a nice indicator that is worth having a try.

In case you don’t like the product, feel free to ask for a refund, this is because the indicator is sold by Digistore 24, and as in Digistore24 rule, if a customer is not happy with the product within 30 days and they request refund to a vendor, the vendor must refund so you are risk free with your purchase.