Fx Profitude Review – New In-Depth Review of This Forex Indicator by Russ Horn

Welcome to our comprehensive Fx Profitude review. If you’re a forex trader seeking a reliable solution to enhance your trading strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Fx Profitude is a cutting-edge forex indicator compatible with both MT4 and MT5 platforms. Developed by the renowned Russ Horn, this indicator empowers traders by providing accurate signals to identify optimal trade opportunities.

With a track record of supporting traders in achieving success, Fx Profitude stands out as a trustworthy tool in the forex market. In this review, we’ll delve into its features, functionality, and the impact it can have on your trading journey. Discover how this legitimate product, priced at $499, can genuinely elevate your trading experience without any deceptive claims – because Fx Profitude is definitively not a scam.

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Fx Profitude Review – Introduction

In the realm of forex trading, where informed decisions are the key to success, Fx Profitude emerges as a one of the most famous forex indicator in the market. As traders are looking for forex tools that will navigate the intricacies of the market, the demand for reliable indicators has never been greater.

This brings me to write a blog post with main address to “Fx Profitude review”. The product is developed by a forex expert whose name is Russ Horn. This forex indicator stands as a testament to his commitment to enhancing traders’ strategies. The product price is locked at $499, Fx Profitude is an investment in the pursuit of trading excellence. So, my main goal of the article is clear—to offer a comprehensive review of this indicator’s abilities and rate of accuracies. As a results, this will provide traders to have a trustworthy resource so they understand what Fx Profitude can support them and how can it do that.

Features and Functionality

Here’s a sample trade with XAU/USD and H4 Time Frame.

Fx Profitude Review

1.How Fx Profitude Works?

Basically, it works with up to 4 indicators. Comparing with other product in the market like Easy Pro Scalper of Karl Dittmann, which just include 1 indicator, having up to 4 will help you make better decisions.

a. The Array


This makes it much easier for you to make money in the Forex market. The market direction dictates which way prices are likely to move and you will be able to do so with a much higher degree of accuracy by looking at these Arrays with just a single glance.

b.The Arrows: 

Serves as an entry signal, provided the other indicators agree.


One of the most important skills when trading in Forex is knowing when to enter a trade. Because if you don’t… you’re not going to make much money, or worse, you’ll burn your account if you’re always trying to guess when to enter a trade.

3. The Validator: 


This validates the arrow signal. Once an arrow shows us a trade, the Validator confirms that trade signal turning into the same color as the Arrow. Giving your CONFIDENCE a BOOST that you are about to enter a winning trade.

4. The Trend: 

This indicator is the most important part of FX Profitude. This is where you determine the correct direction to trade. This will enable you to only enter strongest trades that could maximize your chances of winning.


Bullish Trend: When the Trend indicator is green, you will just enter a Buy trade. The other indicators will only be recognized in that direction.

Bearish Trend: When the Trend indicator is red, you will only enter a Sell trades. We want to use this indicator hand-in-hand with the other indicators.

Russ Horn: The Developer

Russ Horn is a name that resonates strongly within the forex trading community. With years of experience and a proven track record, he has established himself as a reputable and influential figure in the world of forex trading. Russ Horn’s journey in the financial markets began several years ago, during which he developed a deep passion for forex trading and technical analysis, all are delivered through some products he sold on Clickbank besides this tool such as Tradeonix Pro, Master Method Evolution, Rapid Results Method and more,…

Performance and Results

I have recorded a demo and live sample trade to help you understand about the system.

User Experience

Don’t just take my word about it. Please see Fx Profitude review from other users (what they are talking about)

Very interesting! I’ve been trading about 1 year. I made money and lost money. Unfortunately, after all this time, I’m at about a breakeven. So,I’m looking for a better way. This could be it.

John Ranhofer

Hello Professor Russ, I have been using your system on a demo account and I have been amazed by the profits, and most importantly its simplicity. I really stick with this system. Thank you very much for sharing this free system.

Seiji Komiya

Great video. Stick to the basics, follow your strategy (after you find one or develop one), believe in yourself, you can do it, but only if you’re cut out to be a trader. Discipline is key. Emotion will kill you. Trade as if you don’t care. Taking a loss is part of the game and you need to limit those while letting your profits run. These are the basics of trading successfully.

I find it to be tougher to do that in the Forex market than in the stock market I guess because the Forex market seems to move more quickly. I was watching the GBP/CHF chart last night and in about 2 seconds, market dropped 20 pips on no news. It then rebounded to its previous level within about 5 minutes. You don’t typically see that in the stock market and it’s part of the risk apparently of trading in the Forex market. It makes it exciting.

Derek T

Is Fx Profitude Worth the Price?

To sum up, Fx Profitude is definitely a good forex trading system that any forex trader should follow. It doesn’t just use 1 indicator, that’s up to 4 you can use at the same time, making everything simplier for you to make a trading decision.

So, with a one time price at $499, you can use it for lifetime. No monthly upgrade, and remember, you still have access to the trading strategy, question & answer video conference from Russ Horn to leverage forex trading with this Forex tools for higher profit.

The Biggest Concerns: Is It a Scam or Legit?

After using it, having some test trades, i would say the product is definitely not a scam. In fact, you can try with a demo account first, then, if you feel confidence after using the Indicator, you can try with a real money account.

Signal never repaints, if it repaints, the product is definitely a scam. So, you can guarantee about the accurate data of all your trades. And also keep in mind, this is a Clickbank product. Unlike Jvzoo or Warrior Plus, if customers are not happy with their purchase, Clickbank vendors must refund to customers, instead of asking too many questions without actually issuing a real refunding like Jvzoo and W+ vendors are doing. So, i can say that your investment today is 100% risk-free.


After publishing this FX Profitude review article, i hope that you’ve already understand about it. Definitely, the product actually works and it has successfully helps traders win their trade. With up to 4 indicators in one product, you can confidently take decisions while signal never repainted, we can guarantee that every signal will remain the same once it has been generated.